Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in… Des Moines


Amount: $1,852.42

To: YMCA shelter

For: Purchase of 18 cases of Morning-After Plan B pills and three crates of assorted condoms.


Amount: $200

CNA - Substance Use (Sept 2023)CNA - Stop HIV/U=U (September #1)

To: Belle Salon

For: Mustache grooming for Gov. Terry Branstad, as per the city’s 28E agreement with the State of Iowa.


Amount: $28,450.98

To: Department of Travel and Retreats

For: A trip to Las Vegas including air fare, hotel, food and $400 in singles for senior city employees.


Amount: $690

To: Iowa Event Planners

For: Fees for event planning and consultations, including the purchase of 18 cases of PBR and two boxes of Romeo and Juliette cigars for a bachelor party.


Amount: $3,600

To: Frank Lotz

For: Child support payments from January to February for Bureau of Developmental Issues employee, Cynthia Lotz.


Amount: $4,000

To: Apple

For: Purchase of iPads for the homeless people through the Better Housing Better Life Initiative of Social Services.

Amount: $300

To: Betty Crocker

For: Purchases of 240 boxes of brownie mix to the drug and narcotics department. 


Amount: $5,800

To: Bed, Bath and Beyond

For: A fleet of 100 Roomba vacuum cleaning robots to clean government buildings.


Amount: $2,154

To: DM Doggie Day Care

For: Boarding fees to babysit information technology specialist Glen Twadle’s Italian Greyhound while he was in Istanbul for a week-long business trip. Cost includes food, recreation and grooming.


Amount: $4,500

To: Check Mate and Match Inc.

For: Membership dues for participating single city employees.


Amount: $23,720

To: Merle Hay Auto Plaza 

For: The purchase of a 2014 Mazda MX-5 Miata for the Department of Transportation for research purposes. 


Amount: $7,679.04

To: Bath and Bodyworks

For: The purchase of 96 UltraTouch heated toilet seats for the Randolph Hotel. 


salary 153264234Salaries and Such

Name: Destiny Fairchild

Title: Madame

Department: Iowa Legislature

Years served: 8

Annual salary: $1.2 million



The Des Moines City Council recently approved deputy (and acting) public works director, Pat Kozitza, to travel to the desert so he can bury his head in the sand and hide out until summer. This comes at a $3,876 travel expense to local tax payers. APRIL FOOLS

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