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And the envelopes, please…


The Best of Des Moines voting results are in!

Inside the following pages, CITYVIEW reveals the winners of its Best Of Des Moines 2019 poll. We are honored to be entrusted with the annual task of tallying these votes — this year we had more than 12,000, which is more than most city council members receive in any given election.

For decades, readers have turned to CITYVIEW to learn which eateries tantalize the tips of the metro’s tongues, what stores excite the citizenry, where to find the finest culinary treats or where one can best see mind-bending art or witness unimaginable athletic prowess. Who is the most popular politician? What is the best community? Which newscast informs the most effectively? All these answers — plus answers to 250 additional queries — are revealed within the ensuing pages.

CITYVIEW doesn’t make the selections; we just do the tabulations. Truth be told, we can’t wait to see the results. Doing so often yields an unending number of “See, you told us so!” moments.

If information is power, then this issue is akin to atomic energy. You’d be wise to tuck it into a safe place so you’ll have it when you want exactly what you want, and only the best possible version will do… When your expectation is perfection and when second-rate isn’t an option…

When the unquestioned bona fide best is your quest, then CITYVIEW is the best place to find it.

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Valentine’s Day at Bonefish Grill includes the Filet & Lobster Thermidor — wood-fired filet mignon and jumbo shrimp topped with sweet lobster chunks in a creamy thermidor sauce, served with a choice of two signature sides, available Feb. 7–17. 650 S. Prairie View Drive, Des Moines. Photo submitted


Best New Local Restaurant   

Dumpling Darling   

Steamed dumplings. Fried dumplings. Mega flights of dumplings. Dumplings plus steamed buns, Korean chicken, chipotle tofu, potato pierogies and good old-fashioned mac and cheese. The impressive offerings at Dumpling Darling have Des Moines residents raving and calling the central Iowa eatery the area’s Best New Local Restaurant. Whether you have a dumpling obsession or just want to dabble in dumplings, Dumping Darling awaits. 212 E. Third St., Des Moines, 515-283-2000;    

Runners-up: Central Standard Craft Burgers & Beer, Wahlburgers

Best Local Family Restaurant   

Tursi’s Latin King Restaurant   

Breaking bread with loved ones often brings about life’s best conversations. CITYVIEW voters suggest that the best place for dining with family and breaking that bread is Tursi’s Latin King Restaurant. For seven decades, the folks at this east-side institution have served Des Moines with steaming plates of traditional Italian cuisine. 2200 Hubbell Ave., Des Moines, 515-266-4466;

Runners-up: Jethro’s, Tumea & Sons

Best Kept Secret on the Local Restaurant Scene   


“Tell no one.” That’s the beginning of almost every secret ever told. Thus, these words are usually the beginning of the end of said message’s secrecy. CITYVIEW voters say Simon’s eatery in Beaverdale is the best kept secret in the city. Try ordering one of the house specialties, including the beef tenderloins or the steak deburgo. Yum. 5800 Franklin Ave., Des Moines, 515-255-3725;   

Runners-up: Baratta’s, The Angry Goldfish Pub & Eatery

Best Local Restaurant Period   


Best Local Restaurant Period. That’s tall praise, but that is the title bestowed by our voters upon Centro. The perennial downtown favorite offers Italian-inspired food for all occasions, including life’s big milestones. When you want to treat yourself or someone else to this world’s finer offerings, CITYVIEW voters say Centro is the top spot.1003 Locust St., Des Moines, 515-248-1780;

Runners-up: Simon’s, Tursi’s Latin King Restaurant   

Best Local Fine Dining   


Buttermilk Fried Chicken Salad. Garlic Pizza. Ambiance. First-rate service. Centro is an eatery with Italian-style indulgences located in the heart of downtown Des Moines. CITYVIEW readers say Centro is among the best in several categories this year, including Best Local Fine Dining. 1003 Locust St., Des Moines, 515-248-1780;   

Runners-up: Django, 801 Chophouse 

Best Local Chef   

George Formaro (Orchestrate Hospitality)   

The man, the myth… George Formaro. Des Moines’ unofficial top chef is officially the Best Local Chef around, according to CITYVIEW voters. This local culinary legend is the artistic power driving many local favorite eateries, including South Union Bread Café, Zombie Burger and Centro.   

Runners-up: Sean Gleason – Gastro Grub & Pub, David Baruthio – Baru 66

Best Local Wait Staff   


Known for its BBQ sauces, waffle fries, large portions, and overall tastiness… Jethro’s is known for a lot of things, but CITYVIEW voters say Jethro’s should be known for its top-notch service, too. When you want what you want, and you want it served up by the best. Jethro’s has seven locations in central Iowa. Bring your appetite.

Runners-up: Bubba Southern Comforts Supper & Spirits, Centro

Best Valley Junction Restaurant

Mig’s 5th Street Pub

Historic Valley Junction is loaded with quaint pubs, unique art shops, cute places to procure crafts… and once you’ve worked up an appetite from shopping, CITYVIEW readers say you ought to dig in at G. Mig’s 5th Street Pub. The remodeled building offers an assortment of brews, domestic bottles and good grub. 128 Fifth St., West Des Moines, 515-255-4550;

Runners-up: Cooper’s on 5th, Tavern

Best West Glen Restaurant

Bonefish Grill

When you have a hankering for fine dining within one of the finest shopping centers in the Midwest, readers of CITYVIEW are unwavering when they say that Bonefish Grill is what you wish for. Since the inception of the Best West Glen Restaurant category in 2015, Bonefish Grill has taken the title every year. Bonefish is known for its signature saltwater delicacies, but the menu also offers other eats that are equally tasty. 650 S. Prairie View Drive, Des Moines, 515-267-0064;

Runners-up: Blu Toro Cantina & Grill, BeerStyles

Best East Village Restaurant   

Zombie Burger + Drink Lab   

Burgers. Shakes. Zombie sauce. Whether you have a hankering for “The Walking Ched” or the “Flamethrower” or “They’re Coming to Get You Barbara,” this East Village hotspot is primed to fill you up with premium eats and entertain your gullet while testing your imagination. Choose your patty wisely. And consider accompanying one of these “Gore”-met burgers with a “Zombie Bride Wedding Cake” shake made with vanilla ice cream and yellow cake mix. 300 E. Grand Ave., Des Moines, 515-244-9292;

Runners-up: Alba, Lucca

Best Drake Area Restaurant

Drake Diner

Many longtime Des Moines residents report an unexplained phenomena while nearing the intersection of University Avenue and 25th Street. Reportedly, once these long-time locals get within this intersection’s proximity, they experience an onset of pavlovian salivation. No need to call “Unsolved Mysteries,” CITYVIEW voters have solved the case, naming the Drake Diner as the Best Drake Area Restaurant. The Drake Diner is a 1950s-style local favorite offering a menu that includes classic diner food, all-day breakfast, burgers, sandwiches and salads. 1111 25th St., Des Moines, 515-277-1111;

Runners-up: Jethro’s, University Library Café

Best Beaverdale Area Restaurant


Known for its Italian-American cuisine since 1963, the menu offerings at Christopher’s include steak, seafood, chicken, pasta, pizza, meatballs and even a sandwich called “The Rene Special.” Christopher’s has done it again, taking the title as Best Beaverdale Area Restaurant. 2816 Beaver Ave., Des Moines, 515-274-3694;

Runners-up: Flying Mango, Reed’s Hollow

If the summer sun is shining, and if you are in the mood for Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, our voters have spoken: Try Eatery A’s patio. 2932 Ingersoll Ave., Des Moines. Photo by Jeff Pitts

Best Ingersoll Area Restaurant

Eatery A

Eatery A offers Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, including simple dishes focused on quality ingredients from local sources. The restaurant boasts reclaimed wood from around central Iowa — a testament to its roots, and “a celebration of the transformative power of wood and smoke.” The kitchen’s centerpiece is a wood-burning oven that makes this a unique dining experience with a range of dishes designed for sharing. Weekend brunch fare is also available at Eatery A. 2932 Ingersoll Ave., Des Moines, 515-282-8085;

Runners-up: Sakari Sushi Lounge, Cheese Bar

Best Local American Food


Whether you have a craving for some American nachos, Iowa pork chops, New York strips, or the classic taste of cheesecake with graham cracker crust and fresh strawberry sauce, Americana offers the Best Local American Food in the city, according to CITYVIEW readers. 1312 Locust St., Des Moines, 515-283-1312;

Runners-up: Jethro’s, Bubba Southern Comforts Supper & Spirits

Best Local Vegetarian/Vegan Food

Beef Cake Fuel

Eating vegetarian when you are eating out or on the go is not always easy. Tired of scouring menus laden with unhealthy options? Have no fear. Readers of CITYVIEW say that the Best Local Vegetarian/Vegan Food is from Beef Cake Fuel. Look no further for nutritious options that can whet anyone’s appetite. 2800 University Ave., Suite 440, West Des Moines, 515-381-9171;

Runners-up: A Dong, Krunkwich Ramen House

Best Local Gluten Free Food

Beef Cake Fuel

The best gluten free food in the greater Des Moines metropolitan area, according to CITYVIEW’s Best Of Des Moines readers, is Beef Cake Fuel. Enjoy eating out where gluten free doesn’t mean compromising and where eating right is delicious. 2800 University Ave., Suite 440, West Des Moines, 515-381-9171;

Runners-up: Louie’s Wine Dive, Gastro Grub & Pub

Best Local Italian Food

Tumea & Sons Restaurant

Joe Tumea and Lucretia Berardi arrived in the U.S. in the early 1960s as teenagers from Italy. After meeting one another for the first time in Des Moines — at Foreman & Clark — the couple eventually married in 1967, had four sons, and, in 1998, realized their American dream of self employment as they opened a south-side eatery named Tumea & Sons Restaurant. Des Moines is glad they did, and CITYVIEW voters say it is the Best Local Italian Food for 2019. 1501 S.E. First St., Des Moines, 515-282-7976;

Runners-up: Tursi’s Latin King Restaurant, Baratta’s

Best Local Mexican Food

Tasty Tacos

The salsa? Sublime. The tortilla chips? Savory. The melted cream cheese within the jalapeno poppers? Delectable. And, of course, Tasty Tacos also offers… tasty tacos. At least according to CITYVIEW voters, who once again tabbed this local chain as central Iowa’s Best Local Mexican Food. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Monterrey, Old West Mexican Restaurant

Best Local Thai Food

Cool Basil

Cool Basil did it again. The Thai eatery on the corner of 86th and University has affirmed its hold upon the hearts of central Iowans, taking the title of the Best Local Thai Food for 2019. Cool Basil offers popular favorites like pad Thai, pad see ew and tom yum, but it also maintains an extremely thick menu of other options. No matter if you like breaking a sweat while eating or if you prefer to go without the spicy heat, Cool Basil has you covered. Customers choose from a spice level ranging from one to six. 1250 86th St., Clive, 515-225-8111;

Runners-up: Thai Flavors, Eat Thai

Best Local Chinese Food

Shanghai Chinese Restaurant

A lunch menu loaded with a wide selection of affordable dishes — $8 or less — and dinner offerings of delicious traditional entrees and specialty dishes, plus a to-go menu that has our readers raving and saying that Shanghai Chinese Restaurant is now the Best Local Chinese Food in the market. 33 N.E. Carefree Lane, Waukee, 515-987-3111;

Runners-up: Hy-Vee, Tsing Tsao

Best Local Japanese Food


Wasabi sauce is made from the plant commonly known as Japanese horseradish mixed with various other ingredients. The green sushi condiment and its somewhat sweet burn tickle one’s nose while being ingested along with succulent seafood. Wasabi the restaurant is a group of family-owned restaurants in the Des Moines area focused on delivering high-quality New York City sushi to the Hawkeye state. Both Wasabi types represent Japanese cuisine well, according to CITYVIEW readers. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Taki Japanese Steakhouse, Sakari Sushi Lounge

Best Local Mediterranean Food

Fresh Mediterranean Express

Fresh Mediterranean Express’ local Mediterranean food is the best in town, according to CITYVIEW readers. No matter which item you choose — a Greek salad, falafels or a pita sandwich — trust your gut and add on an additional order of authentic baklava to satisfy that sweet tooth. 15 N.E. Carefree Lane, Waukee. 515-987-6870;

Runners-up: Gazali’s Mediterranean Grill, Open Sesame

Best Local Seafood

Waterfront Seafood Market

The Waterfront has been wowing local foodies for decades with fresh seafood flown in from all around the world. Sushi. Clam Chowder. Maryland Style Crab Cakes. Alaskan King Crab. Cold Water Lobster Tail. Apparently, all of this is making central Iowa voters salivate, as they once again voted the Waterfront as the place for Best Local Seafood in the Des Moines area. Waterfront Seafood Market has locations in Ankeny and West Des Moines,

Runners-up: Splash Seafood Oyster Bar & Grill, The Seafood Trap

Best Local Sushi

Sakari Sushi Lounge

Repeating as the champion in the category of the Best Local Sushi in central Iowa is Sakari Sushi Lounge. Perfect presentation and sensational sushi rolls, to go along with Sakari’s modern ambiance and fun atmosphere, make this eatery a happening hotspot, not just a place to enjoy flavorful eats. 2605 Ingersoll Ave.,  Des Moines, 515-288-3381;

Runners-up: Wasabi, Akebono

Best Local Hibachi

Ohana Steakhouse

Ohana Steakhouse gives new meaning to the term “dinner and a show” as fresh and scrumptious delights fly through the air as the chef entertains and wows dinners with culinary skills sure to delight, according to CITYVIEW’s Best Of Des Moines voters. The votes are in and Ohana is the local favorite as the top choice in the category of the Best Local Hibachi. 2900 University Ave., West  Des Moines, 515-225-3325;

Runners-up: Taki Japanese Steakhouse, Samurai Sushi & Hibachi

Best Local Steakhouse

801 Chophouse

Fine dining? Award-winning USDA steaks? When your appetite demands something substantial for dinner, central Iowans say 801 Chophouse is the Best Local Steakhouse in the area. A night at this long-time downtown delight isn’t one you are likely to forget. 801 Grand Ave., Suite 200, Des Moines, 515-288-6000;

Runners-up: Texas Roadhouse, Iowa Beef Steakhouse

Best Local Brunch/Breakfast


What do you get when you combine lunch fare with breakfast food? Brunch. And the best brunch in the metro, according to our voters, is Americana. Known for its Bombshell Brunch Buffet with more than 40 items and a bottomless bloody mary and mimosa bar, brunch is served on Saturdays and Sundays, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Gluten-friendly options are available. 1312 Locust St., Des Moines, 515-283-1312;

Runners-up: Waveland Café, Eggs & Jam

Best Local Delicatessen

Palmer’s Deli & Market

Palmer’s Deli & Market opened its first local eatery in 1989 — that’s the year the Berlin Wall came down — and central Iowans have been digging in ever since. Whether you order a sandwich, soup, salad, breakfast option or one of the many other offerings, don’t forget to top it off with one of Palmer’s famous brownies. Yum. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Hagar’s Manhattan Deli, Hy-Vee

Best Local Burger


Bring your appetite and be ready to enjoy each and every bite at B-Bop’s. Whether you prefer rolling down your windows and enjoying carefree classic music or sitting in one of the recently opened eateries offering dine-in, this local favorite has once again been voted as the Best Local Burger in the area. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Zombie Burger + Drink Lab, Central Standard Craft Burgers & Beer

Best Local Pizza

Gusto Pizza Co.

