Thursday, December 8, 2022

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Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in… Des Moines Public Schools


Amount: $1,255

To: 21st Century Rehab

For: Workman’s compensation insurance payment for Robbie Joiner.


Amount: $3,846.48

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa (Dec)

To: Acme Tools

For: The purchase of items such as power anchors, a hand-held leaf blower and a weed eater.


Amount: $39

To: Anderson-Erickson Farms Inc.

For: Purchase of ice cream for a party at Hoyt Middle School.


Amount: $407.21

To: All Iowa Pool and Supply

For: Purchase of pool supplies.


Amount: $1,528.38

To: Allender Butzke Engineer

For: Cost of geotechnical testing at Central Campus and Edmunds School.


Amount: $168

To: America’s Best Inc.

For: Purchase of Roosevelt Bridges shirts.


Amount: $5,963

To: Ampco System Parking

For: Payment for parking services for employee parking spots.


Amount: $98,641.70

To: Anderson Erickson Dairy

For: Purchase of milk and other dairy products.


Amount: $51.41

To: Kimberly Andresen

For: Purchase of coffee for staff and other items for students at Hoyt Middle School.


Amount: $33,837.96

To: Apex Companies LLC

For: Environmental infrastructure services at Park Avenue, Pleasent Hill, Studebaker, Prospect, Meredith, McCombs, Jefferson, Hoyt, Hiatt, Findley, Cowles, Central Campus, Smouse and Kurtz schools.


Amount: $34,193.18

To: Apple Computer Inc.

For: Purchase of iPads and iMacs.


Amount: $2,750

To: Becker Fine Stringed

For: Purchase of new musical instruments.


Salary 032113Salaries and Such

Name: N. William Hines

Department: University of Iowa College of Law

Title: Dean Emeritus and  Joseph F. Rosenfield  Professor

Years served: 51

Annual salary: $201,958.96



Des Moines City Council recently approved Senior Police Officer Jim Kelly to travel to Westminster, Colo., from April 21 – 26, to receive training which is said to enable him with the know how to repair Smith and Wesson revolvers and pistols. This travel expense comes with a $2,307 price tag to local tax payers. CV

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