Saturday, May 28, 2022

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A.J’s loves the ladies


A.J.’s on East Court owner David Moravek proudly displays his officially trademarked shot, the naughty but fun “C.O.M.F.”

Nevermind that the bar is named after his dog, a miniature schnauzer named A.J. — a “ladies’ dog.” And the fact that the owner of A.J.’s on East Court, David Moravek, knows how to grill a mean steak (Monday is steak night) is almost irrelevant. The dueling pool tables in the center of the quaint establishment are cool but pale in comparison to the plaque that’s on the wall.                

The plaque showcases Moravek’s commitment to mixology. It’s evidence of his official trademark over the name of a shot that he created — a shot we’ll call C.O.M.F., because it might break state law to print the actual name of the drink.                

“I literally own the phrase,” Moravek beamed.               

The shot is aptly named. It’s white, milky and will leave a stain on your skirt. It’s also delicious. Made with a mix of three lady liquors — White Godiva Chocolate, Crème de Cocoa and Hazelnut Bliss — it goes down so smooth and sweet even the men can’t resist asking the bartender for a C.O.M.F.                

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“I was trying to come up with a way to sell White Godiva Chocolate when I invented it,” Moravek said. “It’s become so popular now that I had to trademark it.”                

Lewd jokes aside, A.J.’s is a surprising popular bar among the ladies. Even on a Monday night, and even without the steak dinner special, Moravek finds himself often outnumbered, which explains the tidy and aromatic restrooms (and the pink “Booze for Boobs” T-shirt).                

“My grandma died of breast cancer,” Moravek said. “So a few weeks ago, we started A.J.’s Walking For a Cure team, and we’ll continue it as a tradition every year.”                

It’s no wonder why the ladies love A.J.’s so much. It’s a female-friendly bar with sweet drinks, an owner who loves boobs and his grandma, and a classy cast of regulars who are just happy to have found a corner bar with a spacious smoke patio, pool, darts and women who like to drink.               

“I don’t put up with guys doing bullshit to girls in here,” Moravek asserted. “I’ll throw out one of my regulars if I have to, just to keep the girls happy, because I know that if women come men will follow.”                

And that explains why even on a “slow” Monday night, partners challenged each other on each pool table, a man dipped his wife during a dance by the jukebox, the bar stools had no vacancies, a few ladies chattered while enjoying the cheesecake dessert that comes with the $10 steak dinner and a couple guys exchanged jokes on the smoke patio.                 

“This is not a dingy dive where people go to get away from their families,” Moravek said. “These are good people here who love life and just want to have a good time.” CV


A.J.’s on East Court
419 East Court Ave. • (515) 282-1888
Hours: 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. every day.
Happy Hour: 2-6:30 p.m., Mon.-Fri., plus daily specials
Other amenities: Karoke Wed., Fri., Sat. 9 p.m. – 1 a.m. Sun. 7 – 11 p.m.; pool league week days.
Capacity: 75

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