Saturday, May 21, 2022

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LESSONS FOR TODAY, FROM THE GREAT DEPRESSION: Two Teenagers Triumph Over Tragedies, for a Better Future


The Great Depression has important and urgent lessons for 21st century young people. This new fictionalized biography, Country Boy, City Girl: Trials & Triumph During the Great Depression is the story they need to read for the motivation some are sorely missing.

This captivating book is also perfect for the older generation, bringing back memories and relatable stories of two teenagers who “want a better life” and who must struggle through enormous obstacles to achieve that goal.

Country Boy, City Girl is told in alternating chapters, featuring the author’s 1936 Olympic-swimming mother and her farm-boy father, who rode the rails across America in the 1930s to earn money for college. House fires, family deaths, parental illness, and other trials challenge them, but in the end they both triumph, one with the help of a successful businessman and the other from an astounding encounter with the most famous athlete of the 20th century. There are 125 historical photographs.

Readers of this book have expressed great enthusiasm, as many book clubs are ordering copies and local historians have lauded the reality of details in the writing.

About her book, which was five years in the writing, Teresa Holmgren says, “I have written what I believe is a powerful testimonial for two typical members of what we call The Greatest Generation. Their stories are worthy of telling, memorable, and inspirational at their core.”

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Family has always been vital to Teresa Holmgren. She and her tall blonde husband raised their five children and still live on Iowa farmland that has been in her family since 1876. She is a retired behavior disability teacher and has told her favorite stories about that gig in her first book, Never A Dull Moment, also available on Amazon and Kindle. She is a long-suffering lefty who also suffers from arachibutyrophobia, which has nothing to do with spiders.

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