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“What is happening with the AMC Cobblestone 9 theater?”

 In 2016, AMC bought Carmike Cinemas for approximately $1.1 billion. As a result, AMC took over the Southridge 12, AMC Classic Cobblestone 9 and AMC Classic Johnston 16 theaters, the first two of which are now closed.

Southridge 12 remains empty after closing its doors last January. AMC Classic Cobblestone 9, however, was purchased by Cadet 23 LLC on Sept. 19 for $2,275,000. Cadet 23 LLC is managed by Fitness Ventures. The most likely outcome will be that the crunch fitness system will take over the former movie theater location as they expand into more locations, as is their goal per their website. They currently have 34 locations across several states.

AMC Classic Johnston 16 is currently still operating, but a for sale sign from JLL (Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated) recently popped up on the property. When asked about the state of the sale of the theater, Senior Vice President Aaron Hyde responded to CITYVIEW on Nov. 18.

“The AMC continues to operate for now. We just launched the property so there’s no current deal in the works.”

However, on Nov. 27, the Johnston theater has officially closed its doors. 

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“Interstate 235 is an ‘auxiliary Interstate highway,’ so what agency is responsible for clearing out the dangerous debris?”

The reader who proposed this question said he saw an automobile tire; a long, twisted metal pipe; bricks; clothing; discarded beer and soda cans and bottles; and two large animal carcasses on the freeway. 

The Iowa DOT is responsible for all highway cleanup, from animals to the list of varying debris. In the event of an emergency where the debris is dangerous to yourself and other drivers, call 911. Otherwise you can submit reports of debris to the Iowa DOT’s website at and select the “report an issue on the roadway” drop-down tab. If you catch someone in the act of littering on the highway, you can contact the “Keep Iowa Beautiful” no litter hotline. Call 1-888-NOLITTR (1-888-665-4887) and press 1. They request you have the following information available: license plate number, time and specific location the litter was thrown from the vehicle; description of what was thrown from the vehicle; and a vehicle description with the color, make and model. 


“Why does Iowa have such high levels of radon?”

According to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, Iowa has the highest average indoor radon concentration in the nation due to our glacial history. “As the glaciers came over Iowa, they deposited finely ground rocks that contain radium. Because the rocks that make up our soils are so finely ground, they have a large surface area to emit radon gas.” ♦

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