Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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Publisher's Note

A few changes at your alternative newsweekly


We don’t change much to the content of this newspaper. With 97 percent of our papers picked up each week, and with more readers than we have had in the newspaper’s history, we don’t want to drastically change what you have come to expect and enjoy. With that in mind, we look for ways to add to what we know you like. We have made some of these changes slowly in recent weeks and others you will see for the first time today. I want to take the time to share these with you, as I am proud of this newspaper and the people who make it all happen.

A few months back, we expanded our local music coverage by adding Chad Taylor to our mix. His offerings provide a wide perspective and a broad coverage of various genres of music. His background includes freelance music writing for The Stranger, a popular alternative newsweekly in Seattle, Wash. He has also recently written cover stories for us beyond his music beat, which has included recent pieces on DART and on bicycle theft. Taylor fits well in our mix, and we are pleased to have him on board.

Just a few weeks ago, we added movie reviews from Cole Smithey, the self-proclaimed “smartest film critic in the world.” Smithey’s reviews were once a mainstay in Cityview, but we opted a few years back to allow staff writer Jared Curtis to pen reviews as part of our commitment to publish local writing. Unfortunately, this change did not allow our reviewer to see movies in advance. With Curtis’ recent resignation, we had the opportunity to bring Smithey’s work back to our pages so that you can read reviews prior to films hitting the big screen. Look for Smithey’s video blogs on our website in weeks ahead, too. 

I think you will enjoy our newest writer, Joe Weeg and his column “Joe’s Neighborhood.” Some of you know Weeg, as he spent more than 30 years around this town as a prosecutor in the Polk County Attorney’s Office. He is retired now and writes about the frequently overlooked people, places and events in the metro in a weekly blog. We liked his work so much that we asked him if we could share it with each of you. He agreed, and we’re glad he did. 

I appreciate your ongoing positive comments about our reviews of books, movies, CDs and television. I also appreciate your suggestions that we publish a technology column, too. Starting in this issue, that request has been approved. We will be publishing weekly columns from Robert Anhalt, the director of content at Geek Speak Forum. Expect helpful advice on hardware, software, security and gadgets from a local expert in the industry.

I have also made a couple promotions in our editorial management. When Michael Swanger resigned as editor of Cityview three years ago, I took on those tasks personally and have worn the hat of both editor and publisher of this newspaper since that time. These are tasks I enjoy and cherish, but I have the good fortune of being surrounded by others who I know can do them even better. I recently promoted two of our newsroom staffers who have proven their loyalty, hard work and talent.

Darren Tromblay is now the editor of Cityview, in addition to his role as editor of our 23 Iowa Living magazines. He has a long history in newsrooms of Iowa newspapers, and I have had the pleasure of working with him for the better part of 15 years. He is smart, he is witty and he is not afraid to push the envelope. He has written numerous pieces for Cityview through the years, and his photography is frequently seen here as well. I named him managing editor about a year ago, and he took on the day-to-day tasks of managing the people in our newsroom. In his role as editor, he now manages all editorial components of this newspaper. 

Amber Williams has been named the managing editor of Cityview. She has been a staff reporter for us and was named news editor in the past year. She also has a varied background in the industry at weekly and daily newspapers. She is a colorful writer with strong organizational skills and a nose for news. She will now directly manage our news and entertainment writers and will continue to write regular features in the paper, too.  

Dave Mable, who serves as the editor of our monthly endurance sports magazine, Iowa Momentum, is now also penning our Locker Room column each week, highlighting many of the lesser known athletic events that we think you should know about. Dave has worn many hats in our company, but we are pleased to see him now focus on what he does best.   

In the midst of these changes, we are also keeping many of your favorites the same. While another newspaper in town is altering its company name, moving to a new location and cutting positions, we are reinforcing what we do best. You will continue to find the masterful work of Brian Duffy in Duffy’s View. You will still be enlightened by Jim Duncan’s knowledge of the local food scene and the arts in Food Dude and Art Pimp. You will still learn about the hot spots for cold drinks with Amber Williams in Belly Up. You will continue to find a rural perspective on Iowa politics from Douglas Burns in Political Mercury. You will read Sean Keeler’s perspectives on college football. You will be provided guest commentaries from a variety of opinions ranging from Herb Strentz to Kent Carlson. And, of course, there’s Civic Skinny.

We are proud to offer you an alternative to the daily grind. This isn’t your parent’s newspaper, but it’s not your little sister’s either. This is Cityview, your independent, locally-owned newsweekly, and I thank you for reading it.  

Shane Goodman

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