Saturday, May 25, 2024

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“Erin is really pissed at the leprechaun who assured her it would go back to blonde at midnight on the 17th.”
— Howard Rye

Runners Up

“My head is bare. Rogaine failed. I despair. Wear my hare? Do I dare? People can stare. I don’t care, So there!” ­
– Shirley Keenan

“Eugene was concerned about the wind advisory, but not to worry.  Not a hare was out of place.”
– Sherri Bowen

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“I found my top hat, but where is that dang rabbit?”
– Stuart Miller

“Time for a new razor, Joe, you missed a hare!”
– Bradly Hummel

“This is not what Stan had in mind when he wished for hair on his head.”
– Darla Hollinger

“Frederick’s feeble attempt to find the Easter bunny was foiled.”
– Linda Wolfe

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