Sunday, September 24, 2023

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Best of Des Moines


Setting Records!

best ofMany imitators have tried, but the original simply can’t be duplicated.  Our Best of Des Moines readers’ poll just keepts getting better.  Take a spin inside and see for yourself.


To be named the best at anything is a rare honor, which is why Cityview is proud to retain the annual responsibility of bestowing the Best Of Des Moines Awards — honoring the city’s most deserving businesses, bars, sports teams, lawyers, politicians and just about any other field you can think of.

What follows is the revelation of Des Moines’ definitive judgment, the accumulation of thousands of your votes, based on customer experiences. We tally the votes and give out the grand distinction of being called “The Best.” We sing Des Moines’ praises, and we are proud to do so.

And while Cityview is humbled by the great honor of being entrusted with the authority to apply these labels — we are only the microphone. In the end, it’s you, the voters who cast the ballots and choose who wins the awards.

Congratulations to the winners, to the runners-up and to all who were nominated. We want to thank the voters for voting, and the businesses for bringing their best each and every day. These fine folks understand that when the going gets tough, it’s time to keep spinning.

CNA - Substance Use (Sept 2023)CNA - Stop HIV/U=U (September #1)

We also want to thank our competition. Imitation is commonly said to be the sincerest form of flattery, and many of our rivals have tried duplicating Cityview’s Best of Des Moines Awards. But no one else comes close to capturing the city’s trust like we do — as evidenced by 11,000-plus votes in more than 200 categories. That is music to our ears. So thank you.

Without further adieu, the people of Des Moines have spoken. Enjoy the results and the easy read. We’ll see you back here in 2018.


Best New Restaurant

Bubba — Southern Comforts

Wait. What’s whiskey pecan pie? And why don’t Iowans eat more shrimp and grits? And is it possible this is the only restaurant in the city with a po-boy of the week? And if so, why? Ditto for chicken and waffles, Dr. Pepper-braised short ribs… And did someone say something about whiskey pecan pie? Bubba’s is bringing a little Dixie to Des Moines and has been voted Best New Restaurant by Cityview readers. Come hungry. 200 Tenth St., Des Moines. 515-257-4744;

Runners-up: Magnolia, Vivian’s

Best Local Family Restaurant

Latin King

The Latin King is an eastside hot spot, and it is a longtime favorite of Cityview’s Best of Des Moines readers. The Latin King has once again been crowned and is sitting on the throne as the Best Local Family Restaurant in the city. Serving authentic Italian dishes, this Des Moines staple knows how to set the table. 2200 Hubbell Ave., Des Moines. 515-266-4466.

Runners-up: Tumea & Sons, Noah’s Ark

Best Kept Secret on the Local Restaurant Scene


Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone about this Des Moines eatery that’s been serving high-end eats since 1994. Once known as J. Benjamin’s, the northwest side foodie-favorite serves succulent pasta plates, and classic drink favorites along with an assortment of other specialties that has people talking — even if it’s in hushed tones. Voters say this place is the Best Kept Secret on the Local Restaurant Scene winner, and the secret is now out in the open. 5800 Franklin Ave., Des Moines. 515-255-3725;

Runners-up: Flying Mango, Bubba — Southern Comforts

Best Local Restaurant. Period.


Centro gets a three-peat as it once again takes home the title as The Best Local Restaurant. This high-end downtown eatery presents a menu that offers upscale treats that make our readers light up with joy while sitting down to Italian food, fine wine, impeccable service and an atmosphere unrivaled just about anywhere. Period. Our readers have had their say, and loud and clear. Centro is the city’s best. Period. 1003 Locust St., Des Moines. 515-248-1780;

Runners-up: John & Nicks, Zombie Burger + Drink Lab

Best Local Fine Dining


And the hits keep on coming. Cityview’s readers are raving about this 15-year restaurant on the west side of downtown near the Western Gateway. Its premium Italian menu is matched only by its elegant ambiance — with an emphasis on comfortable — that has local citizens hungry to enjoy a culinary delight while out on the town. Centro has been the place to be for a decade-and-a-half. 1003 Locust St., Des Moines. 515-248-1780;

Runners-up: Django, 801 Chophouse

Best Local Chef

George Formaro

How does something succulent become something sublime? And how does raw food blossom into an entrée? Ask George Formaro. He is the brains behind local favorites such as Centro, Django, South Union Bread Café, Gateway Market & Café and MALO. Our readers have once again crowned the father of Des Moines’ Zombie Burger invasion — that’s him, too — as the Best Local Chef. Bon appetite.