Des Moines’ best Italian pies belong to Gusto Pizza Co., according to CITYVIEW readers, for the sixth year in a row. Signature pizzas include: The Deburgo and The Mona Lisa. These and other Italian pies satisfy pizza-eating palates of all kinds. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Fong’s Pizza, Casey’s General Store

Centro is a perennial downtown favorite that offers Italian-inspired food for all occasions. When you want to treat yourself or someone else to this world’s finer offerings, CITYVIEW voters say Centro is the top spot. 1003 Locust St., Des Moines. Photo submitted

Best Local Bakery

La Mie Bakery

Is the term “baked goods” redundant? Whatever the case may be, our readers say La Mie is the Best Local Bakery in central Iowa and offers sublime baked goods. Enjoy the aromas in the store as the eatery bakes its goods fresh. Breakfast options include non-baked fare as well, including omelets and quiche. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Echo’s Cookie Shop, Hiland Bakery

Best Local Cupcake Shop

Scratch Cupcakery

Whoever the first person was to look at a cake and think, “You know, I’d like a cup of that cake…” CITYVIEW salutes you. And voters in this year’s CITYVIEW Best Of Des Moines polling salute Scratch Cupcakery, calling it the Best Local Cupcake Shop in central Iowa. With dozens of succulent flavors, Scratch satisfies nearly every sweet tooth. 7450 Bridgewood Blvd., Suite 215, West Des Moines, 515-518-8962;

Runners-up: Molly’s Cupcakes, Crème Cupcake + Dessert

Best Local BBQ

Smokey D’s BBQ

Succulent meats are piled high on each plate and ooze with savory and smoky flavors raging throughout each morsel of humongous portions of central Iowa goodness. Smokey D’s BBQ is the winner of more than 75 state BBQ championships and more than 800 local, regional and national awards; this is arguably the most decorated and/or critically acclaimed menu in the metro. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Jethro’s, Kue’d Smokehouse

Best Local Onion Rings

Chuck Celsi’s Tavern Restaurant

Homemade onion rings at their finest are served at Chuck Celsi’s Tavern Restaurant, according to readers of CITYVIEW. This long-time restaurant offers their famous thinly sliced and lightly breaded starter cooked to order and served while steaming. Available in regular, large and individual portion sizes at the Tavern I and II, both in West Des Moines;

Runners-up: Maxie’s Restaurant and Lounge, Jethro’s

Best Local French Fries


Deep fried potato pieces, known as french fries, first appeared — probably — in the 1700s. Historians are not sure who invented the fry, but legend has it that the Belgians were actually the inventors of this modern-day American favorite. Whoever first dipped that potato into that vat of boiling oil would undoubtedly marvel at the fries served at B-Bop’s, the restaurant with the Best Local French Fries, according to CITYVIEW readers. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Top Bun Food Truck, Zombie Burger + Drink Lab

Best Local Chicken Wings


Bone-in wings soaked in buttermilk, hardwood smoked, fried until crispy and served with various side sauces. Jethro’s is the perennial winner in this category. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: The Chicken Coop Sports Bar & Grill, Gerri’s Tavern

Best Local Nachos

University Library Café

CITYVIEW readers and Drake University students have once again come together to make an important announcement: The Best Local Nachos in the land are served at the University Library Café. These masterful plates of tortilla chips serve as a delivery mechanism for mounds of shredded cheeses, pico de gallo, salsa, banana peppers, sour cream, meats and many other kinds of savory goodness. 3506 University Ave.,  Des Moines, 515-255-0433;

Runners-up: Jethro’s, Skip’s

Best Local Tacos

Tasty Tacos

“Nada es impossible.” That’s Spanish for “Nothing is impossible.” It is also the motto at Tasty Tacos. Voters in CITYVIEW’s Best Of Des Moines poll say Tasty Tacos has the best tacos of anywhere in the greater Des Moines area. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Taco Hangover, Malo

Best Local Ribs

Smokey D’s BBQ

Smokin’! That’s what they do best at Smokey D’s, according to CITYVIEW readers who say this joint offers the best ribs of the local batch of outstanding BBQ establishments. Smokey’s has won more than 75 state BBQ championships, and it has topped 800 local, regional and national BBQ awards. Well done. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Jethro’s, Woody’s Smoke Shack

Best Local Tenderloin


Home of the original king tenderloin since 1952. For the umpteenth time in a row, Smitty’s takes the title as Des Moines’ favorite in the category of Best Local Tenderloin. 1401 Army Post Road, Des Moines, 515-287-4742;

Runners-up: Nick’s Restaurant, Jethro’s

Best Local Bar Food

Francie’s Bar & Grill

Repeat winner alert. More than just good grub, the menu at Francie’s Bar & Grill offers genuinely tasty cuisine, and our readers have taken notice again, voting it No. 1 in the category of Best Local Bar Food. Established in 1987, Francie’s Bar & Grill offers a patio and sports bar experience on the city’s south side. 2100 Wakonda View Drive, Des Moines, 515-285-5207;

Runners-up: The Angry Goldfish Pub & Eatery, High Life Lounge

Best Local Appetizers


Slow Smoked Wings, Bubba’s Boneless Wings, Bayou Pickle Chips, Pork Belly Sliders, Fried Cheese Squares, Onion Rings, Chicken Tenders, Smoked Chicken Nachos, Quesadillas and other tasty treats to start a meal are a few of the reasons CITYVIEW readers say Jethro’s is the best around when it comes to appetizers. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Hy-Vee, Gastro Grub & Pub

Smokey Row Coffee Co: Located at the edge of Sherman Hills, near downtown and easily accessible from the freeway, the unusually large coffee shop is housed in what used to be a grocery store. CITYVIEW voters say Smokey Row Coffee Co. is the Best Local Coffee/Coffeehouse in the Des Moines area. 1910 Cottage Grove, Des Moines. Photo by Carol VanHook

Best Local Coffee/Coffeehouse

Smokey Row Coffee Co.

Located at the edge of Sherman Hills, near downtown and easily accessible from the freeway, Smokey Row is among the most popular destinations in the city. The unusually large coffee shop — 5,000 square feet — is housed in a century-old building that used to be a grocery store. With the Smokey Row Coffee Co.’s offerings of coffee, food, snacks, occasional live music and much more, CITYVIEW voters are calling it the Best Local Coffee/Coffeehouse in the Des Moines area. 1910 Cottage Grove, Des Moines, 515-244-2611;

Runners-up: Freedom Blend Coffee, Twisted Bean Coffee Company

Best Local Wine Selection at a Restaurant

Louie’s Wine Dive

Here is to deviled eggs, shrimp cocktail and spicy shrimp diablo washed down with something subtle and easy. Combining wining with dining is the name of the game when it comes to winning in the category of Best Local Wine Selection at a Restaurant, and Louie’s Wine Dive is again taking the title. 4040 University Ave., Suite A, Des Moines, 515-777-3416;

Runners-up: Django, Splash Seafood Bar & Grill

Best Local Power Lunch


Business. That’s what you do. You get deals done. And when you need to get that big fish’s ink on your dotted line, you know you need to impress by picking up the check at Centro, at least according to the voters in CITYVIEW’s Best Of Des Moines poll. The daily specials at this downtown hotspot are second to none, and the atmosphere, service and culinary offerings have been delighting diners for more than a decade. 1003 Locust St., Des Moines, 515-248-1780;

Runners-up: Palmer’s Deli & Market, Beef Cake Fuel

Best Local Place for a $5 Lunch

Tasty Tacos

Honest Abraham Lincoln’s contribution to this great country can never be diminished, but the buying power of the bill that his image adorns isn’t what it used to be. That fact makes winning this category even more impressive, and Tasty Tacos has taken the title of Best Local Place for a $5 Lunch. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Hy-Vee, B-Bop’s

Best Local Place for a $10 Dinner


Hy-Vee isn’t just a place for grocery shopping. These local stores have become first-rate eateries as well as many other things. Our readers have taken notice and voted Hy-Vee as the Best Local Place for a $10 Dinner. Dig in. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Tasty Tacos, Jethro’s

Best Local Place to Chow After 2 a.m.

Fong’s Pizza

It’s late. You’ve given it your best effort. You could call it a night, or… When it’s 2 a.m., and you have a little voice telling you your taste buds need extra action, listen up. Des Moines has spoken, and Fong’s Pizza is the repeat champion in the category of Best Local Place to Chow After 2 a.m. 223 Fourth St., Des Moines, 515-323-3333;

Runners-up: Big Tomato Pizza, Abelardo’s

Best Local Hangover Food

Waveland Café

It was a rough night. Your liver appears to have suffered a high-ankle sprain. It seems someone is hammering on your skull from the inside, and you’ve ingested eight glasses of water before 8 a.m. while slugging down a handful of Advil. What now? According to our readers, it is time to get to the Waveland Café. 4708 University Ave., Des Moines, 515-279-4341;

Runners-up: Mullet’s, Zombie Burger + Drink Lab

Best Local First Date Spot


Delectable pasta. Brick-oven pizza. Perfectly seared steaks. Centro opened in 2002, and the downtown dining destination’s Italian offerings have made it one of the most popular restaurants in the city, at least according to voters in The Best Of Des Moines poll. Located in the historic Temple of Performing Arts, Centro specializes in delicious. 1003 Locust St., Des Moines, 515-248-1780;

Runners-up: Django, Bubba Southern Comforts Supper & Spirits

Best Local Restaurant Patio

Eatery A

Jealousy often wells up inside the Ingersoll Avenue passerby who witnesses the packed patio action of Eatery A. If the summer sun is shining, but it’s not too hot, and if you are in the mood for Mediterranean-inspired cuisine and a breeze, our voters have spoken: Try Eatery A’s patio. 2932 Ingersoll Ave., Des Moines, 515-282-8085;

Runners-up: Wellman’s Pub, Taco Hangover

Best Local Place to get a Donut

Hurts Donut Company

Donuts at Hurts Donut Company have serious personality. Maple Bacon donuts. Fruity Pebbles donuts. Cotton Candy donuts. The franchise offers more than 70 varieties of oversized specialty treats, and each unique flavor is said to be a love letter to the customer. Enjoy the Hurts anytime; the shop’s hours are listed as “open 25 hours a day, eight days a week, including all holidays.” 5513 Mills Civic Parkway, Suite 105, West Des Moines, 515-267-1671;

Runners-up: Donut Hut, Hy-Vee

Best Local Caterer


This south-side Italian staple caters weddings, baby showers, wedding showers, conferences and other important events. When you need to offer cuisine that delights your guests, readers of CITYVIEW say call Baratta’s, the Best Local Caterer in the city. 2320 South Union, Des Moines, 515-243-4516;

Runners-up: Hy-Vee, Taste! To Go

Best Local Restaurant Supply Company

Bolton & Hay

Bolton & Hay stocks thousands of items and offers same-day shipping at low discount prices. The locally owned company was established in 1920, and it is based in Des Moines where it works to carry out its mission of providing quality foodservice equipment and supplying products at discounted prices to valued customers. 4333 Park Ave., Des Moines, 800-362-1861;

Runners-up: Hockenbergs, Sysco

Best Soft Drink


Coca-Cola has done it again, repeating as champion in the category of Best Soft Drink. Coke has been the soft-drink industry thirst-quenching standard since the late 1800s. The classic taste is clean, crisp and sweet.

Runners-up: Pepsi, Diet Coke

Best Local Vietnamese Food

A Dong

A Dong is a Vietnamese restaurant located on the western edge of downtown. The eatery’s exquisite offerings include duck, gourmet rice dishes, beef soup and a large assortment of vegan and vegetarian fare. A Dong is the repeat champion as Des Moines’ Best Vietnamese Food, according to our voters. 1511 High St., Des Moines, 515-284-5632;

Runners-up: Pho 888, Shanghai Chinese Restaurant

Best Local Food Truck

Top Bun Food Truck

Billed as “the flyest food truck in town,” Top Bun offers burger lovers many unique and tasty options, including its popular vegetarian Captain Coyle. Fries are also available, as are various other sides and offerings. 901 Thomas Beck Road, Des Moines, 515-240-8487;

Runners-up: Big Acai Bowls, Curbin’ Cuisine

Best Local Chocolate/Candy Store

Chocolaterie Stam

Dark chocolate. Milky chocolate. Chocolate shaped like a kiss or a bunny. This is such a fun category to win, and Chocolaterie Stam is the champion, according to CITYVIEW voters. Chocolaterie Stam is a modern chocolaterie steeped in old-world Dutch traditions. Since 1913, it has been handcrafting a variety of chocolate bonbons and indulgent confections. 2814 Ingersoll Ave., Des Moines, 515-282-9575;

Runners-up: Chocolate Storybook, Beaverdale Confections

Goodwill of Central Iowa recently announced that its Johnston headquarters at 5355 N.W. 86th St. has added two new shopping options. Styled by Goodwill is a curated shopping experience with high-quality items, designer labels, collectibles and items that are in line with current home and fashion trends. The Outlet store offers items that have not sold in the traditional retail stores at a steep discount. Photo submitted


Best Local Store (overall)


“A Helpful Smile in Every Aisle.” Hy-Vee is the best store in central Iowa, according to CITYVIEW readers. The employee-owned grocery store is open 24 hours a day, and it has become synonymous with quality, variety, convenience, healthy lifestyles, culinary expertise and superior customer service. Multiple locations,

Runners-up: Bike World, The Funky Zebras

Best Local Men’s Clothing Store

Mr. B

For men who want to look dapper, well-put-together and winsome, Mr. B’s reputation is unsullied. Mr. B has been dressing to impress for 40-plus years. Suits, slacks, sports coats, neckties, fine shoes and other wardrobe essentials are all available. Mr. B elevates and enhances the lives and looks of its customers, according to CITYVIEW readers. 1995 N.W. 86th St. Clive, 515-276-8589;

Runners-up: Badowers, G & L Clothing

Best Local Women’s Clothing Store

Apricot Lane Boutique

From the moment you enter Apricot Lane Boutique, it is time to shop. This West Des Moines women’s boutique offers unique and fashionable finds when you need “just the right thing.” Apricot Lane Boutique is the Best Local Women’s Clothing Store according to readers of CITYVIEW. 1551 Valley West Drive, #275, West Des Moines, 515-221-2221;

Runners-up: The Funky Zebras, Von Maur

Best Local Thrift Shop


Do you need to beef up your wardrobe or find that household item at the perfect price? When you are looking for something you love, but you don’t quite know what that will be, look for it at Goodwill. Their thrift stores can be found across the Des Moines metropolitan area and are loaded with deals on next-to-new items that are useful to families of all income levels. Goodwill is a nonprofit organization, and its shops are dedicated to helping communities. Residents of central Iowa say it is the Best Local Thrift Shop again in 2019. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Encore Thrift, The Salvation Army

Best Local Resale/Consignment Boutique


Stylish and authentic consignment wear is available at Worn. The modern resale boutique buys and sells designer labels, saying, “With our current economic status, it is hard to justify paying full retail price. You can stock your closet with quality picks AND still have money to go out on the town. You never know what you will find as our inventory changes daily. It’s like shopping the best closets in Des Moines.” Reducing, reusing and recycling is important at Worn, as is looking hip without breaking your budget. Multiple locations, 515-224-6880;

Runners-up: Stuff, Etc., Style Encore

Best Local Clothing Boutique

Apricot Lane Boutique

With its diverse and stylish apparel for women of all ages, Apricot Lane Boutique, with its top-notch customer service, is the Best Local Clothing Boutique in central Iowa, according to CITYVIEW readers. All-American style is available at Apricot Lane Boutique for shoppers with places to go, people to see and things to get done. 1551 Valley West Drive, #275, West Des Moines, 515-221-2221;

Runners-up: The Funky Zebras, Empress Threads

Best Kept Secret on the Local Retail Scene

515 Vape & Disc Golf

CITYVIEW is great at many things, but this magazine is abysmal at keeping secrets. As such, don’t expect 515 Vape & Disc Golf to be kept quiet for much longer. The one-stop shop for vape and disc golf accessories also offers the highest quality e-liquid. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Prysm Body Piercing & Jewelry, Bing’s

