Friday, August 19, 2022

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in… Des Moines Public School district


Amount: $6,421.53

To: Academy Roofing and Sheeting

For: Payment for services for miscelleneous roof repairs to the schools and buildings.


Amount: $34.99

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

To: ACE Educational Supplies

For: Purchase of Consequences board game, including $10 for shipping.


Amount: $941.81

To: ACP Direct

For: Purchase of slim personal CD players ($573.75), cassette recorders and player ($314.75) plus 6 percent shipping fees ($53.31).


Amount: $400

To: All American Timing

For: Payment for services facilitating the East High School track meet, plus a $100 meet cancellation fee for Hoover High School.


Amount: $71,011.29

To: Anderson Erickson Dairy

For: Purchase of milk and other dairy products.


Amount: $1,062.50

To: Angelo Architectural

For: Cost of the Central Nutrition Center Walk.


Amount: $4,990.56

To: Ankeny Community Schools

For: Payment for tuition-out students.


Amount: $147,870.60

To: Apple Computers Inc.

For: Purchase of iPads, MacBook Pros, Wi-Fi, AppleCare Protection Plans, vouchers and more.


Amount: $2,157.32

To: The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

For: Purchase of materials “Teaching With Poverty in Mind,” including $122.12 in shipping fees.


Amount: $209

To: Banks School Supply

For: Purchase of 31 lower-case magnetic letters.


Amount: $125

To: Better Binding Service

For: Payment for repair the laminator.


Amount: $779.81

To: Carpenter Uniforms

For: Purchase of new security staff attire.



Salary 051613Salaries and Such

Name: Chris Liebig

Title: Professor of Legal Analysis, Writing and Research

Department: University of Iowa College  of Law

Years of service: 16

Annual salary: $84,200.04



The Des Moines City Council recently approved polygraph examiner Amanda Leo to travel to Charlotte, N.C., from June 2 – 8, to attend the American Association of Police Polygraphists seminar. Training promises to provide Leo continued certification by offering the most current knowledge and skills in detecting deception during polygraph tests and advance training that can be used in interviewing and interrogating during a polygraph exam. This travel expense comes at a $1,320 price to local taxpayers. CV

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