Monday, August 2, 2021

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Sound Check

The Maytags



“Love Lines”



Make no mistake, The Maytags are straight baby-making music. Formed by frontman Dustin Smith as a way to indulge in his funky R&B side, The Maytagsthe band quickly established itself as one of the most consistently popular acts in the city. “Love Lines,” the band’s debut album, is a love letter to everyone who has ever wanted to get down and funky with someone special. Smith’s smoky, laid back vocals are the band’s bread and butter, but Maytags songs consistently have some of the best bass lines going, and “Love Lines” uses that low end to full effect, as every song feels bottom heavy in all the best Barry White ways. But while “Love Lines” is undeniably well-crafted and deeply sexy, The Maytags are surprisingly whimsical, and songs like “Business Trip” keep the mood light, without sacrificing the groovy R&B feel. CV

Prep Iowa


Jack & Amanda Palmer

“You Got Me Singing”

Eight Foot Records


Amanda Palmer is, on just about every level, a ridiculous human being. She has, however, consistently managed to remain a better-than-respectable musician. Amanda Palmer“You Got Me Singing” combines both of these things in a way that comes off remarkably relatable and easily listenable. Recorded with her formerly estranged father, Jack, “You Got Me Singing” is more than just a series of covers by a weird father/daughter pair; it is an excellent showcase of an older man’s musical talents given to him by a daughter with the platform to get it heard. Jack Palmer’s voice has a weather-beaten, well-worn rasp to it —  something that is deeply satisfying to hear rip its way through songs like “In the Heat of Summer” or combine with Amanda’s own formidable talents on the title track. Collections of cover songs are always crapshoots, but the pair’s vocal talents — combined with Amanda’s flair for the twee — are just effective enough to make this one worth a spin. CV



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