Runners-up: John Jaeger, Sean Wilson

Best Local Wait Staff

John & Nicks

The importance of an establishment’s service team cannot be overstated. A diner’s experience is entrusted to the front of the house folks, and according to Best of Des Moines readers, no restaurant offers more consistent and true customer service than the wait staff at John & Nicks. Well done. 15970 Hickman Road, Clive. 515-987-1151;

Runners-up: Centro, Bubba — Southern Comforts                                                                                                       

Best Valley Junction Restaurant

G Mig’s 5th Street Pub

Head Chef George Migliero — also known as G Mig — is the driving force behind the junction’s unique menu offerings. Voters appreciate the laid back, easygoing neighborhood feel, and they adore the specialty beers, wines and great service. The Best Valley Junction Restaurant, according to our readers. 128 Fifth St., West Des Moines. 515-255-4550;

Runners-up: The Tavern, Coopers on 5th    

Best West Glen Restaurant

Bonefish Grill

The competition is always fierce in the Best West Glen Restaurant category, but Bonefish Grill’s contemporary seafood-centric menu must be memorable, as our readers remembered to tab this fine establishment as West Glenn’s best. 650 S. Prairie View Drive, Des Moines. 515-267-0064;

Runners-up: Wellman’s West, Abelardo’s Mexican Restaurant

Best East Village Restaurant

Zombie Burger + Drink Lab

The vibrant East Village is loaded with hot eating establishments, so being tabbed by voters as the Best East Village Restaurant is a big deal. Zombie touts itself as “fast food with a culinary edge,” and your taste buds will be brought to life on the first bite — even if the zombies continue in a state of undead. The burger joint offers its classic three-cut beef burger blend, complimenting creative dining options you won’t find anywhere else, and they are served on specially-crafted artisan buns. And if you really want a treat, test out a hand-mixed shake — they are to “die” for. 300 E. Grand Ave., Des Moines. 515-244-9292;

Runners-up: Alba, Lucca

Best Drake Area Restaurant

Drake Diner

Remember college? Most of our readers don’t either, but they did remember to single out this long-time Drake area treat serving burgers, breakfast, shakes, salads and just about anything you have a hankering for near Drake University. The upscale diner has been pleasing customers since it opened in 1987. The diner offers an ambience our voters appreciate, and it puts its best foot forward with a friendly staff, too, which is also appreciated. 1111 25th St., Des Moines. 515-277-1111;

Runners-up: Jethro’s, Library Café

Best Beaverdale Area Restaurant

Christopher’s Restaurant

Readers tabbed this 50-year Des Moines tradition as the Best Beaverdale Area Restaurant. Christopher’s has earned a reputation for providing excellent Italian-American cuisine. And don’t forget the first class bar. 2816 Beaver Ave., Des Moines. 515-274-3694;

Runners-up: Flying Mango, Chef’s Kitchen

Best Ingersoll Area Restaurant

Eatery A

Ingersoll has enjoyed a burgeoning culinary renaissance as of late, but Eatery A continues its reign as the best restaurant in the Ingersoll area, at least according to Citiview voters. Foodies love the Mediterranean menu, and anyone can appreciate the professional service and incredible atmosphere. 2932 Ingersoll Ave., Des Moines. 515-282-8085;

Runners-up: Sakari Sushi, Noah’s Ark

Best Local American Food

Americana Restaurant and Lounge

One thing is certain in this age of uncertainty: Americans have an appetite for its own brand of delectable dishes. And that makes winning the Best Local American Food award quite an accomplishment. Americana takes home the title one more time in this prestigious category as a result of its salads, pastas, sandwiches, Bombshell Brunch and contemporary digs. 1312 Locust St., Des Moines. 515-283-1312;

Runners-up: Zombie Burger + Drink Lab, Jethro’s

Best Local Vegetarian/Vegan Food

A Dong

Most anyone abstaining from eating meat and animal products is aware of the paucity of local eateries offering acceptable enticements. But A Dong alleviates the stress associated with opening a menu and enables your appetite to glow with anticipation. With Vietnamese fare geared for pleasing vegans and vegetarians, this family-owned restaurant uses fresh, local ingredients to serve guests with something they’ll remember. Our voters also remembered to rate them atop the list as the Best Local Vegetarian/Vegan Food. 1511 High St., Des Moines. 515-284-5632;

Runners-up: Ritual Café, Gateway Market

Best Local Gluten-Free Food

Gusto Pizza Co.

