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Posted June 01, 2016in Sound Circuit, What's Brewing?

Catching up with The Other Brothers

    The Other Brothers has a lot going on. The rock three-piece released a live album, “Live at Gas Lamp,” in January of this year while simultaneously working with [...]

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Posted June 24, 2015in What's Brewing?

Shiner beer

In 1909, Shiner Brewery Association began brewing its handcrafted beers with old-world influences. Founder Kosmos Spoetzel, a Bavarian immigrant, wanted to share his passion for beer with his fellow immigrants [...]

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Posted May 27, 2015in What's Brewing?

Smith & Forge

Cider beers have been gaining mass-market appeal as the “beer for people who don’t like beer.” With the sweet apple taste, ciders make for a refreshing, light drink that hits [...]

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Posted April 22, 2015in What's Brewing?

Dos Equis

We also don’t always spotlight Mexican beers, but when we do, we spotlight Dos Equis. Known for its often-quoted commercials, Dos Equis is a big brand with a small product [...]

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Posted March 25, 2015in What's Brewing?

Crispin Brewing Co.

Des Moines is creeping out of the dreary winter days and dancing into those long awaited, warm summer days. That means it’s time to drop the stouts and amber beers [...]

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Posted February 25, 2015in What's Brewing?


Almost 4,000 miles northeast of Des Moines is Ireland’s historic capital, Dublin. Amidst St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the Dublin Castle is St. James’s Gate. Located near the south quays and [...]

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Posted January 21, 2015in What's Brewing?

Spotlight: Blue Moon Brewing Company

It’s baseball season in 1995. The spring air is fresh and crisp, and the sun is shining. You’re with all of your friends and holding a classic: a beer from [...]

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Posted December 24, 2014in What's Brewing?

Spotlight: Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company

  Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company When asked what comes to mind when thinking of Wisconsin, most people would probably say cheese, the Green Bay Packers and Milwaukee. But what you [...]

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Posted November 26, 2014in What's Brewing?

Spotlight Founders Brewing Company Just a few miles east of Lake Michigan, owners Mike Stevens and Dave Engbers brew handcrafted beer for the outlaws of radical Grand Rapids, Michigan. According [...]

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Posted October 22, 2014in What's Brewing?

Spotlight New Belgium Brewing Company New Belgium made its home in Fort Collins, Colorado, in 1991, but now it is preparing to expand to a second brewery in Asheville, North [...]

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