Monday, May 23, 2022

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On the big and small screen


Being a geek doesn’t just mean sharing an interest in technology. Many geeks meet through a shared interest in film. Like literature and music, the cinematic experience is a way for our culture to tell stories and entertain, and movie theaters are definitely a strong influence to bring people in to share those experiences. But if you’ve noticed, most modern movies are rarely aimed at the geek audience but rather for more broad and universal audiences to get revenue. That’s why geeks find those cult classics later on and watch them as part of parties or other fun events. Zombie Burger + Drink Lab, at 300 E. Grand Ave., hosts “(Bad) Horror Movie Night” on Wednesdays, where movies screened, so far, range from the legitimately good “Cabin in the Woods” to the infamously bad “Troll 2.” So far, movie night has been drawing a crowd to fill about half the dining area, so bring a group to enjoy the campy horror.                

For those who can’t make it to late night movies in the middle of the week, Jordan Creek Mall’s Century 20 theater, along with most Cinemark theaters, regularly runs “one night only” events screening cinema classics of all genres, including “Young Frankenstein” for Halloween. This year’s schedule is wrapping up, but a new round of films will hopefully be chosen for next year. Century 20 also partners with Fathom Events for screenings of content that isn’t even cinema. Mostly aimed at screening stage theater from around the world, there are a few gems for even the nerdiest of us geeks. To promote the Blu-ray release of “Star Trek the Next Generation, Season 2,” restored and re-mastered from scratch using the original film prints, two episodes and featurette content will be screened on Nov. 29. The screening will even include 15 never-before-seen minutes added to the episode “The Measure of a Man.” Keep an eye out for the Geek Speak Forum meet-up at 6 p.m. outside the theater for the 7 p.m. screening. CV

Robert Anhalt is Director of Content at Geek Speak Forum and contributes to Cityview.

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