Best Local Bridal Shop


The nuptials are nearing. Maybe you’ll be the bride. Maybe you get to be the groom. Maybe this is for your daughter. Or maybe this is for your son. Whenever two people put their lives onto the same path… One plus one equals one. CITYVIEW readers suggest Schaffer’s for helping to ensure the perfect look for your perfect day. This is really happening. The white dress. The caught bouquet. And when it’s over… Enjoy your own personal happily-ever-after. Multiple locations, 515-288-0356;

Runners-up: Weddings By Design, Something Blue Bride

Best Local Tuxedo Shop

Skeffington’s Formal Wear

Clean shirt, new shoes… Providing formal attire that makes its customers look their finest — that’s the mission at Skeffington’s Formal Wear. Silk suit, black tie… if you need to look your sharpest, Skeffington’s Formal Wear is the place to go. According to CITYVIEW’s Best Of Des Moines voters, every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp-dressed man. Fancy is fun. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Milroy’s Tuxedos, The Tux Shop

Best Local Children’s Store

Once Upon a Child

Once Upon a Child offers eco-friendly alternatives when buying and selling kids’ clothes and accessories. The shop also pays cash for toys and equipment for children, and it offers the reusables to parents for less than the items would otherwise cost. With clothing, costumes, dancewear, beach attire and too many other options to list, Once Upon a Child’s selection includes gently-used clothing for sizes ranging from preemie to age 20. 10465 Hickman Road, Urbandale, 515-222-0774;

Runners-up: Suite Dreams, Swell

Best Local New Store

515 Vape & Disc Golf

Vaping and disc golfing collide at 515 Vape & Disc Golf, the Best Local New Store in central Iowa, according to readers of CITYVIEW. The store offers current vape equipment, high quality e-liquid and some of the best disc golf gear available. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Empress Threads, Real Deals

Best Local Music Store

Rieman Music

Make your world sound better at Rieman Music. The longtime central Iowa favorite for musical instruments again takes the title in the category of Best Local Music Store. Established in 1953, Rieman is a full-service music retailer owned and operated by musicians for musicians. Through the years, the local business has grown into a six-store operation, serving the western two thirds of the state. Popular products include: pianos, fine strings, horns, percussion, guitars and amps. Rieman also offers lessons for people learning to play. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Zzz Records, Uptempo Music

Best Local New or Used Book Store

Half Price Books

 “Knowledge is wealth, wisdom is treasure, understanding is riches, and ignorance is poverty.” ― Matshona Dhliwayo. At Half Price Books, attaining knowledge makes you a little bit richer at a lower cost. Maybe that is why CITYVIEW voters say the discount shop is the Best Local New or Used Book Store around. Customers have the opportunity to buy and sell treasures in nearly every genre. 10201 University Ave., Clive, 515-224-4429;

Runners-up: Beaverdale Books, Plot Twist Bookstore

Best Local Car Dealership (Domestic)

Stivers Ford Lincoln

Sleek designs. Big and efficient engines. Class. Comfort. Stivers Ford Lincoln offers a vehicle for every lifestyle. The selection of new cars, pre-owned autos, up-scale trucks and other merchandise has again made the Waukee dealership the champion in the category of Best Local Car Dealership (Domestic). 1450 E. Hickman Road, Waukee, 800-747-2744;

Runners-up: Karl Chevrolet, Willis Auto Campus

Best Local Car Dealership (Foreign)

Willis Auto Campus

This unique one-of-a-kind automobile dealership offers premium brands including Cadillac, Infiniti, Lexus, MINI, Volvo, Jaguar and Land Rover. Willis Automotive endeavors to maintain the automotive excellence its reputation was built upon, and that means treating each customer like a houseguest while providing professional service. CITYVIEW voters have spoken, and they say Willis Auto Campus is the Best Local Car Dealership (Foreign) for 2019. 2121 100th St., Clive, 855-638-1176;

Runners-up: Toyota of Des Moines, Hummel’s Nissan

Best Motorcycle Shop

Struthers Brothers

VROOOM! When it’s time to make the rubber meet the road, Struthers Brothers offers all the help local gearheads need in order to get down to business. Are you ready to ride? Struthers Brothers offers a large inventory of pre-owned ATVs, motorcycles, scooters, PWCs and UTVs. Struthers Brothers has again been named the Best Motorcycle Shop in the greater Des Moines area by our readers. 5191 N.W. Second St., Des Moines, 515-282-3634;

Runners-up: Big Barn Harley-Davidson, Baumer’s Cycle

Best Local Bicycle Shop

Bike World

With the wind at your back and the sun on your face, biking season is almost here. And when a new rig is on your horizon, CITYVIEW readers say Bike World is the Best Local Bicycle Shop for 2019. Whether you enjoy riding recreationally or cruising in style as a means of transportation, Bike World stocks its stores with just about anything you could want to attack the road. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Kyle’s Bikes, Rasmussen Bike Shop

Best Local Liquor Store

Hy-Vee Wine and Spirits

Hy-Vee Wine and Spirits is the city’s Best Local Liquor Store, according to CITYVIEW’s Best Of Des Moines polling. The selection at Hy-Vee includes wine, beer, hard liquor and a variety of specialties. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Ingersoll Wine & Spirits, Central City Liquors

Best Local Wine Store

Hy-Vee Wine and Spirits

The ever-popular employee-owned Hy-Vee is the repeat champion in the category of Best Local Wine Store. CITYVIEW readers say it’s the place to go for that special wine for your special occasion. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: WineStyles, Ingersoll Wine & Spirits

Best Local Grocery Store


Food. It’s what’s for dinner. And when you need all the best ingredients to prepare something sublime while dining in, readers have spoken. Go to Hy-Vee, the Best Local Grocery Store for 2019. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Fareway, Gateway Market

Best Local Jewelry Store

Josephs Jewelers

Sleek. Elegant. Classy. Ravishing. When one needs just the right adornment, CITYVIEW readers say to check with Josephs Jewelers. The local retailer of fine diamonds, rare gems, Rolex watches, gold, silver and other luxurious items has been providing moments of clarity since 1871. Splurge. You are worth it. And you only live once. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Christopher’s Fine Jewelry, Prysm Body Piercing & Jewelry Gallery

Best Local Antique Store

The Brass Armadillo Antique Mall

Repurposing? Upcycling? Looking to take a treasure adventure? Shopping at The Brass Armadillo Antique Mall yields a variety of fun finds. Classic. Vintage. Antique. Retro. “Everybody’s talkin’ ‘bout The Brass Armadillo” and its 36,000-square-foot showroom. Rare coins, postcards, ageless novels, The Brass Armadillo Antique Mall is a rare treat. 701 N.E. 50th Ave., Des Moines, 515-282-0082;

Runners-up: The Picker Knows Antiques & Collectibles, Found Things

Best Local Art Gallery

Moberg Gallery

Ideators who pour out their souls while creating artistic pieces reflective of their passion and skill… You can find their work at Moberg Gallery. The local art shop is the Best Local Art Gallery, according to readers of CITYVIEW for 2019. 2921 Ingersoll Ave., Des Moines, 515-279-9191;

Runners-up: Dot’s Gallery & Frame Shop, Kavanaugh Art Gallery

Best Local Hardware Store

Ace Hardware

You don’t just need nails, you need the right nails. You don’t just need paint, you need the perfect paint. You don’t just need landscaping materials, you need the ones that will work. Not all hardware is created equal, and when central Iowans need to get something done right — according to CITYVIEW’s Best Of Des Moines 2019 poll — Ace is the helpful place for getting the supplies and advice one needs. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: True Value, Miller’s Hardware

The Best Shopping District in the area, according to voters, is The Historic East Village. The eastern portion of downtown
Des Moines is loaded with specialty shops like Ichi Bikes (pictured), which sells custom-made rat rod bicycles. Photo by
Jeff Pitts

Best Shopping District

The Historic East Village

Boutiques. Trendy salons. High-end hotels with impressive views. In case you haven’t noticed, the eastern part of Des Moines’ downtown is teeming with unique shopping experiences. A one-of-a-kind T-shirt conglomerate, a burger joint modeled after the undead, old-school places to wet one’s beak and new-school venues equipped with lots of lights, The Historic East Village entertains its shoppers, and our readers have noticed.

Runners-up: Jordan Creek, Valley Junction

Best Local Flower Shop

Boesen the Florist

When you need to say “I love you,” or “I screwed up,” or “I’m sorry for your loss,” all of are best expressed when accompanied by a bouquet of fresh flowers. When you care enough to make certain you get the right message across, CITYVIEW readers say it’s time to call Boesen the Florist, naming it the Best Local Flower Shop for 2019. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Hy-Vee, Plaza Florist & Gifts

Best Iowa Product

Ashley Juhl Skin Care

When you need a little extra help caring for your epidermis, readers of CITYVIEW say Ashley Juhl Skin Care should be high on your list, voting it the Best Iowa Product for 2019. Ashley Juhl SkinCare was developed by Ashley Juhl, a local skin-care guru who has created a product line that aims to provide results.

Runners-up: Rumcoqui, Raygun

Best Local Gift Shop


Giving the perfect gift sends the message that words never can. Bing’s can help you with that, according to the voters who named it the Best Local Gift Shop for 2019. Located in the Historic Valley Junction, a mother and daughter team runs this shop featuring one-of-a-kind gifts, art poles, cards, books, games, socks and other “things that make people happy.” 213 Fifth St., West Des Moines, 515-279-3141;

Runners-up: Raygun, Tandem Brick Gallery

Best Local Place to Buy Makeup

Vanity & Glamour Cosmetics

You are on the go, getting things done, and you want to look good while doing it. If that’s your mission, then maybe it’s time to get to Vanity & Glamour Cosmetics. According to CITYVIEW’s Best Of Des Moines poll, it is the Best Local Place to Buy Makeup. Vanity & Glamour Cosmetics is devoted to bringing you the best skin care, cosmetics and customer service possible. 547 28th St., Des Moines, 515-778-9705;

Runners-up: Ulta Beauty, Sephora

Best Local Camera Store

Christian Photo

Snap. Click. Say cheese! Pictures, when done properly, are priceless. If you want to make sure you have the right equipment to bring these priceless photos to fruition, our readers say Christian Photo is the best in the category of Best Local Camera Store. The photography gurus at Christian Photo help people of all skill levels dive into the art of image capturing. 6721 Douglas Ave., Urbandale. 515-270-8030;

Runners-up: Alexander’s Photo, Best Buy

Best Local Place to Purchase a Musical Instrument

Rieman Music

An instrument is a tool. And tools are instrumental in attaining perfectly pitched quality music. Whether you are a beginner just choosing your instrument or a pro with decades of harmonic experience, readers of CITYVIEW say Rieman Music is the Best Local Place to Purchase a Musical Instrument. If music is food for your soul, then Rieman is your nutrient-rich soil. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Uptempo, Professional Music Center

Best Local Computer Repair Shop

Dymin Systems

You hit the enter button but nothing happens. Then you hit it again, but this time you hit a little harder. Still nothing. Now it’s time to hit the button really hard, because you mean business! But the screen doesn’t change. When you need another solution, one that doesn’t end with a fractured metacarpal and a red-faced temper tantrum, Dymin Systems is the choice, according to our readers. Offering home and business IT services as well as repair offerings for PCs, laptops, tablets, servers and more, Dymin provides IT service and technology advice. 3970 N.W. Urbandale Drive, Urbandale, 515-412-7121;

Runners-up: 600 Monkeys, T-Tech

Best Local Phone Repair Shop

Mobile Spot

Your screen cracked. The caller ID is unintelligible. You can’t get online while at your mother-in-law’s house. Whatever your problem is, Mobile Spot fixes most makes and models of cell phones and tablets, and they must be doing it well, because CITYVIEW readers have voted the shop as the Best Local Phone Repair Shop for 2019. Walk-ins are welcome, and they can often get your device repaired the same day. 8421 University Blvd., Clive, 515-223-7719;

Runners-up: CPR, AnkenyFixIt

Best Local Place to Get a Costume

Theatrical Shop

Being someone else, wearing a mask, going undercover… When a costume is required for having fun and games, CITYVIEW readers recommend the Historic Valley Junction’s Theatrical Shop in West Des Moines. The store offers make-up, Halloween costumes, wigs, hats, masks, fake body parts, decorative eyeglasses, clowning and mime supplies, magic wands and more. 145 Fifth St., West Des Moines, 515-274-6458;

Runners-up: Goodwill, Atomic Garage

Best Local Pawn Shop

The Pawn Store

Offering “cool used stuff,” The Pawn Store in Des Moines buys antiques, jewelry, musical instruments, gold, laptops, computers and other items from people looking for a little extra cash. The Pawn Store then resells them to people looking for a deal. 3005 Douglas Ave., Des Moines, 515-277-4878;

Runners-up: Solar Loan & Sales, A to Z Pawn

Best Local Convenience Store

Casey’s General Store

Six decades ago, Casey’s founder Don Lamberti leased a store on East 14th and Broadway in Des Moines. Nine years later, he remodeled the country store into a convenience store, and the rest is history. Casey’s success has been attributed to its clean stores and friendly employees who pride themselves on customer service. With more than 2,000 locations, a local Casey’s is seemingly just around the corner. Which is a good thing, according to the CITYVIEW Best Of Des Moines voters who named it the Best Local Convenience Store for 2019. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Kum & Go, QuikTrip

Best Local Place to Buy Cigars/Tobacco

David’s Fine Tobaccos

With flavorful sophistication and old-school charm, cigars can be stylish and tasteful. Since 1956, David’s Fine Tobaccos has been the source for local tobacco enthusiasts to experience a “destination for delicious and rare tobacco products for cigars, pipes, hookahs and more.” And now, David’s Fine Tobaccos is the repeat champion in the category of Best Local Place to Buy Cigars/Tobacco. 9759 University Ave., Clive, 515-278-8701;

Runners-up: Iowa Cigar Co., Tobacco Outlet Plus

Best Local E-Cigarette Shop

Central Iowa Vapors

The team at Central Iowa Vapors works daily to bring in new products with the latest and greatest technology. The shop offers a wide selection of electronic cigarettes and e-liquid, and central Iowans have come to expect high quality products served with exceptional customer service. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: 515 Vape & Disc Golf, Route 69 Vapor

Best Local Mall

Jordan Creek

Shopping, dining, events, movies, live music… The area’s largest indoor shopping center has them all. Jordan Creek Town Center features American Eagle, Apple, Aveda, Best Buy and Dillard’s. These are just a few of the upscale brands within the mall’s park-like atmosphere — not to mention it is equipped with a 20-screen movie theater. CITYVIEW voters have once again named it the Best Local Mall in the Best Of Des Moines poll. 101 Jordan Creek Parkway, West Des Moines, 515-440-6255;

Runners-up: Valley West Mall, Merle Hay Mall

Best Valley Junction Store


The Historic Valley Junction has been known for its long list of boutiques, novelty shops, art galleries and unique shopping experiences. As such, being named the Best Valley Junction Store is a high honor. That honor is again going to Hinge. Hinge offers antiques, gifts and décor while providing the customer with “items that rekindle happy memories.” Discover innovative ways to repurpose and incorporate vintage and reclaimed items at Hinge. 317 Fifth St., West Des Moines, 515-777-2770;

Runners-up: Bing’s, Beyond the Mirror

Best West Glen Store

MINT Piercing

“A better way to pierce.” That’s the motto of MINT Piercing. The store offers modern piercing for people who want it done right. The shop doesn’t stop there, as it also offers brand name jewelry, curated and installed by its professional staff. CITYVIEW readers say it as the Best West Glen Store for 2019. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Serenity Couture, WineStyles

