Sunday, May 26, 2024

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Walk the line? Never!


Women can make the difference in this election, and women should and must stand together for our rights and the rights of those girls and boys in generations to come. No man should be able to realize any more freedom, security and assistance than every female is allowed in our American nation. Our American nation should provide a certain amount of security to all, regardless of gender, religion, wealth or ability. No man or woman should get woman’s rights lower than men’s rights. No woman should be made to feel less than a man. So it follows that no class of people should accept the resigned position that we need a dictator-type president such as Donald Trump to throw us a crumb now and then as a result of us accepting his saying “We need his voice to speak for us.”  No, sorry Donny. We who are woman, we who are disabled, we who don’t seem to be of the “right” ancestry — according to you — do not need you to make our lives miserable by your rules and regulations, which would set an invisible wall around our priorities. We do not need to walk your line. Let’s protect our freedom and vote Clinton-Kaine for a free America for all.

Harriet C. Hamilton

Des Moines


Is there a media bias?

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I saved some Des Moines Registers and did a survey of its coverage of the two presidential candidates from July 30 through Aug. 11.  I found 16 major articles that were anti-one of the candidates and no negative articles (none) attacking the other — all positive only (with photos). I found a similar split with the USA Today insert, with 22 negative articles against the one candidate and none against the other. Also, in that time span, there were political cartoons in The Des Moines Register mocking and lampooning the one candidate who had received all the attention in the negative articles, and no mocking of the other.  I am thinking the Des Moines Register and USA Today are extremely biased — as in, in the tank — for the one candidate.  However, I emailed my findings to a Des Moines Register editorial writer and said it looks like bias to me.  No response from that Register writer, so I assume I do not have sufficient evidence to support my findings of a total of 38 articles against the one presidential hopeful and 0 against the other.

Dave Adkins



No sponsors left untapped

While youth soccer teams in Urbandale are struggling to find funds to pay their share of new pavement, the City of Urbandale (or at least the Parks and Rec department) appears to have left no possible advertiser market untapped, as can be seen by the sponsors at Walker Johnson Park.

Mike Rowley



I understand

I recently viewed the new format of your newspaper (August 2016) with surprise. As I always enjoyed the weekly version of the previous format, I am disappointed to learn that your newspaper will reduce to just once a month. I can well understand the economic reasoning of your decision completely. The best section of your periodical is “Civic Skinny.” The column has always been an informative and entertaining feature.  I also am partial to Brian Duffy’s cartoons. He is the epitome of a creative and talented artist. The “Iowa State Fair Music” section was excellent, as it provided the reader with a clear, detailed and informative schedule of the featured concerts.

Joel Bassman

West Des Moines

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