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Posted August 31, 2016in Feature 1

Des Moines’ Ultimate Burger. Cast your vote and learn about the history of hamburgers in central Iowa.

Each fall, Cityview opens a contest to let our readers select the ultimate local version of a popular food. Sandwich lovers picked B&B Grocery Meat & Deli’s pork tenderloin as [...]

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Posted August 31, 2016in Feature 2

Learn how Iowans were chosen as contestants on TV game shows

“Danielle Tooorrrrezzzz, come on down!” Many have wondered what it would be like to hear the iconic call of announcer George Gray on “The Price Is Right.” Like many central [...]

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Posted August 31, 2016in Feature 3

In 1922, the 7-0 Drake football team surprised the nation

Four score and 15 years ago, an unpromising group of 23 men assembled for Drake’s first football practice. The team had lost five standout players to graduation, at a time [...]

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Posted August 31, 2016in Political Mercury

Rural Iowa’s stupid bet will give Des Moines and suburbs defining political power

A soulless suburban sprawl spills out of Des Moines and other urban centers. Many of you reading this are living in it. But rural Iowans like me bemoan, where have [...]

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Posted August 31, 2016in The Sound Exclusive

Tattoos, turtles and misadventures

American post-hardcore band Pierce the Veil, formed by brothers Vic and Mike Fuentes in San Diego in 2006, has been on a steady rise in recent years. The band’s 2012 [...]

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Posted August 31, 2016in Joe's Neighborhood

A tall woman on being tall

A woman is running along a narrow pole in Strasbourg, France. That much is clear. But straight up in the air? She certainly is striding strong, arms outstretched, thumbs up, [...]

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Posted August 31, 2016in Civic Skinny

Nationwide warrant issued for Luebke after 8th OWI arrest. Frank Severino leaving county.

UPDATE 8/29/2016: Steve Luebke was arrested for parole violation and sent back to Polk County jail on Saturday, Aug. 27.  On Sunday, the court ordered him to be transferred to the [...]

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Posted August 31, 2016in Letters

Walk the line? Never!

Women can make the difference in this election, and women should and must stand together for our rights and the rights of those girls and boys in generations to come. [...]

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Posted August 31, 2016in Food Dude

The new old thing at Vivian’s and Bubba

Sometimes the big new thing isn’t new at all. This year, savvy veterans of the food scene have turned their attention to diner food with a third millennium twist. Earlier, [...]

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Posted August 31, 2016in What the?

  Think you’re funny? Send us your best caption… Email to: Next month’s photo         ———————————————————————————————————————————————–     This month’s winner “According to the ‘Farmer’s Almanac,’ [...]

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