Best East Village Store


Raygun is a local T-shirt shop in Des Moines’ Historic East Village. The store is one of the city’s best known brands, and CITYVIEW readers like what they see. Fun and stylish is a great combination. 505 E. Grand Ave., Des Moines, 515-288-1323;

Runners-up: AllSpice Culinarium, Kitchen Collage

Best Drake Area Store

Groovy Goods

The winner in the category of Best Drake Area Store is Groovy Goods, formerly known as Daydreams. Groovy Goods offers a full herbal apothecary, a plethora of apparel, home decor and jewelry as well as “hemp-based products, lip balms, perfume oils, henna painting, and more cool, groovy stuff you can’t find anywhere else!” The shop also hosts monthly drum circles. 2300 University Ave., Des Moines. 515-274-2799;

Runners-up: Mr. & Mrs. Vaporium, Ancient Ways

Best Beaverdale Area Store

Back Country

Stay warm, stay dry and stay outside more often with Back Country. This full-service outdoor outfitter specializes in backpacking, camping and adventure travel goods. The store’s extensive selection offers packs, tents, wool socks, sleeping bags and other supplies for when you go roughing it. Back Country is the Best Beaverdale Area Store, according to area voters. 2702 Beaver Ave., Des Moines, 515-255-0031;

Runners-up: Beaverdale Books, Ace Hardware

Best Ingersoll Area Store

Tandem Brick Gallery

Offering custom picture framing, contemporary gifts, works by signature artists, fun items for home décor and more, Tandem Brick Gallery has once again wowed local CITYVIEW voters, and it has now won the category of Best Ingersoll Area Store for five straight years. 2722 Ingersoll Ave., Des Moines, 515-282-1031;

Runners-up: Vanity & Glamour Cosmetics, Ingersoll Wine & Spirits

Best Local Furniture Store


With a showroom nearly as big as four football fields — 215,000 square feet — Homemakers has been growing its impressive furniture selection since 1974. The Urbandale showroom offers a huge selection of furniture for every space and budget, including mattresses and accessories for all design styles. The ever-evolving offerings showcase the latest home trends, including sofas, sectionals, recliners, loveseats, futons, klik klaks, coffee tables, mattresses, bedroom sets, bunk beds, baby cribs, dining room tables, chairs, benches, office chairs, desks, home office furnishings, accent chairs, tables, ottomans, poufs, patio furniture, outdoor accessories, fire pits… You get the idea. 10215 Douglas Ave., Urbandale, 515-276-2772;

Runners-up: Redekers, Slumberland Furniture

Best Local Home Decor Store

At Home

Find that hard-to-find piece that makes your room perfect and locks in an everyday cozy feeling. At Home offers “endless aisles of décor for every,room, style and budget.” The store omits unnecessary frills, and the home décor superstore passes the savings on to you. 10331 University Ave., Clive, 515-446-2920;

Runners-up: Accents + Interiors, Homemakers

Confluence Brewing Company is the winner of Best Craft Beer for 2019, according to CITYVIEW readers. 1235 Thomas Beck Road, Suite A, Des Moines. Photo submitted


Best Kept Secret on the Local Nightlife Scene


Jazz is smooth, cool, and, according to Wynton Marsalis, “Jazz music is America’s past and its potential, summed up and sanctified and accessible to anybody who learns to listen to, feel, and understand it. The music can connect us to our earlier selves and to our better selves-to-come. It can remind us of where we fit on the timeline of human achievement, an ultimate value of art.” According to our readers, Jazz at Noce is the Best Kept Secret on the Nightlife Scene. Catch jazz from local, regional and national jazz musicians each night. Noce is the city’s only club dedicated exclusively to jazz, and the upscale bar offers plush seating for 100. 1326 Walnut St., Des Moines, 515-244-5399;

Runners-up: Black Sheep, HUSH 

Best Tequila


Luxury tequila made in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, Patron’s ultra-premium tequila has once again earned it the title as the Best Tequila in central Iowa, according to voters in CITYVIEW’s Best Of Des Moines poll. Looking for bold flavor? This is it.

Runners-up: Don Julio, Jose Cuervo

Best Whiskey

Prairie Fire Hot Cinnamon Whiskey

Prairie Fire Hot Cinnamon Whiskey is based on a family moonshine recipe. The flavorful concoction contains two natural cinnamon flavors for what some call a spicy and delicious cinnamon whiskey treat. Brought to you by American cinnamon whiskey at Iowa Distilling Company in Cumming.

Runners-up: Templeton Rye, Jameson

Best Vodka

Tito’s Handmade Vodka

The “vodka belt” countries, including most of northern, central and eastern Europe, are known to have the highest vodka consumption in the world, but central Iowa might start making a run at the mark with its locally made Tito’s Handmade Vodka. Tito’s surely won’t cure infertility or the plague — as some unscrupulous vodka marketers from long ago once claimed — but central Iowans say Tito’s is certainly sip worthy.

Runners-up: Zone Vodka, Swell Vodka

Best Rum


The forerunners of what modern man considers to be rum began in ancient India and China. That’s where sugarcane was first fermented, but the concoction didn’t evolve into what we now know as rum until the early 1600s, when a sugarcane plantation’s slaves in the Caribbean distilled readily-available molasses into alcohol. The rest is history. Many more advances in the ensuing centuries resulted in bottles of Rumcoqui, “the premier coconut rum.” Central Iowans are enjoying the progress.

Runners-up: Steel Drum Rum, Captain Morgan

Best Domestic Beer

Busch Light

What do you get when you blend premium hops with malt, corn and Anheuser Busch? Answer: A pleasant and balanced flavor with a lighter body and fewer calories, according to area residents who voted it their favorite domestic beer.

Runners-up: Bud Light, Coors Light

Best Import Beer


Bringing the beachy feel to the frozen tundra of central Iowa is as easy as saying, “I’ll have a Corona.” Corona is the choice of area voters, winning the 2019 award as the Best Import Beer.

Runners-up: Stella Artois, Guinness

Best Craft Beer

Confluence Brewing Company

Crafting top-notch beverages born out of an unending love for Iowa and craft beer, Confluence Brewing Company takes the title in 2019 as the Best Craft Beer in the area. The brewery opened in 2012, and it has been committed to perfect pours ever since. 1235 Thomas Beck Road, Suite A, 515-528-2427;

Runners-up: Exile Brewing Company, Peace Tree Brewing Company

Best New Local Bar

The Hall

“The Hall is where you can meet your friends or make a hundred new ones.” The tables are long, the conversations are longer, and the crafted cocktails accompany fresh treats from food trucks. Music. Games. Entertainment. The Hall partners with local businesses, organizations and individuals to make it a gathering place that welcomes all comers. Located in the Historic Valley Junction, 111 S. 11th St., Suite 200, West Des Moines, 515-608-4100;

Runners-up: Iowa Distilling Company, Small Bar

Best Local Patio Bar

300 Craft & Rooftop

Laughing with friends and family under the clear, starry night sky is the best kind of ambiance. That, plus the rooftop view from high above the city is easily available at 300 Craft & Rooftop. As such, it is the readers’ choice as the Best Local Patio Bar for 2019. 300 W. Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway, Des Moines, 515-288-3414.

Runners-up: Tipsy Crow Tavern, Wellman’s Pub and Rooftop

Best Local Irish Bar

Sully’s Irish Pub

If you have a fancy for getting your green on, kissing Irish leprechauns or having Irish-style fun — whether it is March 17 or otherwise — Sully’s is said to be the metro’s oldest Irish pub, and our readers say it is the best. 860 First St., West Des Moines, 515-255-9970;

Runners-up: Annie’s Irish Pub, Mickey’s Irish Pub

Best Local Dive Bar

Carl’s Place

If friends in low places are the best kind of friends, then Carl’s Place is your opportunity to reconnect with your best buds. Carl’s is the repeat champion in the category of Best Local Dive Bar. 1620 Woodland Ave., Des Moines, 515-243-9727.

Runners-up: Toad’s Tavern, Locust Tap

The Republic on Grand is a top East Village destination. The sixth-floor hotspot sits within the cozy confines of the plush AC Hotel and offers a light-bite menu with eclectic American cuisine entrees. 401 E. Grand Ave., Des Moines. Photo by Jeff Pitts

Best Local Fancy-Pants Bar

The Republic on Grand

This East Village destination is a high-end bar — literally. The sixth-floor hotspot sits atop the plush AC Hotel. The Republic on Grand offers premium views and a light-bite menu with eclectic American cuisine entrees — like seared ginger soy ahi tuna tataki topped with red miso spicy mayo and served with edamame. The dress code is casual, and the bar offers flavorful sips for relaxing. 401 E. Grand Ave., Des Moines, 515-518-6070;

Runners-up: Juniper Moon, Hello, Marjorie

Best Local Hipster Spot

The Lift

The Lift is a popular downtown establishment and a regular on the CITYVIEW Best Of Des Moines List. This year is no exception. Once again, The Lift’s award-winning martinis, beer offerings, cocktails and one-of-a-kind atmosphere have local residents saying it is the Best Local Hipster Spot. 222 Fourth St., Des Moines, 515-288-3777;

Runners-up: Hello, Marjorie; Up-Down

Best Local Sports Bar

Johnny’s Hall of Fame

“I love it! I love it! I love it!” That’s what CITYVIEW readers are saying about Johnny’s Hall of Fame, voting it the Best Local Sports Bar again in 2019. With scores of flat-screen TVs at nearly any angle the eye can see, Johnny’s decks the walls with victories, replays, buzzer beaters and near misses. 302 Court Ave., 515-280-6679;

Runners-up: Grumpy Goat Tavern, Chicken Coop

Best Local Bar (Overall)

300 Craft & Rooftop

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which is the best Des Moines bar overall? OK. There is no magical talking mirror in CITYVIEW’s offices, but we do have more than 12,000 voters giving us the inside scoop as to what’s up, down and all around worthy of our time. 300 Craft & Rooftop is the winner for 2019 in multiple categories, including the Best Local Bar (Overall). 300 W. Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway, Des Moines, 515-288-3414, or find them on Facebook.

Runners-up: Blazing Saddle, Garden Nightclub

Best Bar District

Court Avenue District

The heart of the city goes thump in the night, and our readers like that sound. When it is time to get to where the people are smiling, and the music is lively, then it’s time to visit the Court Avenue District in downtown Des Moines. The district contains sports bars, dancing hotspots, Irish pubs, English taverns and too many other options to list. The Court Avenue District has something for just about anyone.

Runners-up: The Historic East Village, West Glen Town Center

Best Downtown Bar

300 Craft & Rooftop

“When you’ve got worries, all the noise and the hurry seems to help, I know… Downtown.” The Best Downtown Bar according to CITYVIEW readers is the 2,300-square-foot bar and cocktail lounge overlooking Principal Park, 300 Craft & Rooftop. 300 W. Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway, Des Moines, 515-288-3414; or find them on Facebook.

Runners-up: Johnny’s Hall of Fame; Hello, Marjorie

Best West Side Bar


Tonic is defined as a medicinal substance taken to give a feeling of well-being and vigor. Tonic the nightclub does much the same, according to our readers, who named the West Glen staple the Best West Side Bar. This happening nightlife destination is operated by Riley Drive Entertainment, a hospitality and management company founded by Marc Mundt and Scott Anderson. 5535 Mills Civic Parkway, West Des Moines, 515-225-2144;

Runners-up: Wellman’s Pub and Rooftop, Shotgun Betty’s

Best Central Bar

Lefty’s Live Music

Fun fact: Lefty’s Live Music is named after the owner’s dog that is missing a front left leg. This Drake-area music venue draws talented shows and performances from around the Midwest. The 350-person capacity bar also keeps up a steady rotation of local brews on tap. 2307 University Ave., Des Moines, 515-274-7442;

Runners-up: Wellman’s Ingersoll, Star Bar

Best North Bar

Cooney’s Tavern

Cooney’s Tavern initially opened in 1984. Its Beaverdale digs offered dark wood, cozy chairs, a fireplace, a dartboard and a popcorn machine to go with the pub life that is simple, easy and a whole lot of laughs. CITYVIEW readers say Cooney’s Tavern is the Best North Bar for 2019. 3708 Beaver Ave., Des Moines, 515-255-5566;

Runners-up: GoodSons, Hull Avenue Tavern

Best East Bar

Toad’s Tavern

The perennial winner in the category of Best East Bar has done it again. Toad’s Tavern takes the title for 2019. This Fairgrounds-area favorite is known for offering a wide variety of leisure options, friendly service and good times. 3002 State Ave., Des Moines, 515-264-8623;

Runners-up: East Side Eddie’s Neighborhood Bar & Grill, Cheap Seats

Best South Bar

Francie’s Bar & Grill

Relax. Eat. Enjoy. Established in 1987, Francie’s Bar & Grill is a locally owned-and-operated sports bar. Known for its patio, this south-side mainstay offers American-style eats, including wings, nachos, burgers, sandwiches, soups and salads to accompany its domestic and specialty beers for washing it all down. The personable staff makes the environment casual, and, according to our voters, Francie’s Bar & Grill is just right. 2100 Wakonda View Drive, Des Moines, 515-285-5207;

Runners-up: The Angry Goldfish Pub & Eatery, Club 2000

Just minutes from downtown Des
Moines, Jasper Winery offers easy
access to an in-town getaway. 2400
George Flagg Parkway, Des Moines.
Photo submitted

Best Local Winery

Jasper Winery

Repeat winner alert. Central Iowans enthusiastically enjoy Jasper Winery’s rural ambiance, especially since it is accessible via a short drive from downtown Des Moines’ hustle and bustle. The winery is also a live music and event venue offering a rural appeal located within the metro. 2400 George Flagg Parkway, Des Moines, 515-282-9463;

Runners-up: Summerset Winery, Penoach Winery

Best Local Brewery

Exile Brewing Company

Exile’s wide selection of craft brews range in complexity. From traditional lagers and ales to sours and mocha stouts, Exile services the traditional-thinker as well as someone on an adventure for all-things-tasty. Exile also features a full-service sit-down restaurant. 1514 Walnut St., Des Moines, 515-883-2337;

Runners-up: Confluence Brewing Company, Barn Town Brewing

Best Local Place to Get Drunk for Cheap

Blazing Saddle

Blazing Saddle is the Best Local Place to Get Drunk for Cheap, according to CITYVIEW readers. 416 E. Fifth St., Des Moines, 515-246-1299;

Runners-up: Carl’s Place, Beechwood Lounge

Best Local Place for a Cold Beer

Toad’s Tavern

A cold brew in a frosted mug on a scorching summer day. When you want to quench your thirst with a cold concoction of barley and hops, then no place is better for said concoction than Toad’s Tavern, according to area residents. 3002 State Ave., Des Moines, 515-264-8623;

Runners-up: El Bait Shop, Exile Brewing Company

Best Local Moscow Mule

The Copper Cup

The Copper Cup has again taken the title as the Best Local Moscow Mule. The Copper Cup offers an extensive menu of copper-cup favorites, including its Irish Mule, Sexy Mule and Tea Time Mule. 207 Fourth St., 515-554-2606;

Runners-up: Court Avenue Brewing Company, 300 Craft & Rooftop

Best Local Bloody Mary

Mullets Restaurant

When your locks are long in back but short upfront and on the sides, you might have what some say is the most mocked hairstyle in human history… the mullet. But Mullets the bar and restaurant is a riverside roadhouse with a two-tiered patio featuring views of downtown. Its outdoor fun area is second-to-none, and according to CITYVIEW readers, Mullets has the best bloody marys in town, too. 1300 S.E. First St., Des Moines, 515-244-1443;