What is gluten? Whatever it is, if you want to stay away from it, our readers say, “Go for the Gusto Pizza Co.” Serving slices of the unique, made-from-scratch pies, this metro hot spot is a great place to hangout, and “napkins don’t cost extra, and the high fives and belly laughs are free.” Gusto now has locations in Johnston, West Des Moines and Des Moines.

Runners-up: Gateway Market, Louie’s Wine Dive

Best Local Italian Food

Tursi’s Latin King

While breaking bread with the family, do yourself a favor and have some classic homeland meatballs covered in zesty red sauce at Tursi’s Latin King, our readers vote for Best Local Italian Food. 2200 Hubbell Ave., Des Moines. 515-266-4466;

Runners-up: Tumea & Sons, Centro

Best Local Mexican Food

Tasty Tacos                

Nada es impossible. That’s the mantra of Tasty Tacos. It means “nothing is impossible.” And our voters say the family restaurant started in 1961 is flourishing after 50 years of central Iowa service. The eatery was started with little more than a family recipe, and now flourishes across central Iowa. Tasty Tacos is focused on fast service but without the other drawbacks of fast food. Tasty Tacos is conveniently located throughout the metro area.

Runners-up: Monterrey, El Rodeo

Best Local Thai Food

Cool Basil

This thai food is known for its chili pepper flavors and has the potential to redden the cheeks. But don’t worry, our readers have spoken and Cool Basil has the temperature just right — some like it hot, and others like it not, but our readers say you’ll love Cool Basil and named it the Best Local Thai Food. Thai dishes are served with a spice level that is right for you, levels one through six. 1250 86th St., Clive. 515-225-8111;

Runners-up: Thai Flavors, Blue Thai Food & Sushi

Best Local Chinese Food

Hy-Vee-Chinese-Station_Close-up-(2)Hy-Vee Chinese Express

Whether you use chopsticks to eat your chow mein or you use American-style silverware, our readers love chowing down at Hy-Vee’s Chinese Express as they again voted it the area’s Best Local Chinese Food. This monstrous menu offers a buffet of treats that are styled after the savory flavors from the orient. Multiple locations.

Runners-up: Tsing Tsao, Shang Yuen

Best Local Japanese Food

Miyabi 9

If you like eel, octopus or salmon caviar, Miyabi 9 has all the delectable treats you’d expect to find in a bento box. Bento is a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine. A traditional bento holds rice, fish or meat, with pickled or cooked vegetables, usually in a box-shaped container. People in the know voted for Miyabi 9 as the Best Local Japanese Food in central Iowa. Miyabi 9 is owned by master chef, Mike Miyabi. 512 E. Grand Ave., Des Moines. 515-288-8885;

Runners-up: Taki, Sakari Sushi, Wasabi

Best Local Mediterranean Food

Open Sesame

Open Sesame! Cityview readers have a soft spot for Mediterranean flair with savory flavors. The succulence of Open Sesame originated by way of the ownership’s love of family. It then emanated from a “scratch kitchen,” and now it ends on your plate and the winner of the Best Local Mediterranean Food award. 13 E. Locust St., Des Moines. 515-288-3151;

Runners-up: Fresh Mediterranean Express, Olympic Flame

Best Local Seafood

Waterfront Seafood Market

Whether it’s sushi, seafood, soups, salads, fresh Carolina shrimp, Atlantic salmon or fish that is for sale by the pound, the Waterfront has been tabbed by readers for its Best Local Seafood offerings. Waterfront buys fish direct from the docks and flies it in from around the globe. This family-owned restaurant started by Ted Hanke in 1984 has been around nearly three decades. His children now own and operate the business, and it has expanded to Ankeny. Locations in Ankeny and West Des Moines.

