Sunday, May 26, 2024

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How will I function?


Woe is me (picture my hand palm side up on my forehead!) How will I function those four weeks in between issues of Cityview?  How can I carry on without my weekly Duffy cartoon? How will I contend without the weekly current Skinny? Where will I go without the daily calendar telling me what is going on? As a more mature reader of Cityview, I love the feel and smell of the newsprint (not so much the shiny paper). I get lost on the computer, so I can’t look you up there. I must close — teardrops are shorting out my computer. Farewell, fond weekly Cityview,  I shall miss thee.

Judy Marshall

Des Moines

Trying to bring Obama down

The people who vote for Steve King are the same ones who bit hardest on the “WMD in Iraq” bait and fell for the impossibly ridiculous conspiracy theories claiming Barack Obama is a Kenyan-born Muslim. King said the torture at Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison amounted to hazing, his wife would be safer in Iraq than Washington, D.C., and al-Qaeda would be dancing in the streets if Obama won the 2008 election. Even after Osama bin-Laden was swimming with the fishes, King said Obama’s birth certificate could’ve been telegraphed from Kenya to Hawaii. Republican voters have been searching the Internet and staring at a Fake News Channel for eight years hoping they’ll come across the secret info that’ll bring Obama down.

CNA - Stop HIV IowaCNA - Immunizations

Tim Facto

Des Moines

What makes us most notable?

I looked over the list of “Iowa Award” Winners in Civic Skinny (July 28, 2016).  I noticed most were given one-word descriptions: president, composer, monsignor, businessman, governor, artist, etc.  The two-word exceptions were, vice president, opera singer, political advisor and first lady. It got me wondering how we get these labels and who gets to assign them? Did “political advisor” get two words because Harry Hopkin’s advice on other matters was never sought?  When one is labeled “Business Man,” as six were, does that mean they are inter-changeable? Henry Wallace was probably a “VP” for a shorter time in his life than any other job he held, yet that was his label. How come? Is it that which makes us most notable, that which we earn the most money, that which others value in us most?

Mike Rowley


Death and destruction

It is always amusing when we see articles suggesting Mrs. Bill Clinton has any positive attributes regarding foreign policy despite being Secretary of State. Her totally failed support of overthrowing the government in Libya, her absolutely laughable “reset” of Russian relations, the rise of ISIS and her direct responsibility for the death of the ambassador in Benghazi due to lack of ground preparation shows she is literally wrong every time she has made a decision. She is a loose cannon who must never be promoted to commander in chief! Prior to becoming Secretary, her decisions when delegated authority by Bill were just as disastrous. It is true that death, destruction and corruption follow her wherever she goes.

Doug Jackson

West Des Moines


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