Runners-up: Toad’s Tavern, Americana

Best Local Place for the Strongest Drink

Blazing Saddle

Has it been a bad day? You don’t need a double, at least not at Blazing Saddle. The East Village hotspot is the choice of area residents who call it the Best Local Place for the Strongest Drink. 416 E. Fifth St., Des Moines, 515-246-1299;

Runners-up: Toad’s Tavern, Garden Nightclub

Best Local Bar to Play Games


Up-Down features more than 40 old-school arcade games, pinball machines, skee-ball alleys, Nintendo and Sega console gaming, and even life-sized Jenga and life-sized Connect Four. The games at Up-Down cost a quarter, and its drink menu features craft beer, cocktails and other selections. 500 E. Locust St., Des Moines, 515-243-4322;

Runners-up: Operating Room, Smash Park

Best Local Place to Hook Up

Garden Nightclub

The Best Local Place to Hook Up, according to CITYVIEW voters, is the Garden Nightclub. Who wants to drink alone anyway? 112 S.E. Fourth St., Des Moines, 515-515-243-3965;

Runners-up: Blazing Saddle, Shag’s

Best Local Place to See Beautiful People

Serenity Couture

The prettiest girls in the world live in Des Moines, according to Jack Kerouac’s classic novel, “On the Road.” Beauty may be only skin deep, but it is still beautiful. If you want to witness the best of the city’s best, then the people have spoken, and Serenity Couture and its award-winning salons are the places. The specialty for Serenity’s team of artisans and therapists is catering to and indulging the human body and spirit. Now that is a thing of beauty. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Aveda Institute, Hello, Marjorie

Best Local Happy Hour

Eatery A

In the second scene of the first act of Shakespeare’s King Henry V, the hero says, “…my lords, omit no happy hour that may give furtherance to our expedition…” So the history of happy hour dates back at least 500 years, and when you don’t want to omit your happy hour, no one has a happier hour than Eatery A, according to our readers. 2932 Ingersoll Ave., Des Moines, 515-282-8085;

Runners-up: Toad’s Tavern, Bar Louie

Best Local Bartender

Austin Ratcliff – Garden Nightclub

The Best Local Bartender in the city is Austin Ratcliff of the Garden Nightclub, according to our voters. He knows his drinks and how to serve them, and customers have noticed. 112 S.E. Fourth St., Des Moines, 515-515-243-3965;

Runners-up: Shanna Vaughn – Iowa Distilling Company, Bryan Smith – Blazing Saddle

Comedians at the Funny Bone expertly work the mic and orchestrate uproarious laughter. Shows often sell out, so be sure to check for upcoming performances and availability. 560 S. Prairie View Drive, #100, West Des Moines.

Best Local Martini Menu

The Stuffed Olive

“Martinis are the only American invention as perfect as a sonnet,” according to H. L. Mencken. If that is true, then the Stuffed Olive has an entire menu of sonnets, and the downtown bar is the William Wordsworth of local drinking establishments. 208 Third St., Des Moines, 515-243-4456;

Runners-up: The Lift, Bar Louie

Best Local Margarita

Mi Mexico

South of the border is the place to be when you want a salt-rimmed tang that is mixed, blended or shaken to perfection. But if you are in Des Moines when the aforementioned urge strikes, then Mi Mexico makes a mini-escape available. Make a run for Mi Mexico for the best margarita in town, according to voters. 11407 Forest Ave., Clive, 515-222-6933;

Runners-up: Malo, Blu Toro

Best Local Dance Club

Garden Nightclub

Dancing is the rhythmic movement of the body, usually to music, in order to express an idea or emotion while releasing energy or delighting in the movement itself, according to Britannica. The best place to get that done, according to local voters, is Garden Nightclub. 112 S.E. Fourth St., Des Moines, 515-515-243-3965;

Runners-up: HUSH, Miss Kitty’s, Lime Lounge

Best Local Drag Queen

Vana B. Rosenberg

Congratulations are in order for Vana B. Rosenberg, the Best Local Drag Queen for 2019, according to voters. This showgirl’s hair is big and heels are high, and fans have spoken.

Runners-up: Tyona Diamond, Mae Banks

Best Local Place to Karaoke

AJ’s on East Court

There is little that is finer than being under the bright lights, belting out tunes with friends and soaking in the perfection of well-done musical solos. Karaoke is good for the soul and CITYVIEW voters say the best place to exercise your vocals is at AJ’s on East Court. The bar offers karaoke every night from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. Be your inner rock star tonight. 419 E. Court Ave., Des Moines, 515-282-1888;

Runners-up: Jeannie’s Bottle, Cheap Seats

Best Local Place for a Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Garden Nightclub

Before it’s time to say I do. Before it’s time to walk down the aisle to the tune of “Here comes the bride…” Before the big day, you need to have one big night out. Garden Nightclub is the choice of area residents for that prenuptial adventure. 112 S.E. Fourth St., Des Moines, 515-515-243-3965;

Runners-up: TGR Fitness, AJ’s on East Court

Best Local Place or Event to Ring in the New Year

Garden Nightclub

Three!… Two!… One!… HAPPY! NEW! YEAR! New Year’s Eve is best done at the Garden Nightclub in downtown Des Moines’ Historic East Village, according to readers of CITYVIEW. 112 S.E. Fourth St., Des Moines, 515-515-243-3965;

Runners-up: Des Moines Social Club, AJ’s on East Court

Best Local Trivia Night

The Hall

Drinks. Food trucks. Fun with friends. The original Trivial Pursuit contained 6,000 questions, and the board game sold more than 100 million copies grossing an estimated $2 billion. Nearly four decades later, the game is still popular and people play it in public formats all around town. But the city’s favorite place for putting people’s brains to the test is The Hall. 111 S. 11th St., Suite. 200, West Des Moines, 515-608-4100;

Runners-up: Des Moines Social Club, Blue Moon Dueling Piano Bar & Restaurant

Best Local Distillery

Iowa Distilling Company

The distillery that put Cumming, Iowa, on the map has also put Straight Bourbon, SWELL Zone Vodka, Prairie Fire, Steel Drum Rum and Rocket Fuel on your top shelf. And according to CITYVIEW voters, Iowa Distilling Company sits atop the rankings as the Best Local Distillery. 4349 Cumming Ave., Cumming, 515-981-4216;

Runners-up: The Foundry, Cedar Ridge

Best Local LGBTQ Hangout

Garden Nightclub

The Garden Nightclub is the winner in multiple categories this year, and the East Village hotspot is also the people’s choice in the category of Best Local LGBTQ Hangout. 112 S.E. Fourth St., Des Moines, 515-243-3965;

Runners-up: Blazing Saddle, Buddy’s Corral

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.” If you are interested in learning the rest, CITYVIEW readers say Lutheran Church of HOPE is the place. 925 Jordan Creek Parkway, West Des Moines.


Best Local Place to Play Golf

Waveland Golf Course

Fore! With its rolling hills of manicured and lush green grass, this public course is located within the prime part of the city’s west side. Waveland Golf Course is a local treasure. 4908 University Ave., Des Moines, 515-248-6302;

Runners-up: Wakonda Club, Copper Creek

Best Local Community to Live In


What’s not to like about Waukee? Good schools, neat new neighborhoods, great amenities, a low crime rate… These are just a few of the reasons that CITYVIEW readers say Waukee is the Best Local Community to Live In.

Runners-up: Beaverdale, Urbandale

Best Local Place to Worship

Lutheran Church of HOPE

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth….” If you are interested in learning the rest, CITYVIEW readers say Lutheran Church of HOPE is the place to go. 925 Jordan Creek Parkway, West Des Moines, 515-222-1520,

Runners-up: Downtown Disciples, Westminster Presbyterian Church

Best Local Nonprofit

Animal Rescue League of Iowa

The Animal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL) is Iowa’s largest nonprofit animal shelter, and it depends on individual and corporate contributions. Annually, the ARL enables the care of thousands of animals throughout Iowa. Programs at the ARL include pet adoption, humane education, pet behavior training, spaying, neutering and animal cruelty intervention. Multiple locations, 515-262-9503;

Runners-up: Principal Charity Classic, Children & Families of Iowa

Best Local Library

Urbandale Public Library

Since 1961, the Urbandale Public Library has serviced the community by offering residents the opportunity to learn and have fun. Library patrons can enjoy novels, music, Internet and resources of nearly all kinds. The Urbandale Public Library is committed to providing diverse resources for life-long learning and enjoyment. 3520 86th St., Urbandale, 515-278-3945;

Runners-up: Franklin Avenue Library (Des Moines), Central Library (Des Moines)

Best Local School District

Waukee Community School District

Don’t know much about history. Don’t know much biology. Don’t know much about Algebra. None of the aforementioned song lyrics apply in Waukee, according to area residents. That is thanks to the Waukee Community School District, which is loaded with fine learning institutions. 560 S.E. University Ave., Waukee, 515-987-5161;

Runners-up: Des Moines Public Schools, West Des Moines Community Schools

Best Local Event Decor Company

Bella Flora Event Design

The talent at Bella passionately creates beauty in a variety of environments for many types of events and special occasions, including weddings, corporate gatherings, galas and holiday parties. Bella Flora Event Design is the repeat champion in the category of Best Local Event Decor Company. 3100 Justin Drive, Urbandale, 515-554-6964;

Runners-up: Plum Event + Design, Stuart Alexander Productions

Best Local Party/Event Transportation

Chauffeurs of Distinction

Stretch limousines. Stretch SUVs. Executive sedans. Limo and party buses. Chauffeurs of Distinction provides flexible and responsive limousine service and airport transportation. Clean, safe and reliable, Chauffeurs of Distinction has been voted as the Best Local Party/Event Transportation for the third straight year. 515-993-1996;

Runners-up: Majestic Limo & Coach, Absolute Transportation

Best Local Paint & Sip Art Studio

The Knotty Nail

What is string art? Step No. 1: Find a favorite pattern or picture. Step No. 2: Hammer nails around its outline. Step No. 3: Wrap string around it to make it look sharp. All done. The process sounds simple, and it is, but the team at The Knotty Nail offers a few tricks and secrets to help make your finished product more enjoyable. When it is time to unwind, sip some wine and be creative, CITYVIEW readers say The Knotty Nail is the place. 900 Keo Way, #427, Des Moines;

Runners-up: Pinot’s Palette, Glazed Expressions

Best Local Place to Hold a Corporate Event/Party

Holiday Inn Downtown

If your company needs a place to celebrate or get down to serious business, the Holiday Inn Downtown is the Best Local Place to Hold a Corporate Event/Party, according to local residents. 1050 Sixth Ave., Des Moines, 515-283-0151;

Runners-up: Curate – East Village Event Space, Des Moines Social Club

Best Local Place for a Wedding Reception

Holiday Inn Downtown

Two people joining together in the pursuit of eternal bliss. A wedding is so much more than a party. Two families connect. Memories are made. Futures are launched. Finding the right stage for such an important day is of critical importance and readers say the Holiday Inn Downtown is their venue of choice. 1050 Sixth Ave., Des Moines, 515-283-0151;

Runners-up: Decades Event Center, Curate – East Village Event Space

A food lover’s delight, the Downtown Farmers’ Market offers nearly 300 vendors from 50 Iowa counties bringing homegrown perfection. Photo submitted

Best Local Place to Gamble

Prairie Meadows

Lights. Slots. Action. Cha-ching! The people of central Iowa have been cashing in at Prairie Meadows since the 1980s. The casino floor offers more than 85,000 square feet of 24/7 action, and the list of gaming includes table games, poker tournaments and slot machines. Smoking is allowed, and non-smoking sections are also provided. The 168-room hotel offers dining options, first-class events and performances by world-renowned musicians. Win, place, or show, watching Prairie Meadows live horse racing is a special sight. 1 Prairie Meadows Drive, Altoona, 515-967-1000;

Runners-up: Meskwaki Bingo Casino Hotel, Lakeside Hotel & Casino

Best Local Musician

Damon Dotson

After a two-year stint in Nashville, Damon Dotson returned to Iowa with a new-found musical and personal maturity. The singer and songwriter’s career is still strong, and after more than a decade of performances, Dotson has released four original albums. He has opened for legendary performers like BB King, Willie Nelson and The Beach Boys, and now, central Iowa says he is the Best Local Musician around.

Runners-up: James Biehn, Eddie Arndorfer

Best Local Band

The Nadas

The Nadas’ music will make you sad, nostalgic, optimistic, energized, curious, inspired or maybe confused. However you feel, the important part is that you will enjoy listening. Last year the band celebrated its 25th year. Central Iowa has loved every minute.

Runners-up: Brazilian 2wins, Brother Trucker

Best Local Place to go for a Comedy Show

Funny Bone Comedy Club

Comedians at the Funny Bone expertly work the mic and orchestrate uproarious laughter. The club is part of a prestigious chain that enables local residents the chance to witness national stars. Shows often sell out, so be sure to check for upcoming performances and availability. 560 S. Prairie View Drive, #100, West Des Moines, 515-270-2100;

Runners-up: Des Moines Social Club, Lefty’s Live Music

Best Local Artist

Ben Schuh

Ben Schuh’s original paintings and sketches capture iconic images that central Iowans like to look at. The local artistic talent offers original paintings of Des Moines and other cities. 900 Keosauqua Way, Studio #462, Des Moines,

Runners-up: Tristabel Akila, Jenna Brownlee

Best Local Outdoor Live Music Venue

Simon Estes Riverfront Amphitheater

Experience the vivid sights and sounds of Simon Estes Amphitheater while sitting riverside with Des Moines’ majestic skyline as a backdrop. This stage is special, and it is the Best Local Outdoor Live Music Venue, according to CITYVIEW readers. 75 E. Locust St., Des Moines,

Runners-up: Brenton Skating Plaza, Jasper Winery

Best Local Indoor Live Music Venue


Bands are rocking the house at Wooly’s every week. The club welcomes incoming shows and provides the city with a first-class music venue in the Historic East Village. 504 E. Locust St., Des Moines, 515-244-0550;

Runners-up: Noce, Hoyt Sherman Place

Best Local Theatrical Value

Des Moines Community Playhouse

The Des Moines Community Playhouse was founded in 1919 and currently stands among the six oldest continuously operating community theaters in the nation. After nearly 100 years of uninterrupted service, this west-side treasure continues to feature award-winning performances for all ages. CITYVIEW readers adore the Playhouse and have once again named it the Best Local Theatrical Value in central Iowa. 831 42nd St., Des Moines, 515-277-6261;

Runners-up: Des Moines Civic Center, Stephens Auditorium

Best Local Place to Catch a Flick

Flix Brewhouse

Food is best eaten while watching a good film and washing it down with your beverage of choice. Flix Brewhouse offers all of the aforementioned options and more. Not only can you order a beer that’s made in house, but you can also have a restaurant-quality meal delivered to your seat. 3800 Merle Hay Road, #1300, Des Moines, 515-612-9200;

Runners-up: Fleur Cinema & Café, Altoona Area Chamber of Commerce

Best Local Museum

Des Moines Art Center

Wow. What is that? How’d the artist manage this? Amazing work by amazing people is on display at the Des Moines Art Center, a not-for-profit art museum engaging local and international audiences by adding to the cultural record through its collections and programs. Admission is free to the Art Center, and central Iowans say it is the Best Local Museum around. 4700 Grand Ave., Des Moines, 515-277-4405;

Runners-up: Science Center of Iowa, State Historical Museum of Iowa

Best Local Place to People Watch

Iowa State Fair

You won’t see many snowflakes at the Iowa State Fair, but like snowflakes, every human is unique — and nowhere is that more evident than at the State Fair. Our voters say there is no better place to people watch than the fair. The fair’s other entertainment options are robust as well, and the annual August event welcomed more than 1 million attendees last year. Nothing compares to the Iowa State Fair.

