Sunday, May 22, 2022

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This month’s winner

“Look, you can’t put just any fish on the wall and expect it to sing.”
Jeni N.

Runners Up

“Hey! It’s catch and release! Not capture and play airplane!”
M. Wedewer

“Dammit, Steve. You have to use your hands for shadow puppets. Quit cheating!”
Colby R.

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

“Finding Nemo was a slippery slope, but holding Nemo was even more of a challenge.”
Mark Alvord

“OK, I know I’m a handsome dude, but enough with this photo shoot – just get me back into the water!”
Linda Oleson

“Mark had always seen fish mounted on walls, but he was having a hard time getting his fresh catch to stay on the wall.”
Jim McCool

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