Friday, August 12, 2022

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Grey skies, blue balls


KGGO Blue Balls Open returns to Sleepy Hollow Sports Park.

KGGO Blue Balls Open returns to Sleepy Hollow Sports Park.

These days there seems to be no telling which way the weather will turn. One afternoon it’s sunny; the next we’re being blanketed by fresh powder; finally, we’re washed with a melancholy-inducing rain. As the weather continues to put mail delivery personnel to the test, why not beat your winter blues and get yourself blue balls instead.

The 13th annual KGGO Blue Balls Open will tee off on Saturday, Feb. 16, at Sleepy Hallow Sports Park. What better way to combat winter then with friends, putt-putt and a couple of beers? With a portion of the proceeds going to Children’s Cancer Connection, Blue Balls is not only fun but also a great way to give to an important cause. Waking up and heading out into the cold isn’t easy for anyone, but once you crack open that first beer with your teammates you’ll find it easier to stay out and meet new people. (And blue balls are great ice-breakers.) It’s also an opportunity to meet local radio personalities. Clutch, Michelle Mitchel, Joey The Ratt and Shawn T from 95 KGGO.

The greens at Sleepy Hallow Sports Park are as difficult as they are fun. Tricky curves and open banks means players will need to be careful not to be too forceful with their whacks or risk turning their blue balls brown. Don’t worry about getting dirt on your balls though. Even the most experienced putter seems to find his or her way in to the creek that runs through the course.

It could be cold out there, so don’t forget to warm up and grab a beer at the 19th hole, also known as the Clubhouse, sponsored by Budweiser. A few servers will be wandering the greens delivering fresh brews so players won’t have to pause the game. And Budweiser is offing a sampling of its new product, Black Crown.

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Everyone, young and old alike, is invited to come out and cheer on friends, or better yet, join them for a round or two. Walk-ups are welcome the day of the event, so don’t worry if you didn’t get registered online.                

Tee off begins on Saturday, Feb. 16 at 9 a.m. and every hour and a half thereafter until 1:30 p.m. Walk-up registration will start at 8 a.m. The cost is $20, which gets you the blue ball and 18 holes of putt-putt golf.                

For more information on the event, contact Julie Van Every, promotions and marketing director for Cumulus Media, 515-331-9200 or or visit To find out more about Children’s Cancer Connection, visit

Locker Room note: Also this weekend, the Des Moines Buccaneers host the Lincoln Stars on Friday, Feb. 15 at 7:05 p.m. at the Bucs Arena. The Stars lead the Bucs in wins, but a closer look at team stats reveals the Bucs are just as good at scoring, with only one goal separating these two teams. As of press time the Stars had just beaten the Bucs 5-2, so the rivalry is fierce, and you can bet the Bucs want revenge. CV

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