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Reclaimed Rails takes its place in history


Reclaimed Rails brewery began production in late 2015, but the history of the brews, the building and the location have not only a long history but a bright future for the Bondurant business as well.

Customers relax with a cold drink in the tap room at Reclaimed Rails Brewery in Bondurant.

Customers relax with a cold drink in the tap room at Reclaimed Rails Brewery in Bondurant.

Owners Jeremy Boka, Chandler Parsons, JC Obrecht and Dave Coy got together a year ago to open Reclaimed Rails. What started as a hobby for Boka, Parsons and Obrecht became a full-blown business when Coy, a seasoned brewer, joined the team. Coy has a long history in the brewery business with more than 20 years of brewer experience in Iowa.

The new brewery is located in an historic Bondurant building that was built in 1948 as an American Legion Hall. After that it was a theater, a dance hall, a church and most recently a warehouse. The building was about to be torn down when the new owners took over. Now it stands at the crossing of two bike trails that go through Bondurant and throughout Iowa.

With so much history surrounding the brewery, it was almost a certainty that the bar needed to continue to celebrate that rich tradition.

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“We tried to reclaim and recycle as many things as we could during construction,” said Boka.

For example, the bar is made from four different reclaimed pieces. The front of the bar is made from 116-year-old train depot wood, the top of the bar is made from old semi-trailer flooring, the bar footrest is made of old train railing, and the bar is nailed together and features nail hooks, for purses and coats, made from old date nails — or railroad nails. And that’s just the bar.

The brewery also features a deck made completely from wood, repurposed from the infamous Log Ride that was torn down this past year at Adventureland.

With seating for more than 100 people, the brewery was made for large crowds and serves a wide demographic. A stage for live music and a big screen for events are also features of the bar.

“We wanted to offer something on this side of town,” said Boka.

With a growing business district in Altoona and a growing community in Bondurant, Reclaimed Rails has the ideal location for customers, especially bicyclists.

The brewery features a menu of 10 beers brewed in store, three guest beers and six gluten-free options for customers.

For its grand opening on Feb. 6, Reclaimed Rails will be serving 13 beers on tap, including rootbeer for the non-drinkers and families that stop by.

“We put out a new beer about every two or three weeks,” said Boka.

With a wide variety of beers, Reclaimed Rails features nearly every flavor profile in its beers. One of the bar’s most popular features is its 4-ounce sampler. For $5, customers are offered four, 4-ounce samples of the beers of their choice.

Guests are also offered a tour of the brewery, a rundown on its history, table service and specials every now and then that celebrate company milestones. The brewery offers promotional specials, milestone specials and take-home specials. Customers can bring their favorite beers home and receive a discounted price when refilled. CV

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