Saturday, December 3, 2022

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Clive, FEMA, and Corps of Engineers Present Research and Mitigation Strategies for Future Walnut Creek Flooding


Flooding on Walnut Creek and its tributaries has always been a reality for the City of Clive. Due to changing weather patterns and ongoing development in the Walnut Creek watershed, Clive’s future flood risk is quickly increasing.

The City of Clive, FEMA, and U.S. Corps of Engineers have partnered to research what future Walnut Creek flooding could look like once most of the watershed is developed. That work is now informing the City’s approach to current flood risks, and helping the community prepare for more intense and frequent future floods.

“Flooding is a serious and evolving risk for our City,” said Clive Mayor Scott Cirksena. “We’re seeing rain events now that quickly turn our creek into a massive river. As our flood risk grows, it’s essential that we keep collaborating with stakeholders throughout the watershed, and use the best research to shape flood management strategies.”

Today, almost half of the 83 square mile Walnut Creek watershed is developed, and over 400 additional acres are being converted each year. Clive makes up 10% of the land area in the watershed, but experiences over 90% of the creek’s flows. According to the research completed by the City and its partners, if development and weather trends continue as they have, future flooding events in the 50-year to 100-year range could impact approximately 100 more Clive properties. Damage from those events could cost $35 to $60 million dollars more than similar floods today.

The research completed by the City, FEMA, and the Corps of Engineers gives Clive property owners a powerful tool to estimate future flood risks to their specific property and the value of different mitigation strategies. The City is sharing this flood risk and mitigation benefit information with interested Clive property owners.

The City continues to implement additional strategies to protect lives and property from flooding. Clive has a robust flood response plan which is updated and tested annually. The City has developed regulations targeted at more effective storm water management, partnered with aligned organizations to explore opportunities for upstream flood mitigation solutions, constructed flood storage wetlands and improved the stream channels within portions of the Clive Greenbelt, and is implementing a flood prone property buyout program in the neighborhood most affected by repetitive flooding (the University Boulevard neighborhood).

More information on the City’s flood management strategies is available at

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