Saturday, December 3, 2022

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Sound Notes


Gas Lamp is now kid-friendly. The longtime alcoholic venue has announced it will be converting into a more family-friendly, “pub-style” diner, specializing in American comfort food. All shows currently booked will run as planned, but new kid-centric shows will be booked during the day and early evening hours, kicking off with headliners San Francisco, Calif., musical puppet performance, Justin’s Muppets, with opening acts The Tennessee Tweens and the all-girl five-piece out of Texas, Hello Kitty Kats.

Your Pick o’ the Week is at the Hull Avenue Tavern on Friday, March 28, as the bar hosts the “Axl Rose sing-a-thon.” The former Guns N Roses front man will be in attendance, singing ’80s and ’90s hits with patrons, and awarding $2,000 for the best Rose impression. Mahalo. APRIL FOOLS!

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