Friday, September 24, 2021

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Public asked to share opinions on future roadway capacity projects


Residents of Greater Des Moines are invited to share their opinions on 176 roadway capacity projects that could be eligible for federal funding over the next 30 years.

The Des Moines Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is in the process of updating the Long-Range Transportation Plan for the Greater Des Moines region. Called Mobilizing Tomorrow, the plan is significant because roadway capacity projects need to be listed in the plan to be eligible for federal funding.

“Transportation is vital to how we live and to our economy – and how we build it matters,” said Todd Ashby, executive director of the Des Moines Area MPO. “We hope you speak up if you have an opinion about how we invest your federal tax dollars in our regional transportation network.”

Roadway capacity projects will receive a maximum of 40 percent of the federal funds allocated annually by the Des Moines Area MPO, under a new set of funding targets approved earlier this year by the MPO Policy Committee. The new funding targets also sets minimums of 20 percent for bridges, 20 percent for maintenance, 10 percent for system optimization, and 10 percent for transit.

Under the old funding targets, a maximum of 60 percent had been going to roadway capacity projects, while minimums were set at 15 percent for bridges, 10 percent for maintenance and system optimization, 10 percent for transit, and 5 percent of flexible funding.

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The public can submit comments on the 176 roadway capacity projects using an interactive map Comments can also be given via phone at 515-334-0075 or email at The deadline to submit comments is Friday, May 31.

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