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Photographers Capture the Judges Eye in Iowa State Fair Competition


DES MOINES, IA (08/08/2017) — Photographers from around the country submitted their best work into the Photography Salon competition judged prior to the start of the 2017 Iowa State Fair.

Tess Ware of Waterloo won Best of Show in the Adult competition, and Tori Scholten of Urbandale won Best of Show in the Youth category.

The theme for this year’s contest, “WHAT’S UP?” asked entrants to capture dramatic images that show the world from a different viewpoint. Pictures should show the world that is just directly overhead in a way that would excite and inspire other photographers and visitors at the Iowa State Fair. More than 3,400 entries were judged. The Photography entries will be on display on the third floor of the Patty and Jim Cownie Cultural Center each Fair day from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.



Prep Iowa

Best of Color (Adult)

1) Wil Abeling, West Des Moines

Best of Black & White (Adult)

1) Tim McAdam, Fairfax

Superintendent’s Choice (Adult – Color)

1) Amy Mueggenberg, Marion

Superintendent’s Choice (Adult – B&W)

1) Ken DePue, Grimes

Best of Color (Youth)

1) Megan Borg, Johnston

Best of Black & White (Youth)

1) Kellen Miller, Polk City

Superintendent’s Choice (Youth – Color)

1) Theo Whitehead, Des Moines

Superintendent’s Choice (Youth – B&W)

1) Kellen Miller, Polk City



Theme – What’s Up?

1) Jim Grace, Albany, Mo.

2) Jacklin Stonewall, Ames

3) Trevor Toy, Homestead


1) Tess Ware, Waterloo

2) Amy Doerring, Newton

3) Anna Steenson, Des Moines

Places & Landscapes

1) Bill Case, Iowa City

2) Mike Amfahr, Des Moines

3) Dean Teeter, Urbandale

Things & Still Life

1) Dwight Tomes, Grimes

2) Ken DePue, Grimes

3) Larry Trager, Grimes

Plants, Flowers & Trees

1) John Ryan, Des Moines

2) Kelly Weber, West Des Moines

3) Mike Hiatt, Des Moines

Animals, Insects & Wildlife

1) Charlene Pearson Ferguson, Otho

2) Terri Dermody, Des Moines

3) Eric Williamson, Des Moines



Theme – What’s Up?

1) Krister Strandskov, Des Moines

2) Pam McDowell, Ames

3) Chuck Miller, Green Island, N.Y.


1) Tim Jensen, Missouri Valley

2) Deb Shoning, West Des Moines

3) Jon Musgrave, Johnston

Iowa Places & Landscapes

1) Justin Rogers, West Des Moines

2) Mark Gromko, Iowa City

3) Travis Biggs, Cedar Falls

USA Places & Landscapes

1) Robert Franks, Pleasant Hill

2) Joshua Kaiser, Urbandale

3) Sarah Becker, Grimes

International Places & Landscapes

1) Mark Gromko, Iowa City

2) Stephanie Coffman, Granger

3) Mark Beecher, Box Elder, S.D.

Things & Still Life

1) Shari Miller, Polk City

2) Gary Hoard, Madrid

3) Kirk Mcvey, West Des Moines

Plants, Flowers & Trees

1) Bree Onna Spralding, Patterson

2) Kelly Chamberlain, West Des Moines

3) Lisa Oelke, Van Meter

Animals, Insects & Wildlife

1) Allen Kurth, Bellevue, Neb.

2) Justin Rogers, West Des Moines

3) Nikolyn McDonald, Papillion, Neb.



Theme – What’s Up?

1) L Engle Charis-Carlson, Iowa City

2) Tyler Ahrens, Adel

3) Emmett Hagen, Derby


1) Andrew Tobey, Clive

2) Kristin Grochala, West Des Moines

3) Grace Long, Sheldahl

Places & Landscapes

1) Kristin Grochala, West Des Moines

2) Aviva Jotzke, Des Moines

3) Ella Stover-Wright, Des Moines

Things & Still Life

1) Cameron Frederick, Waukee

2) Ben Rima, Nevada

3) Jake Wicks, Johnston

Plants, Flowers & Trees

1) Alexis Williams, Cedar Falls

2) Lauren Frederick, Waukee

3) Jared Oosterhuis, Des Moines

Animals, Insects & Wildlife

1) Carrie Abeling, West Des Moines

2) Elizabeth Kirsner, Des Moines

3) Isabela Cirligel, Des Moines



Anything Goes!

1) Nikolyn McDonald, Papillion, Neb.

2) Jacob Fiscus, Carroll

3) Jeff Oakley, Audubon

Toned, Tinted & Solarized

1) Patricia Foster, Urbandale

2) Sharon Scarff, Wayland

3) Joe Countryman, Des Moines


1) Ron Meyer, Cedar Rapids

2) Jerry Ranch, West Des Moines

3) Craig McCue, Urbandale

High Dynamic Range

1) Evan Knapp, Richardson, Texas

2) Karen Collins, Des Moines

3) Rusty Murl, Indianola

Fairs, Festivals & Parades

1) Gary Hoard, Madrid

2) Robert Burger, Branford, Conn.

3) Krista Long, Des Moines

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

1) Tamara Becker, Mount Pleasant

2) Diane Michaud Lowry, Ames

3) Dawn Johnson, Indianola


1) Mike Hiatt, Des Moines

2) Barb A. Earles, Urbandale

3) Rodene Brchan, Lincoln, Neb.

Family Farm

1) Jim Grace, Albany, Mo.

2) Bennet Goldstein, Dubuque

3) Rachel Ritland, Radcliffe


1) Krista Long, Des Moines

2) Terry VanOort, Ankeny

3) Evan Sayles, Waukee


1) Shari Miller, Polk City

2) Joshua Kaiser, Urbandale

3) Bob Hartung, Bettendorf

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