Thursday, February 2, 2023

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Wilma’s Quilt continues to inspire support with a surprising gift!


Des Moines, IA – (January 9, 2023) – A small group gathered in Waukee last Friday so the winner of the quilt auction could meet Wilma and receive the quilt. The bidder won with a bid of $2,500 for the quilt on Facebook and then bumped up to $2,700 when she saw Wilma’s virtual kettle was less than $200 away from going over $1000.  In all, Wilma’s quilt raised $3,500 to help people here in Central Iowa!

“I LOVE this quilt!  I want it to go to a good home, to someone who is going to take care of it and remember all the love and the care and effort and work that Wilma put into it. I also want to see more donations to The Salvation Army, that does good work, to share the love and the kindness and taking care of each other that this has come to represent.  For these reasons, I am donating the quilt back to The Salvation Army to be auctioned again,” said Deb, quilt auction winner. Deb wishes to stay somewhat anonymous, so her last name has been omitted.

This was miraculous and welcome news because, as of the morning of this release, The Salvation Army of Des Moines is still $250,000 shy of their annual Christmas Season goal.  Deb hopes businesses or individuals that have not donated this past Christmas to The Salvation Army will match the amount the quilt goes for in this second auction. 

“Deb has donated the quilt back to us for another auction hoping others will be generous in bidding to help us overcome our fundraising shortfall. This quilt is truly the gift that keeps giving as we use the funds raised to serve and help our neighbors in need,” said Major Butch Frost, Iowa Capital Area Coordinator.

A new Facebook event and post has been created to allow new bidding on Wilma’s Quilt as of 10:00 AM this morning.  Once again there will be a picture with bidding instructions where people can place their bid in the comments.  Bidding cannot take place on shared posts and count.  Bidders must click the shared picture and bid on the comments for the official pic directly. Bidding will end at 5:00 PM on January 24th and a winner announced ASAP.

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa (February)

Businesses or individuals interested in offering a match on the winning bid should contact Tamyra Harrison at 515-868-5967 or email  All will be recognized with a Facebook post on The Salvation Army Facebook Page and event page, as well as in the final press release announcing the winning bid on January 24, 2023.


  1. Debbie Soderholm says:

    We haven’t heard what the quilt brought the second time it was put on the sale block. Please tell us.

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