Runners-up: Downtown Farmers’ Market, Jordan Creek

Best Local Place to Have a Birthday Party

AJ’s on East Court

You made it. One more rotation around the sun is complete. You are 365 days older, wiser and better looking. It is time to celebrate. Where do you go? According to CITYVIEW readers, it’s AJ’s on East Court. Enjoy. 419 E. Court Ave., Des Moines, 515-282-1888;

Runners-up: Iowa Ninja Warrior, Louie’s Wine Dive

Best Local Place to Take Your Kids

Blank Park Zoo

Is that an amur tiger? Is that an African lion? Is that an aldabra tortoise? The answers are: (1) Yes, (2) Yes, and (3) Yes. Blank Park Zoo is also home to a magellan penguin, a red panda, a sea lion, an eastern black rhinoceros and a variety of other creatures. The zoo features an extensive events calendar aimed at entertaining the kiddos as well as adults. Lions… tigers… and tortoises… Oh my! 7401 S.W. Ninth St., Des Moines, 515-285-4722;

Runners-up: Science Center of Iowa, Sky Zone

Best Local Place to Take Your Parents

Downtown Farmers’ Market

When it is time to impress the folks, there is no better option than perusing the fresh fruits and vegetables at Des Moines’ Downtown Farmers’ Market. This local treasure brings in thousands of visitors each summer weekend, and it is arguably one of the best of its kind anywhere. Historic Court Avenue District, Des Moines;

Runners-up: WineStyles, John and Mary Pappajohn Sculpture Park

Retreat into the wilderness at Jester Park, which offers campsites, lakeshore, access to wooded hills and a view of Saylorville Lake. CITYVIEW voters say it is the Best Local Camping Spot in the area. 11407 Northwest Jester Park Drive, Granger. Photo submitted

Best Local Place to Take Visitors

John and Mary Pappajohn Sculpture Park

“Pondering Rabbit.” “A Giant Garden Trowel.” “Alphabet Head.” Your downtown adventure isn’t complete without a stroll through the John and Mary Pappajohn sculpture park. The 4.4-acre masterpiece features more than two dozen works by world-renowned artists. Park admission is free. All onlookers are welcome to walk through and view the sculptures during the park’s regular hours. Dial 515-657-8264 for free audio tours. Located at 15th and Locust streets in downtown Des Moines, 

Runners-up: Downtown Farmers’ Market, Iowa State Fair

Best Local Annual Event 

Principal Charity Classic

The Principal Charity Classic raised more than $4 million to support Iowa kids. The total topped the event’s previous record of nearly $3.6 million. The annual PGA TOUR Champions event is scheduled for May 28 through June 2 at the Wakonda Club in Des Moines.

Runners-up: Iowa State Fair, Des Moines Arts Festival

The Iowa Cubs play minor league baseball at Principal Park. Photo submitted

Best Local Sports Team

Iowa Cubs

It’s going… going… gone! Homerun! The Iowa Cubs did it again in 2019, winning the category of Best Local Sports Team. Congratulations, and go, Cubs, go! One Line Drive, Des Moines, 515-243-6111;

Runners-up: Iowa Wild, Iowa Barnstormers

Best Local Bike Trail

High Trestle Trail

This 25-mile paved trail is free and goes from Woodward to Ankeny. This is said to be the shining star of Iowa’s trail system, and it travels through five towns and four counties. Cycling with friends, family or by yourself, the High Trestle Trail is the Best Local Bike Trail, according to CITYVIEW readers.

Runners-up: Clive Greenbelt Trail, Raccoon River Valley Trail

Best Local Place to Go Swimming

Clive Aquatic Center

Equipped with a leisure pool, lap pool, lazy river and waterslide, the Clive Aquatic Center offers children, young families and anyone else with a desire to stay cool under the summer sun a chance to do so. The 2019 season is projected to open on Memorial Day weekend, weather permitting. 1801 N.W. 114 St., Clive, 515-440-0599;

Runners-up: Adventureland Resort, Valley View Aquatic Center

Best Local Place To Bowl

Warrior Lanes

Open bowling. League bowling. Glow bowling. More than 70 million people go bowling each year. Whether you are rolling solo, with a friend or on an outing with a group of friends or family, Warrior Lanes is Des Moines’ Best Local Place to Bowl, according to readers of CITYVIEW. 190 S.E. Laurel St., Waukee, 515-987-4840;

Runners-up: Val Lanes, Merle Hay Lanes

Best Local Place to Miniature Golf

West Grand Golf

Let the miniature golfing games begin at West Grand Golf. The course is surrounded by the ambiance of thundering waterfalls, fountains, scenic rock and flower gardens. The 18-hole set of obstacles is a pleasurable challenge for duffers of all ages. 6450 Raccoon River Drive, West Des Moines, 515-225-7076;

Runners-up: A.H. Blank Golf Course, Jester Park

Best Local Indoor Sporting Event

Iowa Wild

With its talented team of icers knocking on the NHL’s door, the Iowa Wild ice hockey squad plays its home games at Wells Fargo Arena. The schedule is loaded with premium giveaways and specials at nearly every event. 730 Third St., Des Moines, 515-564-8700;

Runners-up: Iowa Barnstormers, Des Moines Buccaneers

Best Local Outdoor Sporting Event

Iowa Cubs

Big league caliber bats working against Major League arms, these guys are just one level away from the big show. The Triple-A baseball action is on display during every inning of Iowa Cubs contests. Enjoy cheesy nachos, hotdogs and something cold to drink while watching the nation’s next generation of superstars. One Line Drive, Des Moines, 515-243-6111;

Runners-up: Principal Charity Classic, Drake Relays

Best Local Place to Watch a Sporting Event

Principal Park

The crack of the bat… The roar of the crowd… “Is this heaven?” asks Shoeless Joe Jackson in the 1989 film “Field of Dreams.” The technical answer, of course, is: “No, it’s Iowa.” But summer nights watching baseball at Principal Park can easily be confused with paradise, according to CITYVIEW readers. One Line Drive, Des Moines, 515-243-6111;

Runners-up: Wells Fargo Arena, Johnny’s Hall of Fame

Best Local Farmers Market

Downtown Farmers’ Market

Farm fresh fruits and vegetables are something Iowa does better than any other place in the world. Located in the heart of the city, Des Moines’ Downtown Farmers’ Market is arguably one of the best of its kind in the entire universe. Equipped with farm fresh fruit, vegetables and too many other tasty options to list. If picking up the produce is on the agenda, it is best done at the Downtown Farmers’ Market, according to our voters. Historic Court Avenue District, Des Moines;

Runners-up: Valley Junction, Beaverdale

Best Local Camping Spot

Jester Park

Need to get away? Retreating into the wilderness of Jester Park is a nearby option. Park amenities include campsites, access to lakeshore, access to wooded hills and a view of Saylorville Lake. This local gem can provide peace, quiet and solitude for restoring your sanity as well as recreational opportunities to rejuvenate your spirit. CITYVIEW voters say it is the Best Local Camping Spot in the area. 11407 N.W. Jester Park Drive, Granger, 515-323-5300;

Runners-up: Cherry Glen Campground, Yellow Banks Park

Be bold, beautiful and bronze while everyone else is enduring the wintertime blues. Rest, relax and reenergize yourself at Bronze515, voted the Best Local Tanning Salon in central Iowa for the third year in a row. 7015 Douglas Ave., Urbandale. Photo credit Everlasting Studios


Best Local Pharmacy

Hy-Vee Pharmacy

Achoo. When you need the remedy for that runny nose or anything else that ails you, those white-lab-coat-wearing pharmacists at Hy-Vee Pharmacy are a sight for sore eyes — and for sore throats — according to readers of CITYVIEW. Gesundheit. Multiple locations,

Runners-up: Bauder Pharmacy, NuCara

Best Local Place to Kickbox

Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping

Put your dukes up Des Moines. Get in the best shape of your life. Hit the heavy bag with your hands and feet at Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping. Farrell’s is the home of the 10-week fitness challenge for people determined to make working out work out. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Iowa Martial Arts & Wellness Center, Next Level Extreme Fitness

Best Local Group Fitness

Engineered Per4mance

Performance is for everyone. When you want to perform at a high level, then it is best to workout with a witness. For group fitness, central Iowa says Engineered Per4mance offers the accountability you need to stay on track, accomplish your goals, and get your body right. 1711 Southwest Plaza Parkway, Ankeny, 515-964-2322;

Runners-up: Burn Boot Camp, FIT

Best Local Running Event

IMT Des Moines Marathon

“This is the easiest 26.2 miles you’ll ever run at once,” said no human in the history of time. Still, more than 7,500 athletes registered for IMT Des Moines Marathon races last year — 1,275 completed the marathon, 3,697 completed the half marathon, and the rest did the 5K or one of the other events. Get moving, Des Moines! Push yourself. The 2019 races are scheduled for Oct. 19-20.

Runners-up: Dam to Dam, Drake Relays

Best Local Personal Trainer

Andrew Seymour

Huff. Puff. Huff. Puff. When you want to maximize your hard work, working out with a one-on-one specialist is crucial. “Andrew (Seymour) looks after your interests where other trainers look in the mirror,” states one satisfied client. CITYVIEW voters are also impressed by Seymour, and they have voted him the best personal trainer in the city for 2019. 4367 Merle Hay Road, Des Moines, 563-590-6355;

Runners-up: Ryan Clark, Katie Jane

Best Local Obstacle Running Event

Iowa Ninja Warrior – TGR Fitness

For a physical challenge that is engaging and competitive, CITYVIEW readers say Iowa Ninja Warrior supplies the Best Local Obstacle Running Event. Jump, slide, crawl, climb. Whatever it takes to win.

Runners-up: Road-O-Cross Off-Road Race at Living History Farms, Wild Boar Challenge

Best Local Place to Work Out

Engineered Per4mance

Fit, taut, vibrant, healthy and full of energy. Body shaping is all about getting results, and according to area residents, Engineered Per4mance produces. If you focus your attention on what matters — your health — you will be glad you did. 1711 Southwest Plaza Parkway, Ankeny, 515-964-2322;

Runners-up: Burn Boot Camp, Anytime Fitness

Best Local Yoga Studio/Instructor

Yoga + Co. – Lindsay Bordwell

Peace and tranquility mixed with intense muscle utilization? That sounds like yoga. Come as you are when training with Lindsay Bordwell. The yoga instructor states: “…it’s OK to not be perfect. I love yoga because it’s a practice, every single time you come to your mat. There is no end goal but a constant practice, no competition and zero judgment.” Yoga + Co. programs focus on mind, body and soul.

Runners-up: Power Life Yoga, Good Vibes Yoga – Ben Spellman

Best Local Massage Therapist

Silla Blades – Blades Massage Therapy

Aches. Pains. Soreness. When you need to feel new again, you need someone with expertise. Silla Blades of Blades Massage Therapy specializes in returning your muscles to supple and rejuvenating the body. She is passionate about easing the pain of others and thereby lifting up their quality of life. According to CITYVIEW voters, when your body is asking for something special, Silla Blades of Blades Massage Therapy is the best in the business. 4725 Merle Hay Road, Des Moines, 515-331-1239;

Runners-up: Kelliegh Beougher – Ravensong Massage, Clair McClintock – Revival Massage

Best Local Place To Get Your Eyelashes Done

Salon Lew

They say eyes are the window to your soul. Why not frame that window in the best way possible? You are in good hands at Salon Lew. The salon is equipped with experienced professionals. Experience Salon Lew and leave feeling as good on the inside as you look on the outside. 6630 Mills Civic Parkway, West Des Moines, 515-273-5391;

Runners-up: Serenity Couture, Bella Salon & Spa

Best Local Place to get a Massage

Blades Massage Therapy

For a pain in the neck or back or to improve circulation, promote relaxation, release muscle tension or improve range of motion, central Iowans say Blades Massage Therapy is the Best Local Place to get a Massage. Blades offers gentle relaxation massage, couples massage, table massage and prenatal massage, among other services. Therapeutic bodywork is designed to enhance the function of muscles and joints, while improving circulation, general body tone, and relieving mental and physical fatigue. 4725 Merle Hay Road, Des Moines, 515-331-1239;

Runners-up: East Village Spa, Serenity Couture

Best Local Place to Get Your Nails Done

Serenity Couture

Bold. Classic. Perfect. Well done. Getting your nails done is like adding the cherry on top of the perfect ice cream sundae. Serenity Couture is an award-winning salon and spa with multiple locations in the Des Moines area. Serenity specializes in catering to and indulging the human body and spirit. The artisans and therapists at Serenity are committed to communicating, educating and inspiring while offering one-of-a-kind service. HINT: The botanical therapy hair treatments offer professional-use only formulations to address concerns, including damage, dryness, scalp health and hair thinning or loss. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Andy’s Nails, Top Nails & Spa

Best Local Herbal/Nutritional Supplement Store

Campbell’s Nutrition

Customers at Campbell’s Nutrition seek the freshest and highest quality nutritional products, and CITYVIEW readers say that at Campbell’s, if you seek, you shall find. The self-proclaimed “health nuts” utilize more than 40 Iowa-based suppliers to procure organic produce, including fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy products and meats. Every item purchased at Campbell’s Nutrition meets its definition of clean and passes the store’s strict quality standards. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Natural Grocers, Hy-Vee

Tattoos capture images with special meaning. Whatever you feel strongly about, Lucky Gal Tattoo and Piercing, a local chain of tattoo and piercing parlors, is the repeat champion in the category of Best Local Tattoo Shop. Photo submitted

Best Local Tattoo Shop

Lucky Gal Tattoo and Piercing

Tattoos generally capture images with special meaning. Maybe that is a memorable life event, a celebration of a new you, or maybe you want to remember a lost loved one. Whatever you feel strongly enough about, Lucky Gal Tattoo and Piercing has become known in the area as a parlor that offers pristine designs paired with astute implementation. The local chain of tattoo and piercing parlors is the repeat champion in this category, and readers of CITYVIEW say it is the best place to get ink done in the city. Multiple locations, 515-257-7940;

Runners-up: Color Works Tattoo and Body Piercing, Iron Heart Tattoo and Body Piercing

Best Local Body Piercing Shop

MINT Piercing

MINT Piercing says it is “A Better Way to Pierce,” and CITYVIEW readers agree, voting them as the Best Local Body Piercing Shop in central Iowa. The staff at MINT is there to help you learn what you need to know in order to make the best decision possible about piercings. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Prysm Body Piercing, Lucky Gal Tattoo and Piercing

Best Local Place for Aesthetic Surgery

SkinGym Dermatology

Your body’s biggest organ is its skin. Keeping your skin healthy and youthful is important. SkinGym offers comprehensive medical dermatology care and an assortment of advanced laser and cosmetic dermatology services. Put your best face forward with SkinGym Dermatology. 9350 University Ave., Suite 132, West Des Moines, 515-330-1123;

Runners-up: Des Moines Plastic Surgery, Coachlight Clinic & Spa

Best Local Tanning Salon


Be bold. Be beautiful. Be bronze. While everyone else is enduring the wintertime blues, you can get a head start on perfecting a deep and attractive suntan. Rest, relax and reenergize yourself at Bronze515, voted the Best Local Tanning Salon in central Iowa for the third year in a row. 7015 Douglas Ave., Urbandale, 515-218-5443;

Runners-up: Sun Tan City, Tanique

Best Local Waxing Salon


MetroWaxx performs more than 4,000 Brazilian/bikini waxes a year. The clinic is family owned and offers privacy as well as a professional staff to make you feel comfortable and give you what is needed to make you look your best and feel even better. Eyebrow shaping. Back hair removal. Skin lightening. Whatever your waxing needs are, our readers say MetroWaxx is the best waxing salon in central Iowa. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Waxing the City, Serenity Couture

