Friday, June 2, 2023

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Marine Corps Recruiting to hold All-Hands Pool Function at Camp Dodge


Marine Corps Recruiting Station Des Moines is scheduled to hold its annual All-Hands Pool Function aboard Camp Dodge in Johnston, Iowa, June 5 – 6. Future Marines from across Iowa and Nebraska will participate in the event in order to prepare and develop the skills necessary for success at Marine Corps Recruit Training as well as to inspire, motivate and develop Esprit de Corps through camaraderie and competition.

For the majority of these approximately 400 young men and women, this will be their first opportunity to experience various aspects of Marine Corps training including Drill Instructors, Meals Ready to Eat (MREs), and military drill.

Headquartered out of Camp Dodge, RS Des Moines oversees 10 Recruiting Substations (RSS) which join more than 600 enlisted Marines every year.

The All-Hands Pool Function will include a two-phase field meet with the East stations going head-to-head against the West. The challenge will have a winning RSS in each event based off a point system with the top RSS’ from each bracket facing off in a final event to determine the overall winner.

Drill Instructors, Marine recruiters and a large selection of future Marines will be available for media interviews upon request. If you are unable to attend, photographs and B-roll can also be made available.

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