Runners-up: Splash, John & Nicks

Best Local Sushi

Sakari Sushi Lounge

Do you ever wonder if John Belushi tried sushi? Neither do we. But no one is wondering who Cityview voters say serves the Best Local Sushi in the metro. Sakari Sushi Lounge has yet again earned the trophy naming it the best in the business. 2605 Ingersoll Ave., Des Moines. 515-288-3381;

Runners-up: Miyabi 9, Wasabi

Best Local Hibachi

Ohana Steakhouse

The balloting is over, and the results are official. Des Moines is in love with this local hibachi haunt. Ohana diners enjoy interactions with skilled chefs and watching fine cuisine preparation in front of their eyes. And then it’s time to chow down. 2900 University Ave., West Des Moines. 515-225-3325;

Runners-up: Taki, Hibachi Grill 

Best Local Steakhouse

801 Chophouse

Des Moines is licking its chops for 801 Chophouse. This fine dining treat has been home to people who appreciate quality meals since 1993, and apparently there are quite a few of those people, because 801 has been dubbed Des Moines’ Best Local Steakhouse. The upscale establishment is downtown near the heart of the city, and its USDA prime steaks and lobster corn dogs are in the center of our voters’ hearts. 801 Grand Ave., Des Moines. 515-288-6000;

Runners-up: The Big Steer, Iowa Beef Steakhouse

Best Local Brunch/Breakfast

Americana Restaurant & Lounge

If you mix a lion with a tiger — you get a liger. To create a mule, you mix a donkey with a horse. But the best combination this side of Sonny and Cher is the marriage of breakfast and lunch to get brunch. Cityview’s readers say Americana Restaurant and Lounge serves the Best Local Brunch/Breakfast in town. 1312 Locust St., Des Moines. 515-283-1312;

Runners-up: Waveland Café, MALO

Best Local Delicatessen

Palmer’s Deli & Market

Palmer’s takes wholesome food and crafts it with care, piling it high until the customer’s eyes gleam. These soups, sandwiches and other delectable treats taste so good — the best, as a matter of a fact. Or at least that’s what our voters said as they once again crowned this local delicatessen the king. 2843 Ingersoll Ave., Des Moines. 515-274-4004;

Runners-up: Hagar’s Manhattan Deli, Hy-Vee

Best Local Burger


B-Bops is a throwback to the 1950s, but it’s the best thing to happen to the 21st century, or so say Cityview’s burger-eating, french-fry munching, strawberry-shake-guzzling, B-Bop-burger-tasting voters. Multiple locations.

Runners-up: Zombie Burger + Drink Lab, BW’s Burgers

Best Local Pizza

Gusto Pizza Co.

Gusto means “doing something with enjoyment, or with zest,” and the citizenry of Des Moines is saying they go for this Gusto as the company has once again been named the Best Local Pizzeria in the metro for the fourth straight year. The pie shop will “take a slice out of your hunger” with pizzas, sandwiches, salads, drinks and other treats. Take a page from our voters’ playbook and go for the gusto. Multiple locations.

Runners-up: Fongs Pizza and Tiki Bar, Bordenaro’s

Best Local Bakery

La Mie Bakery

What’s cooking, good looking? It’s La Mie Bakery who is taking the tally as Des Moines’s Best Local Bakery and place to buy baked goods, eat baked goods, and generally be pleased to be alive and blessed with a set of functioning taste buds. Thank goodness for sugar and for La Mie Bakery, say our voters. Located in the city’s Roosevelt Cultural District, 841 42nd St., Des Moines. 515-255-1625;

Runners-up: Highland Bakery, The Bake Shoppe

Best Local Cupcake Shop

Scratch Cupcakery

Our readers are sweet on Scratch, a local cupcakery specializing in single-serving cakes designed to delight. If you have a burning desire to satiate your sweet tooth, it’s time to consume the cupcakes that earned the top spot as Best Local Cupcake Shop yet again this year in Cityview’s Best of Des Moines poll. The yummy-baked batter is the perfect antidote to your mid-afternoon bout with dreary. Bask in the golden-baked goodness of cupcakes made from scratch — and Scratch. 7450 Bridgewood Blvd. Suite 215, West Des Moines. 515-518-8962;