How does a Chocolate Sundae Hydrating Body Scrub sound? East Village Spa offers this ultimate treat-yourself service that includes an application of berry massage oil, and a circulatory-boosting and exfoliating scrub with milk, sugar and cocoa, before locking in the moisture with a hot towel compress and warm butter cream shea butter. 601 E. Locust St., Suite 202, Des Moines. Photo submitted

Best Local Place for Skin Care

Skin Body Soul

If it is true that beauty is skin deep, then that makes the right skin care all the more valuable if you want to be beautiful. Skin Body Soul and its innovative and personalized aesthetic treatments are customized with the goal of taking your skin and body from flabby to fabulous. The clinic offers treatments to reduce wrinkles; remove sunspots, unwanted fat, hair, and fine lines; and reverse the effects of aging. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: SkinGym, Coachlight Clinic & Spa

Best Local Spa

East Village Spa

How does a Chocolate Sundae Hydrating Body Scrub sound? East Village Spa offers this ultimate treat-yourself service that includes an application of berry massage oil and a circulatory-boosting and exfoliating scrub with milk, sugar and cocoa, before locking in the moisture with a hot towel compress and warm butter cream shea butter. 601 E. Locust St., Suite 202, Des Moines, 515-309-2904;

Runners-up: Skin Body Soul Spa, Coachlight Clinic & Spa

Best Local Hair Salon

Salon Tec

The stylists at Salon Tec are highly trained and dedicated to creating looks that customers love. Take a break from the stress of daily life. Salon Tec is the Best Local Hair Salon in central Iowa according to readers of CITYVIEW. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Dolce Vita – Nikcole Manriquez, Serenity Couture

Best Local Health Food Store

Campbell’s Nutrition

Providing health food, vitamins, supplements and nutritional advice to Iowans is the goal for Campbell’s Nutrition. The company does so by way of purchasing fresh, local produce, offering quality products and by serving as an educational resource for customers. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Fresh Thyme, Hy-Vee

Best Local Family Planning Services

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood offers education about options regarding sexually transmitted infections, birth control, abortion and other family planning services. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Iowa Doula Agency, Agape Pregnancy Center

Best Local Chiropractor

Vero Chiropractic

When your body isn’t right, nothing seems to go well. Aches, pains and soreness can derail the joy you should be feeling. If you think a chiropractor might help get your smile back on track, Vero Chiropractic is the Best Local Chiropractor in central Iowa, according to readers of CITYVIEW. 5525 Mills Civic Parkway, Suite 120, West Des Moines, 515-422-9552;

Runners-up: Keystone Chiropractic, Engineered Per4mance

Best Local Doctor

Dr. Douglas Forsha – SkinGym Dermatology

Dr. Douglas Forsha of SkinGym Dermatology offers full-service medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology services. The clinic’s advanced medical spa also offers anti-aging treatments, laser hair removal and other services. 9350 University Ave., West Des Moines, 515-330-1123;

Runners-up: Kayleen B. Hornbrook – UnityPoint, Dr. Kelly Reed – The Iowa Clinic

Best Local Eye Clinic

Wolfe Eye Clinic

Offering comprehensive medical and surgical services, Wolfe Eye Clinic is the perennial people’s champion in this category for its continued eye services, including LASIK eye surgery. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Elite Eye Care, Focus Eye Care

Best Local Place to get Lasik Eye Surgery

Wolfe Eye Clinic

Wolfe Eye Clinic is the Best Local Place to get LASIK Eye Surgery, according to CITYVIEW’s Best Of Des Moines voters. Wolfe’s experienced team of optical professionals have more LASIK experience than any other provider in the state. The clinic has been performing refractive surgery since 1984, and Wolfe Eye Clinic was the first in Iowa to perform LASIK. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: LasikPlus, Associated Ophthalmologists

Best Local Hospital

Iowa Methodist Medical Center

In the unfortunate event you or a loved one needs hospital care, Iowa Methodist Medical Center and its physicians and staff strive to keep you informed and ask for your input. Meeting the personal needs of patients is important to its staff, and keeping patients comfortable is a priority. 1200 Pleasant St., Des Moines; 515-241-6212;

Runners-up: Mercy Medical Center, Blank Children’s Hospital

Best Local Physical Therapist

Stadia Sports Medicine

Providing Des Moines with an integrated model of physical therapy and physician sports medicine services, the goal at Stadia Sports Medicine is to provide excellent injury care within a one-stop-shop model. Sports Medicine is not just for pro athletes, services provided by trained sports physicians can be beneficial to a large portion of the general population. 6000 University Ave., Suite 250, West Des Moines, 515-221-1102;

Runners-up: Engineered Per4mance, Core Physical Therapy

Best Local Dentist Office

Fleur Dentistry

The dentists at Fleur Dentistry are devoted to restoring and enhancing the natural beauty of your smile. Utilizing state-of-the-art procedures, Fleur Dentistry works to bring out the best in your teeth. Creating world-class smiles is the top priority at Fleur Dentistry. 4551 Fleur Drive, Des Moines, 515-287-2493;

Runners-up: Grove & Platt Dental Associates, P.L.C., Davidson Family Dentistry

Best Local Pediatrician

Dr. Brian Waggoner – Waggoner Pediatrics of Central Iowa

Families come first. For more than a quarter of a century, the practitioners at Waggoner Pediatrics have worked to make families healthier in central Iowa. The clinic must be doing something right. According to CITYVIEW readers, Dr. Brian Waggoner is the Best Local Pediatrician in the area. 2555 Berkshire Parkway, Suite A, Clive, 515-987-0051;

Runners-up: Dr. Adam Secory – The Iowa Clinic, Dr. Robert Fornoff – Des Moines Pediatric and Adolescent Clinic

Best Local Dermatologist

Dr. Douglas Forsha – SkinGym Dermatology

“People see their skin every day, and when their conditions are effectively treated, they are very grateful. I consider myself one of those people who was lucky enough to find a career that I genuinely enjoy and that brings me much fulfillment.” — Dr. Douglas Forsha – SkinGym Dermatology. 9350 University Ave., West Des Moines, 515-330-1123;

Runners-up: Dr. Ava Feldman, Dr. Timothy Abrahamson

Best Local Aesthetician

Ashley Juhl – SkinGym

Be beautiful. Be confident. Be the best you that you can be. When you need an aesthetician, central Iowans say Ashley Juhl of SkinGym is the best. 9350 University Ave., West Des Moines, 515-330-1123;

Runners-up: Robyn Jennett, Cassie Martin – Skin Body Soul

Best Place for Laser Hair Removal

SkinGym Dermatology

Laser Hair Removal is a popular treatment aimed at eliminating unwanted facial and body hair for men and women. Readers of CITYVIEW say SkinGym Dermatology is the Best Place for Laser Hair Removal in the area. SkinGym offers free consultations to discuss your options with an expert. 9350 University Ave., West Des Moines, 515-330-1123;

Runners-up: Skin Body Soul, Coachlight Clinic & Spa

Best Local Orthopedic Surgeon

DMOS Orthopaedic Centers

DMOS medical professionals are committed to delivering high-quality, comprehensive care in general orthopedics, sports medicine, arthroscopic surgery or joint repair, replacement and reconstruction as well as surgery for the spine, hands and feet. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Dr. Gregory Yanish, Iowa Ortho

Best Local Place for Cryotherapy

Catalyst Cryotherapy

Recovering from sports or other kinds of injuries is no fun. Pain and inflammation can curtail your everyday activities. If you have pain as a problem, maybe Catalyst Cryotherapy can help get you back on the field, court or wherever your action is. 1300 N.W. 100th St., Suite 5000, Clive, 515-650-5600;

Runners-up: CryoSpa, KryoVitality

Governor Kim Reynolds recently became the Hawkeye state’s first elected female governor and the highest ranking state official. Photo courtesy of the State of Iowa


Best Elected Official

Governor Kim Reynolds

As a teenager, Governor Kim Reynolds, a fifth-generation Iowan from a working-class family in small-town Iowa, worked as a waitress at Younkers and later as a checker at Hy-Vee. This past November, from those humble beginnings, Reynolds became the Hawkeye state’s first elected female governor and Iowa’s highest-ranking official. The homegrown political talent now resides inside Terrace Hill. The American dream?

Runners-up: Iowa State Senator Matt McCoy, Des Moines Mayor Frank Cownie

Best Local Doggy Daycare/Boarding

Downtown Doggy Daycare

People love their pets, but they can’t take them everywhere. CITYVIEW readers say Downtown Doggy Daycare is the best boarding and dog daycare in the area. Downtown Doggy Daycare provides an average staff to dog ratio of 1:12. 724 Scott Ave., Des Moines, 515-288-0957;

Runners-up: Stylin Paws Salon, Dogwoods Lodge

Best Local Dog Groomer

Stylin Paws Salon

Stylin Paws Salon and Day Stay is a full-service pet salon and dog daycare facility dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service and quality pet care while furnishing a fun, clean, enjoyable atmosphere. 2180 N.W. 156th St., Suite 105, Clive, 515-518-5913;

Runners-up: Bark Shop, Grooming by Brenda

Best Local Moving Company

Two Men & A Truck

Two Men & A Truck built its brand upon exceeding its customers’ expectations. The staff is professionally trained and equipped with the proper moving equipment in order to better provide a stress-free, seamless moving experience. CITYVIEW readers say Two Men & A Truck is the Best Local Moving Company for 2019. 2601 104th St., #400, Urbandale, 515-216-3654;

Runners-up: The Affordable Movers, All Mighty Movers

Best Local Credit Union

Veridian Credit Union

For checking and savings accounts, buying a new home or car, or if you are looking to refinance a loan, Veridian Credit Union is the Best Local Credit Union in central Iowa, according to CITYVIEW readers. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Community Choice Credit Union, Collins Community Credit Union

Best Local Bank

Bankers Trust

When people do business with other people, relationships form. Bankers Trust works to make the most of its business relationships, treat people respectfully and hire team members who are representative of the community. That’s the Bankers Trust Difference. Breathe easy at Bankers Trust. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: West Bank, US Bank

Best Local Internet Provider


Crystal clear Internet connections. That is the goal at Mediacom, and central Iowans have noticed, voting it the Best Local Internet Provider for 2019. Congratulations, Mediacom, and keep the crystal clear Internet coming. 800-479-2082;

Runners-up: CenturyLink, NexGen

Best Local Auto Shop

Westside Auto Pros

Since 1997, Westside Auto Pros has been a one-stop shop for central Iowa’s automotive needs. Offering full-service auto repair, Westside’s facility specializes in fixing all makes and models of vehicles, and its waiting area is equipped with coffee, soda, water, Wi-Fi and a charging station for electronic devices. All the automotive technicians at Westside are ASE Master Certified Technicians, and the shop staffs what is believed to be Iowa’s only Porsche Premier Master Certified Technician. 1901 N.W. 92nd Court, Des Moines, 515-225-9090;

Runners-up: Shade Tree Auto, Finish Line Auto

Best TV Station for News

KCCI Channel 8

Which do you want to hear first, the good news or the bad? Whichever it is, central Iowa residents say KCCI is the Best TV Station for News. Be informed about what’s happening in Iowa and around the world and stay up-to-date on current events. Whatever your interests are, KCCI has you covered.

Runners-up: WHO TV Channel 13, Channel 5

Best TV Station for Sports

WHO TV Channel 13

Murph. Andy. John Sears. Action-packed sports highlights. The city’s favorite team for sports coverage is on the screen at WHO TV Channel 13.

Runners-up: KCCI Channel 8, Channel 5

Best TV Station for Weather

KCCI Channel 8

Hourly forecasts. Extended 10-day forecasts. Rain. Sleet. Blizzards. Scorching heat. Frigid temperatures. KCCI has the inside scoop regarding what it would feel like if you were standing outside.

Runners-up: WHO TV Channel 13, Channel 5

Best Local TV Anchor

Steve Karlin – KCCI Channel 8

Steve Karlin anchors KCCI 8 News at 5 p.m., 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. The lifelong Iowan joined the KCCI team in 1989 and hasn’t looked back.

Runners-up: Erin Kiernan – WHO TV Channel 13, Dan Winters – WHO TV Channel 13

Best-Looking Male Media Personality

Dan Winters – WHO TV Channel 13

Boom goes the dynamite. Dan Winters is the repeat champion in the category of Best-Looking Male Media Personality. And WHO TV Channel 13 earns a clean sweep in the male category. The Channel 13 newsroom possesses a fine-looking group of handsome men, according to area residents.

Runners-up: Andy Fales – WHO TV Channel 13, Ed Wilson – WHO TV Channel 13

Best-Looking Female Media Personality

Shaina Humphries – KCCI

Congratulations Shaina Humphries. You make central Iowa smile, and area residents say you are the Best-Looking Female Media Personality for 2019.

Runners-up: Erin Kiernan – WHO TV Channel 13, Sabrina Ahmed – We Are Iowa Local 5 News

The Drake Bulldogs have once again been recognized as the Best Local College in the area by CITYVIEW readers. 2507 University Ave., Des Moines. Photo submitted

Best Local Sports Commentator or Columnist

Keith Murphy – WHO TV Channel 13

Local superstar Keith Murphy makes sports broadcasting look easy. The Murph wins this award annually, and CITYVIEW voters say he is the Best Local Sports Commentator or Columnist in the Des Moines metropolitan area. Keep the highlights coming.

Runners-up: Andy Fales – WHO TV Channel 13, Trent Condon – KXNO

Best Local News Commentator or Columnist

Rekha Basu – Des Moines Register opinion columnist

Des Moines Register opinion columnist Rekha Basu writes her opinion regarding current events. Basu focuses on human rights and social justice. The writer for The Des Moines Register has been named Best Local News Commentator or Columnist for 2019 by area residents.

Runners-up: Andy Fales – WHO TV Channel 13, Daniel P. Finney – The Des Moines Register

Best Meteorologist

Ed Wilson – WHO TV Channel 13

Rain, sunshine or rainbows, Ed Wilson and WHO TV Channel 13 offer up evidence supporting predictions of extreme weather, tornados, incoming ice storms or whatever weather events are on the horizon. When central Iowa needs to know what the upcoming forecast is, CITYVIEW voters say Ed Wilson is the one to watch.

Runners-up: Kurtis Gertz – KCCI Channel 8, Jeriann Ritter – WHO TV Channel 13

Best Local Talk Radio Show

Ken, Colleen & Kurt

Every weekday morning from 5-10 a.m. on Star 102.5, Ken, Colleen and Kurt talk… Does Colleen fear the tickle monster?… Wine out of a Pringles can?… The best superhero trailer ever? And many other such topics. The FM trio has yet again been named as the Best Local Talk Radio Show.

Runners-up: Green City – KFMG 98.9 FM, Simon Conway – 1040 WHO Radio

Best Radio Voice that Turns You On

Don “T-Bone” Erickson – KFMG 98.9 FM

Don “T-Bone” Erickson slides in every other Tuesday at 7 p.m. on KFMG for two hours of T-Bone’s House Rockin’ Blues Party. Erickson then continues the vibe with an hour in the Groove Zone. T-Bone’s healthy vocal cords have CITYVIEW voters saying he has the Best Radio Voice that Turns You On, so watch out.

Runners-up: Alex Mac – ALT 1063, Trent Condon – 1460 KXnO

Best Radio Station

KFMG 98.9 FM

KFMG 98.9 FM is a “listener-supported,” station, and CITYVIEW readers have yet again named it the Best Radio Station in the area. KFMG’s main musical format is called “Eclectic Triple A,” which stands for Adult Album Alternative.

