Friday, August 12, 2022

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‘> album title goes here <’

Attention, electronic dance music fans: Deadmau5 has just released the album of the year. Oh wait, it’s NOT 2002 anymore? Well that’s a shame for “> album title goes here <,” because that’s the only scenario in which this album is in any way innovative or interesting. Rather than dropping the auteur pretense and just making a solid EDM album, Deadmau5 has instead decided to leave its audience waiting — track after track — for the drop, like it was Gadot. Making matters worse, tracks like “Sleepless” and “Maths” are full of the kind of kitschy beeps and boops and electronic samples that dominated the genera a decade ago. It’s super fun if you’re looking for an EDM nostalgia trip, but in any other context, “> album title goes here <” is just trite and old. Legit dance groove “Fn Pig” and the Cyprus Hill-infused “Failbait” are easily the best tracks on the album, but that’s a low bar. CV

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