Runners-up: Crème Cupcake + Dessert, Smallcakes Cupcakery

Best Local BBQ

Jethro’s BBQ

Did you know the biggest difference between living during the prehistoric ages and now? It’s the BBQ sauce. And thanks to Jethro’s, the BBQ sauce keeps getting better. If you eat an oversized plate of anything while dipping assorted meats into a variety of BBQ sauces, our readers say Jethro’s is the Best Local BBQ. And if you mix in some waffle fries, your mouth might be so satisfied you won’t hardly be able to stand it. Multiple locations. www.Jethro’

Runners-up: Smokey D’s BBQ, Woody’s Smoke Shack

Best Local Onion Rings


Are onion rings the perfect first-date food? Maybe not, but the fried-golden, circular treats are definitely underrated in the pantheon of fried foods. And Maxie’s has mastered the fine art of creating these delectable morsels, winning the Best Local Onion Rings honor for the ninth straight year. This old school restaurant has stood the test of time, and the exquisite onion rings are a big reason why. 1311 Grand Ave., West Des Moines. 515-223-1463;

Runners-up: Jethro’s, The Tavern

Best Local French Fries


Remember when Vice President Dan Quayle instructed a student during a spelling bee to add an unnecessary “e” to the end of “potato”? Don’t expect B-Bops to make that mistake. Readers say the local burger joint has perfected the crispy art of frenching fries, so they know everything they need to know about a potato. B-Bop’s was also named best local burger in 2017, so “the Bops” is doubling down on the Best of Des Moines awards. Multiple locations.

Runners-up: Zombie Burger + Drink Lab, Exile Brewing Company          

Best Local Chicken Wings


You should never joke about chicken wings. And Jethro’s knows that as well as anyone. Winning the title as Des Moines’ best is serious business. Jethro’s is “bi-wingual,” serving both slow-smoked wings and Bubba’s boneless variety. Multiple locations.

Runners-up: Chicken Coop, Gerri’s       

Best Local Nachos

University Library Café

The most brilliant name ever etched onto the side of a bar has granted innumerable roommates the ability to “not technically lie” while deceiving the mom or dad of a friend who calls looking for the whereabouts of their son or daughter. “He’s at the library getting work done, Mr. Stevenson.” Well, kinda. And while that’s a half-truth, the fact that readers voted the University Library Café nachos the best isn’t. 3506 University Ave., Des Moines. 515-255-0433;

Runners-up: Jethro’s, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop             

Best Local Tacos

Tasty Tacos

It’s a scientific fact that life is better while eating tacos. OK. It hasn’t been scientifically proven, yet, but our readers have undeniably shown a penchant for enjoying Tasty Tacos. And if it that’s not good science, it should be. Enough said. Tasty’s is a local taco hot spot making Mexican cuisine look easy since 1961 — when Richard and Antonia Mosqueda first opened its doors with the slogan: “Nada es impossible (nothing is impossible).” Multiple locations.

Runners-up: Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, Taco Hangover

Best Local Ribs

Smokey D’s BBQ

Readers are saying the best ribs in the metro can be found at Smokey D’s BBQ. With more than 75 state BBQ championships and more than 800 local, regional and national BBQ awards to brag about, they’ve certainly put their money where their mouths are. Bring yours here, too. Multiple locations.

Runners-up: Jethro’s, Woody’s Smoke Shack

Best Local Tenderloin

Smitty’s Tenderloin Shop

Was there ever a doubt? Smitty’s has been winning this tenderloin award seemingly since the existence of tenderloins. The south-side favorite has engineered the perfect ratio of bun-to-tasty treat, and it’s even better when served with a side of something fried. 1401 Army Post Road, Des Moines. 515-287-4742;

Runners-up: Nick’s, Jethro’s

Best Local Bar Food


Established in 1987, this south side sports bar has a seasonal patio and apparently pretty good grub because our voters once again tabbed it as the Best Local Bar Food. Voters like the outdoor patio and the friendly wait staff, but most of all, it’s the tried and true American-style lunch and dinner menu. Relax. Enjoy a game. Eat. 2100 Wakonda View Drive, Des Moines. 515- 285-5207;

Runners-up: High Life Lounge, Star Bar

Best Local Appetizers

Hy-Vee Market Grille

Appetizers, Hors d’oeuvres. Teasers. Treats. Starters. If you like beginners, you are in luck at Hy-Vee. This appetizer menu tantalizes tastebuds with colossal chicken wings, crispy bacon, jalepeno and maple wontons, pepperoni pinwheels, grilled chicken quesadillas, nachos or a variety of other starter plates. Our readers are drooling, and they must be voting, too, because Hy-Vee has the top spot in the metro for appetizers. Multiple locations.

