Friday, May 14, 2021

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Sound Check

Sound Check


PureTorture“Pure Torture”

Green Death

EMP Label Group

Two years after “Manufacturing Evil,” and a year after the departure of founding guitarist Erich Tran, Des Moines metal band Green Death returns with the short EP “Pure Torture.” It’s a little amuse-bouche to set the stage for the band’s future.

“Pure Torture” is the first new release on Dave Ellefson’s EMP Label Group (the label re-released “Manufacturing Evil in 2016), with the Megadeth bassist playing on the title track. Hatchet’s Clayton Cagle and Joe Kiplinger of Pie in the Sky/Frankenixon also make appearances. Despite the guests and new personnel, it all fits into Green Death’s thrashing sound.

“Pure Torture” and “Sickle & Scythe” are the standout tracks, with the latter being tailor-made for live show call and responses. The only downside is the EP is just enough to whet the appetite of fans for a full-length album. ♦

Prep Iowa

Pantsoff“Pants Off! Mixtape Vol. 1”



Over the last four years, Brian Campos has proven that his real skills with a mic are not as a failed rapper, but as a pretty decent interviewer. His Pants Off! Podcast has racked up an impressive 100-plus episodes, which have captured a great snapshot of the Des Moines music scene in that time. To mark the milestone, Campos assembled the Pants Off! Mixtape Vol. 1, mixing 12 songs with interview segments.

The conversations range from life as a touring musician (Dan Tedesco, Patrick Tape Fleming), views on race (Tripp Shelton), broken homes (Courtney Krause) and one-time animosity with Campos (Aeon Grey). Their songs are featured, along with Traffic Death, MarKaus, Tires, Ramona Muse Lambert and others.

The album is free to stream at, but Campos is donating all proceeds to Iowa food charities. So don’t be a cheap bastard, donate a few dollars and download a copy. Then join Richie Daggers, who was featured in the podcast’s first episode but was not included on this mixtape, in razzing Campos on Facebook. That’s worthy of an unsquashable beef. ♦




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