Saturday, January 29, 2022

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Two of a kind?


Two of a KindJonathan Dwyer mugshotMarvin Hill mugshot

The NFL just can’t seem to keep their players out of jail. Jonathan Dwyer, running back for the Arizona Cardinals, was arrested on Sept. 17 on domestic violence — aggravated assault charges. Dwyer, 25, allegedly got into a physical argument with his wife on two separate days in July. Police had been investigating the two incidents from July to September when they finally made the arrest. Dwyer’s wife and child fled the state.

Also participating in physical altercations with spouses, Marvin Hill was arrested on Dec. 2 and also charged with domestic abuse — assault. However, unlike Dwyer, Hill’s argument with his wife was over McDonald’s. He was arrested after assaulting his wife with a McChicken sandwich from McDonald’s, leaving her with a swollen and bruised nose.




The Urbandale Police Department is seeking help in identifying the female in the photograph to the right. The case involves a theft at a local business. If anyone has any information on this person’s identity or this case, they are asked to contact the Urbandale Police Department Criminal Investigation Division at 515-278-3926, by emailing or by contacting the Polk County Crime Stoppers anonymously at 515-223-1400.


Blotter – Des Moines

Airing out the dirty laundry

Police were dispatched to the home of Robert Stephenson at 3034 Indianola Ave. on Dec. 19 for a burglary. Brandon Beenken is staying at and watching over Stephenson’s house while he is serving federal time in prison. Authorities found the window on the back porch broken out. The suspect entered the home through the broken window and stole the washer and dryer that was on the back porch. There are no official suspects at this time, but Beenken said that he is suspicious that his ex-wife may have something to do with the robbery.

Time is not of the essence

Authorities reported to Dayton Freight on report of a burglary on Dec. 22. Jared Andrews, an employee, arrived at work that morning and noticed that the door was about half open. He looked around the building and saw that two office doors had been forced open, and the connected officers were searched. Andrews checked the room where the employees clock in at, and the time clock that the employees use to punch it was missing. Per Mar Security was there until 2 a.m., but Andrews reported that the business had been broken into four previous times, and the suspects always take computer equipment. The last time was the previous week where the suspect stole the same time clock in the same make and model.

Laptops go, expensive stone stays

On Dec. 22, police responded to a commercial alarm set off at Rowat Cut Stone. Officers searched the premises and noticed that the back fence was pulled down and saw fresh shoe prints in the mud. The officers cleared the building and noted that the back door had been open. When they entered the building, they saw the door to the office with the glass broken out. There was also a window broken out in the bathroom, which is believed to be how the suspect entered the building. A keyholder of Rowat Cut Stone arrived and noticed that two laptops were missing. There are no known suspects at this time.CV

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