Runners-up: RoCA, Eatery A     

Best Local Coffee/Coffeehouse

Smokey Row Coffee Co.

This Sherman Hills gem is housed in a century-old building that was once used as a grocery store. The 5,000-square-foot structure is now transformed into one of the most popular hangouts in the city and the Best Local Coffee/Coffeehouse in Des Moines, according to our readers. 1910 Cottage Grove, Des Moines. 515-244-2611;

Runners-up: Zanzibar, Java Joe’s            

Best Local Wine Selection at a Restaurant

Louie’s Wine Dive

Do you partake in the fruit of the vine? If so, our readers say Louie’s Wine Dive has the top selection of wine in town. Louie’s brings in spirits from around the globe in price ranges both high and low. Louie’s offers wine samplings, meals, and, according to readers, the Best Local Wine Selection at a Restaurant. 4040 University Ave., Waukee. 515-777-3416;

Runners-up: John & Nicks, Django         

Best Local Power Lunch


Power — the ability to enact your own desires and the strength to make things in your imagination come true. It’s the means to take what you want. And what our readers want is a nice lunch at Centro. If power is the best drug on the planet, when it’s time to get ink done with a major client, the other party will know you are for real when you wine and dine them over lunch at Centro, this year’s Best Local Power Lunch. 1003 Locust St., Des Moines. 515-248-1780;

Runners-up: John & Nicks, Palmers

Best Local Place for $5 Lunch

Tasty Tacos

The buying power of Abraham Lincoln and his grainy-green image on the $5 bill isn’t what it once was, but our voters say Tasty Tacos is the best place to trade one of your hard-earned Honest Abes into a belly full of something tasty. Multiple locations.

Runners-up: Hy-Vee, B-Bops  

Best Local Place for $10 Dinner

Hy-Vee Market Grille

Alexander Hamilton never looked better thanks to Hy-Vee’s Market Grille. The grocery store’s in-house full-service restaurant has a full menu loaded with appetizers, pastas, steaks, Iowa chops and grilled seafood. All menu items are made to order with fresh ingredients, and this helps Hy-Vee live up to its mission statement: “Making lives easier, healthier, happier.” Multiple locations.

Runners-up: Cozy Café, Tasty Tacos       

Best Local Place to Chow After 2 A.M.

Fong’s Pizza and Tiki Bar

What do you get when you mix a cow and a pogo stick? You get a milkshake. What do you get when you combine Chinese cuisine on top of an Italian pizza? Our voters say you get sublime the Best Local Place to Chow After 2 A.M. — Fong’s. The restaurant describes itself as a dive bar that is frozen in time and that offers Asian-inspired pizzas and appetizers, sandwiches, salads and desserts. Go explore the Fongolian territory. 223 Fourth St., Des Moines, or 1450 S.W. Vintage Parkway, Suite. 120 Ankeny.

Runners-up: Big Tomato Pizza, Abelardo’s Mexican Restaurant

Best Local Hangover Food

Waveland Café

If your soul hurts and your brain seems to have developed a shrieking pulsation behind your left eyeball, now is the time to take the advice of Cityview voters and get to the Waveland Café to enjoy some of what voters deemed the Best Local Hangover Food. The old-school diner serves breakfast, brunch and other food that our voters approve of when in recovery from one too many. 4708 University Ave., Des Moines. 515-279-4341.