Runners-up: 1040 WHO Radio, Iowa Public Radio

Best Radio Personality

Marty Enslow – KFMG 98.9 FM

Wednesday nights from 7-10 p.m. on KFMG 98.9 FM, Des Moines tunes in for The Radio Archives with Marty Enslow. Enslow returns the listener to an era of musical innovation and freedom. While spinning tunes from 1966 to 1976, Enslow reminds us what a fantastic musical era it was. Marty Enslow of KFMG 98.9 FM is the Best Radio Personality according to our readers.

Runners-up: Van Harden – 1040 WHO Radio, Eddie Hatfield – 92.5 FM Nash ICON

Best Local Realtor

Tim Scheib

SOLD! Buying and selling real estate is made easy by local real estate agent Tim Scheib, according to our readers. When shopping for a Realtor, you have many options. The Scheib Real Estate Team offers an approach that is down-to-earth, honest and fun, according to our voters. 107 E. First, Ankeny, 515-313-7103;

Runners-up: Angela Meek – RE/MAX, Bob Eisenlauer – RE/MAX

Best Local Automotive Salesperson

Peter Wall – Stivers Ford Lincoln

Stivers Ford Lincoln offers new and used automobiles, including Ford Explorers, Mustangs, Fusions, luxury sedans, work trucks or something fast. Stivers offers financing and service as well, and according to readers of CITYVIEW, Peter Wall, the brand manager at Stivers Ford Lincoln, is the best in the automotive sales business. If you need a new or different ride, get something fun. 1450 E. Hickman Road, Waukee, 1-800-747-2744;

Runners-up: Tim Gilman – Southtown Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, DeeNee Amodeo – Willis Cadillac

Best Local College

Drake University

“Kind but courageous, friendly but dignified, the Bulldog is a thick-set, low-slung, well-muscled bruiser whose sour mug face is the universal symbol of courage and tenacity.” That’s how the American Kennel Club describes the literal bulldog breed, but the blue-and-white variety residing within the city’s west-central area isn’t bad either. In fact, the Drake Bulldogs have once again been recognized as the Best Local College in the area by CITYVIEW readers. 2507 University Ave., Des Moines, 1-800-44-DRAKE;

Runners-up: DMACC, Iowa State University

Best Local Place for Continuing Your Education


Are you working hard to make yourself better? Are you striving to improve your lot in life and earn a better future for your family? Des Moines Area Community College is the Best Local Place for Continuing Your Education, according to area residents. Your “life’s calling” at DMACC. Can you hear me now?

Runners-up: Drake University, Aveda Institute of Des Moines

Best Local Photographer

Photography by Kenna Lee

Awkward dancing? Yes. Weird faces? You betcha! Recycled dad jokes? For sure. While shooting senior photos, weddings and other life highlights, Kenna Lee chronicles what is real about you. But getting authentic smiles isn’t always easy. In the name of capturing that perfect and unposed picture illuminating your genuine glee, Lee reserves the right to nudge out a smile by any means necessary, including doing some awkward dancing, making funny faces or unleashing punch lines previously relegated to unhip dads. Lee must be doing something right, because central Iowa residents say she is the Best Local Photographer for 2019.

Runners-up: Maharry Photography, Laura Wills Photography

Best Local Financial Planner

Aaron Plaskas – Financial Architects Inc.

Business owners, executives, professionals and just about everyone else, we all need to maximize and protect our money. Financial Architects, Inc. works to “provide the systems to help clients design a financial blueprint and manage money flow on an integrated, coordinated, and verifiable basis while offering financial strategies that provide the highest degree of efficiency, organization, and control.” When it is time to start planning for financial freedom, CITYVIEW readers say Aaron Plaskas at Financial Architects Inc., is the Best Local Financial Planner. 12345 University Ave., Suite 200, Clive, 515-457-1287;

Runners-up: Jacob Repp – New York Life Insurance, Jenny Smith – The Principal Financial Group

Best Local Insurance Agent

Mark Courter – State Farm

It is more than just a house; it’s your home. It’s more than just four wheels; it’s your way to travel through life. For auto insurance, home insurance, business insurance, property insurance and other insurance needs, our readers say Mark Courter is the Best Local Insurance Agent. 6773 Hickman Road, Urbandale, 515-276-9275;

Runners-up: Tim Forbes – State Farm, Karla Rendall – Farmers Insurance

Best Local Mortgage Company

Midwest Family Lending Corporation

With more than two decades of helping customers, Midwest Family Lending is in the know when it comes to home lending. Make your homeownership dreams a reality with Midwest Family Lending. They are the best in the city, according to readers of CITYVIEW. 2753 99th St., Urbandale, 515-252-7107;

Runners-up: Fidelity Bank, PERL Mortgage

Fetch! is a local dog walking service offering customized dog walking and pet sitting services in and around the Des Moines metro area. Fetch! features veteran pet caretakers, and they are the area’s best, according to our readers. Photo by Jeff Pitts

Best Local Vet Clinic

Oaks Veterinary Clinic

When man’s best friend needs medical attention, it’s time to visit Oaks Veterinary Clinic. The clinic works to ensure the best care, love and support for your four-legged loved ones. Oaks Veterinary Clinic is the Best Local Vet Clinic in the city, according to our readers. 2030 27th St., Des Moines, 515-279-3654.

Runners-up: Ashworth Road Animal Hospital, Starch Pet Hospital

Best Local Home Builder

Dreamscape Homebuilders

Making a house a home is one thing, but when you need the actual house built in the first place, central Iowa says to call Dreamscape Homebuilders. With more than three decades of new construction experience, the partners at Dreamscape have created one of the hottest operations in the market. Quality comes first at Dreamscape. 4800 Mills Civic Parkway, Suite 204, West Des Moines, 515-802-3653; dreamscapehomebuilderscom.

Runners-up: Classic Builders, Hubbell Homes

Best Local Landscaper

Solid Rock Landscaping

Creating the perfect outdoor environment is Solid Rock Landscaping’s goal for your home or office. Landscaping services at Solid Rock include the installation of water features, ponds, edging, timber walls, fire pits, paver patios, walkways, retaining walls and window wells. If you want to make your neighbors see that the grass is greener on your side of the fence, readers of CITYVIEW say Solid Rock is the choice. 2202 Wolf Way, #1150, West Des Moines, 515-208-5081;

Runners-up: Excel Lawns & Landscape, Frontline Lawn & Landscapes

Best Local Chamber of Commerce

Urbandale Chamber of Commerce

The Urbandale Chamber of Commerce works to “serve, protect, promote, and provide opportunities to businesses in central Iowa.” The Chamber is billed as the only five-star accredited Chamber in the area, putting it among the top 1 percent of chambers in the nation. 2830 100th St., Suite 110, Urbandale, 515-331-6855;

Runners-up: West Des Moines Chamber of Commerce, Grimes Chamber of Commerce

Best Local Customer Service (overall)

MINT Piercing

If you have questions pertaining to piercing, jewelry or any of the products or services at MINT Piercing, the clinic’s service providers are there to help you find answers. The goal is for customers to make great decisions about piercings. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: 515 Vape & Disc Golf, Westside Auto Pros

Best Local Law Firm

Baer Law

With more than three decades of experience for Attorney Kim Baer, Baer Law is dedicated to protecting its clients’ rights and pursuing claims for those who have been wronged. Legal services include personal injury, business law, family law and medical malpractice. The firm serves clients throughout Iowa. 838 Fifth Ave., Des Moines, 515-279-2000;

Runners-up: Letsch Law Firm, Rieper Law, P.C.

Best Local Daycare

Generation Next

Helping develop youngsters to have confidence, be productive and function in group settings, Generation Next Child Development Center and Preschool is the city’s favorite place for daycare. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Step Ahead Childcare and Preschool, 2 for U Childcare

Best Local Marketing Agency

Two Rivers Marketing

Be nice. That is not just the advice of nearly all mothers, teachers, coaches and mentors, it is the mantra at Two Rivers Marketing. The company works to treat people the way they’d like to be treated, and it pushes this simple idea into everything it does. Two Rivers Marketing is the Best Local Marketing Agency in the area, according to our readers. 106 E. Sixth St., Des Moines, 515-557-2000;

Runners-up: Trilix, Flynn Wright

Best Local Apartment Complex

Cityville on 9th

At Cityville, the city’s downtown electric vibe is around every corner. Equipped with the kind of space and amenities you’d expect in the suburbs, Cityville couples that with quick and easy access to Gray’s lake, bike trails, and the action of the Iowa Cubs playing at Principal Park. CITYVIEW readers say Cityville on 9th is the best apartment complex in the area. 550 S.W. Ninth St., Des Moines, 515-776-3006;

Runners-up: Jordan Creek by Broadmoor, Ingersoll Square

Best Local HVAC Company

Bell Brothers Heating and Air Conditioning

Customer service is the No. 1 priority at Bell Brothers. Bell Brothers offers high-efficiency equipment and strives to provide central Iowa homes with complete indoor HVAC comfort solutions. 2822 Sixth Ave., Des Moines, 515-244-8911;

Runners-up: Heartland Heating & Cooling, Wyckoff Heating & Cooling

Best Local Senior Living Community


Edencrest senior living communities combine housing, support services, personal assistance and health care within a residential environment that is staffed with trained professionals. Readers of CITYVIEW say it is the Best Local Senior Living Community in central Iowa. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Kennybrook Village, Scottish Rite Park

Best Local Place for Tax Preparation

McGowen, Hurst, Clark & Smith, P.C.

Founded in 1946, McGowen, Hurst, Clark & Smith, P.C. is one of the oldest and largest local firms in central Iowa. The team at MHC&S consists of CPAs, accountants and consultants that take pride in serving the people of the community. Dedicated to service while providing accounting, auditing and business consulting expertise, MHC&S is the choice for CITYVIEW readers as the Best Local Place for Tax Preparation. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Insight Wealth Group, Shaul & Desmond PLLC

Best Local Recruiter or Search Firm

Palmer Group

Finding a job on your own can be challenging. That’s why Palmer Group exists. Providing employment solutions since 1998, Palmer’s team of professionals helps people find rewarding new positions at Iowa’s top companies. 3737 Woodland Ave., Suite 200, West Des Moines, 515-225-7000;

Runners-up: Aureon HR, Aerotek

Best Local Dog Walker


This local dog walking service books customized dog walking and pet sitting services in and around the Des Moines metro area. Fetch! features veteran pet caretakers, and they are the area’s best, according to our readers.

Runners-up: Urban Pals Pet Care

Best Local Bathroom Facility

Von Maur

The voters know best. Von Maur once again wins the title of having the Best Local Bathroom Facility in town. 1551 Valley West Drive, West Des Moines, 515-223-1311;

Runners-up: Aveda Institute of Des Moines, Bike World

Best Local Hotel

Holiday Inn Downtown

A great night of sleep. That’s what the Holiday Inn Downtown offers travelers who want a comfortable stay with premium amenities at an affordable cost. Plus, the hotel is located next to the Iowa Events Center, Wells Fargo Arena and other downtown hotspots to ensure entertainment is accessible. Amenities include rooms with 37-inch HDTVs that are equipped with DirecTV and HBO. 1050 Sixth Ave., Des Moines, 515-283-0151;

Runners-up: AC Hotel by Marriott, Embassy Suites

Best Local Plumber

H & H Plumbing

H & H Plumbing has been servicing central Iowa with plumbing repairs since being established in 2003. Founded by Chris Hansen, the team at H & H provides a complete range of residential and commercial services, including plumbing repair, plumbing replacements, water heaters, water softeners, saltless water conditioners, battery backup sump pumps and more. 32411 170th St., Granger, 515-277-5755;

Runners-up: Cook Plumbing, Holt Plumbing & Heating

Best Local Electrician

Baker Electric

Founded by Gene Baker in 1946, Baker Electric has grown into one of the area’s biggest electrical contractors. Providing commercial and residential services, Baker Electric strives to give the same attention to detail on all projects, no matter how large or small. While the high-profile projects are on its client list, much of Baker Electric’s day-to-day work involves maintaining existing electrical systems, including preventive maintenance and repair. 111 Jackson Ave., Des Moines, 515-288-6774;

Runners-up: Empire Power & Controls, Webster Electric

Best Local Flooring Company

Royal Flooring

Do you love where you live? Royal Flooring wants to help you with that. From cabinets to flooring and more, Royal Flooring is in the home transformation business, and no one does it better, according to central Iowans, than they do. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Iowa Flooring Covering, Fields Flooring

Best Local Roofing Company

Bailey Roofing Contractors

Bailey Roofing Contractors is locally owned, and it has been putting roofs over the head of Iowans since 1989. Its dedication to service and the ethics have made it the Best Local Roofing Company for 2019, according to central Iowans. 10110 Dennis Drive, Urbandale, 515-253-0191;

Runners-up: Right Roofing & Siding, Deever Roofing, Wolf Construction

Best Local Contractor

Zenith Design + Build

Zenith Design + Build believes building a home is an experience and a process that should be handled with the utmost care. The company works hard to provide discerning clients with quality, service, integrity and aesthetics, and that is why CITYVIEW readers say it is the Best Local Contractor in the city. 1961 Grand Ave.,West Des Moines, 515-518-0237;

Runners-up: Lotus Homes, Impact Exteriors

Best Local Interior Designer

Aurora Design Group

Design is for people. Design is about people. Design makes a difference for people and improves their lives. The team at ADG does design, and according to readers of CITYVIEW, ADG does it better than anyone else in central Iowa. 319-558-7554;

Runners-up: Meghan Blum Interiors, R. Cartwright Design

Best Local Tree Removal Company

Wright Outdoor Solutions

Removing limbs for the city’s overgrown oaks, elms and other kinds of arbor, the Wright way is the best way, according to CITYVIEW readers. 8000 Raccoon River Drive, West Des Moines, 515-329-7712;

Runners-up: John’s Tree Service, Family Tree Care

Best Local Pest Control Company

Springer Professional Home Services

If the enemy of my enemy is my friend, then Springer Pest Solutions must be best buddies with many Des Moines area homeowners. The company works to eradicate pest infestations while maintaining a healthy environment for your employees, customers and/or family. 1320 N.E. 60th Ave., Des Moines, 515-207-4270;

Runners-up: Preferred Pest Control, Diam Pest Control

Best Local Cleaning Company

The Queen of Clean

When it is time to shine for your palace, central Iowans say The Queen of Clean is the Best Local Cleaning Company in the area. In operation since 2010, the staff at The Queen of Clean offers the royal treatment for your home with a fully bonded and insured staff. 4949 Pleasant St., Suite 101, West Des Moines, 515-528-8723,

Runners-up: Molly Maids, Iowa Super Clean

Best Local Co-Working Space


Put your nose to the grindstone and get some work done at Gravitate. Equipped with fast Wi-Fi, conference rooms, special event hosting, free coffee and more. Gravitate consists of a community of diverse freelancers, entrepreneurs and remote workers. Multiple locations; 515-207-8105;

Runners-up: The Depot, Collaborate DSM

Best Local Preschool

Grace Preschool

Offering a play-based environment in order to encourage hands-on exploration and problem-solving, Grace Preschool strives to develop children in a caring, nurturing environment, which leads to respect for others and a love for learning. Grace Preschool began in 1966, and it has been a Des Moines tradition ever since. The nonprofit organization is owned by Grace United Methodist Church and operates as a community outreach program. 3700 Cottage Grove, Des Moines, 515-255-2131;

Runners-up: Generation Next, Step Ahead Childcare & Preschool

Best Local In Home Nursing Care

Mercy Home Health

Mercy’s commitment to your health and well-being doesn’t end when you leave the hospital or doctor’s office. If there is a need for health care within your own home, then Mercy offers its services through its Home Health Services Department. Mercy offers a comprehensive range of licensed home care services to patients who live within a 50-mile radius of Des Moines. 500 S.W. Seventh, Suite 104, Des Moines, 515-643-8383;

Runners-up: Home Instead Senior Care, UnityPoint at Home ♦

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