Runners-up: Mullet’s, B-Bop’s 

Best Local First Date Spot


Got a date? Don’t be wishy washy — no one likes a pushover. Don’t show up late — that’s rude. What you need to do is listen to our voters who say to go to Centro, the Best Local First Date Spot. Centro is the place to to play out your plan for attaining “happily ever after.” Happy hour at Centro’s bar features $5 martinis, too. 1003 Locust St., Des Moines. 515-248-1780;

Runners-up: John & Nicks, Django          

Best Local Restaurant Patio

Eatery A

Eatery A attempts to put exotic flavor profiles on stage while crafting Mediterranean-inspired cuisine with quality, local ingredients. Our readers say they enjoy this best while outdoors under the big blue Iowa sky and voted it Best Local Restaurant Patio. 2932 Ingersoll Ave., Des Moines. 515-282-8085;

Runners-up: Wellman’s West, Taco Hangover  

Best Local Place to get a Doughnut

Donut Hut

Must. Get. Donuts. When you need a donut, a donut hole, a longjohn or a cinnamon swirl, it’s time to get to the hut. The Donut Hut bakes its goods fresh daily. Buy them by the dozen, or devour them one at a time. Either way, be sure to enjoy Donut Hut, our readers’ choice as the Best Local Place to get a Doughnut . 4941 Douglas Ave., Des Moines. 515-331-4205;

Runners-up: Dunkin Donuts, Hy-Vee    

Best Local Caterer

Taste to Go

Taste to Go is a local favorite that originally served only fish tacos and hand-cut fries, tempura green beans and assorted other treats. But this local caterer has been in business for more than a dozen years, and our voters say it’s the Best Local Caterer in town. 4700 University Ave., Des Moines. 515-277-8646;

Runners-up: Hy-Vee, Gateway Market

Best Local Restaurant Supply Company

Bolton & Hay

Bolton & Hay began in 1920 as a restaurant chain. The company developed into a foodservice equipment and supplies company offering refrigeration, cooking equipment, food preparation, countertop, tabletop, glassware and other restaurant supply needs. And since it was originally a restaurant itself, its owners knew what was needed from a supplier and were well-positioned to serve. Readers have voted it the Best Local Restaurant Supply Company. 2701 Delaware Ave., Des Moines. 1-800-362-1861;

Runners-up: Hockenbergs, Iowa Des Moines Supply

Best Craft Beer

Confluence Brewing Company

Confluence Brewery doesn’t serve raisin-almond beer, Head Brewer John Martin’s first attempt at brewing. He and a high school friend attempted what was an admittedly ill-conceived raisin-almond brew, and the failure led to a future fascination, which spawned a passion for beer. Martin’s passion became a confluence of love for Iowa and craft beer, which transitioned into a microbrewery. Confluence’s careful, creative craftsmanship is what makes the beer our voters deem the Best Craft Beer in town. 1235 Thomas Beck Road, Des Moines. 515- 285-9005;

Runners-up: Exile, 515 

Best Import Beer


Guinness is known for its distinct flavor. The beer’s flavorful tang combines with a creamy head to form one of the best-selling drinks in Ireland. This Irish dry stout originated in the brewery of Arthur Guinness in Dublin. This Guinness is now brewed in nearly 50 different countries, and it is a success around the world. Cityview voters say it’s a success here, too.

Runners-up: Corona, Stella Artois           

Best Domestic Beer

Bud Light

Bud Light beats out last year’s winner, Budweiser, to take home the title of Best Domestic Beer. Produced by Anheuser-Busch, Bud Light is not only a national favorite, but it is also the tops amongst this city’s citizenry.

Runners-up: Coors Light, Busch Light     

Best Soft Drink


What is in Coca-Cola’s secret formula? The recipe is said to be locked down in a secret vault. But this much we do know: The first batch was formulated by a pharmacist in 1886 and described as a ”brain tonic and intellectual beverage.” Whatever the case may be, our readers have deemed it Best Soft Drink. With a smile.

Runners-up: Pepsi, Diet Coke   

Best Rum

Captain Morgan

International “Talk Like a Pirate Day” is Sept. 19. Let Cityview be the first to say, “Arg!” But any day is potentially a good day for voters to come aboard and say, “Ahoy, matey, this is the best rum.” Watch out for this smooth-tasting spiced rum; it packs a wallop. Shiver me timbers and batten down the hatches.

Runners-up: Bacardi, Malibu     

Best Vodka

IngeniOz Vodka

Did you know that the word “vodka” derives from the Slavic word for water (“voda”)? Or that adding a smidgen of vodka to your shampoo is said to make your hair healthier? The voters in this city may or may not be aware of these details, but no matter what, they named IngeniOz Vodka as the best in town.

Runners-up: Titos, Swell

Best Whiskey

Templeton Rye

It’s a little known fact that John Lennon’s classic song “Imagine” originally contained the lyrics: “Imagine there’s no whiskey.” OK, that isn’t true. What is true is that our readers don’t want to imagine a life without Templeton Rye, and they voted it Best Whiskey.

Runners-up: Jack Daniels, Cedar Ridge

Best Tequila


Agave tequilana is more commonly known as blue agave, and it’s used to distill tequila. The cream of the blue agave crop is taken behind the grand walls of Hacienda Patrón. There it is crushed to extract its juices to be fermented and distilled and then put inside handmade barrels. Once inside the barrels, the tequila sits until it’s ready to be poured into a glass bottle, corked, uncorked and poured over ice. You’re welcome for the lesson. Just try it. Our voters say it’s the Best Tequila.

Runners-up: Don Julio, Jose Cuervo      



Best Local Store (overall)

Bike World

Where is the best place in Des Moines to buy stuff? That’s high praise. But it’s what voters are saying about Bike World. Bike World is a “store that supports the sport.” Multiple locations.

Runners-up: Hy-Vee, Glazed Expressions

Best Local Men’s Clothing Store

Mr. B’s

Every girl is crazy about a sharp dressed man. And if our readers are right, then every girl is out of her mind for guy who shops at Mr. B’s, winners of the Best Local Men’s Clothing Store. 1995 N.W. 86th St., Clive. 515-276-8589;

Runners-up: G & L Clothing, Badowers

Best Local Women’s Clothing Store

Mint LA

At, your order will ship within three business days. The trendy, yet affordable, shop is geared toward serving the young female professional with offerings such as boho print komono, silky dresses with pockets, babydoll halter tank tops, printed button rompers, shoes and other accessories. Every item is handpicked at this budget-friendly online shop. 2505 S.W. White Birch Drive, Suite C, Ankeny. 515-964-4044.

Runners-up: Fusion, Blond Genius

Best Local Thrift Shop

Encore Thrift Store — Hope Ministries

Encore helps you get the goods while beating the bottom line. Whether you are thrifting, or grifting or drifting through this local hot spot — voted Best Local Thrift Shop — will have you dressed to the nines without the hole in your wallet. Multiple locations.

Runners-up: Goodwill, Salvation Army

Best Local Resale/Consignment Boutique


Worn boasts of high-end, 100 percent authentic and sleek, in-style merchandise. With an inventory that changes daily, everyone is sure to find clothing and accessories to meet his or her unique style. Worn — voted Best Local Resale/Consignment Boutique — proves that good taste and smart spending can go hand in hand, and our readers have taken notice. Multiple locations.

Runners-up: The Attic, Plato’s Closet

Best Local Clothing Boutique

Mint LA

Whether you prefer the “plain Jane” look or something more cutting-edge, you can be a trendsetter at Mint LA. Mint LA has what women are looking to fill a closet suitable for professional, social and home lifestyles — all in one place. Our readers say “don’t break the bank, shop at Mint LA.” 2505 S.W. White Birch Drive, Suite C, Ankeny, 515-964-4044.

Runners-up: Fusion, Matilda Muse

Best Kept Secret on the Local Retail Scene

Five Monkeys

Five Monkeys art gallery humbly displays “art for the people, by the people.” And the people of Des Moines are hearing loud and clear. The word is spreading about Five Monkeys and its one-of-a-kind fine art, home decor, jewelry and much more. The search is over for the Best Kept Secret on the Local Retail Scene. 4211 Chamberlain Drive, Des Moines, 515-537-5652;

Runners-up: Milroy’s Tuxedos, Fusion

Best Local Bridal Shop


Once a humble Des Moines boutique, Schaffer’s has become a comprehensive bridal shop and has been named the Best Local Bridal Shop by Cityview readers. Schaffer’s has the selection of formalwear and accessories to suit an entire wedding party’s needs. Schaffer’s has once again won the hearts of Iowa brides proving they’re committed to helping you dress to impress. 5525 Mills Civic Parkway, Suite 100, West Des Moines. 515-288-0356;

Runners-up: Bridal Boutique, Bridal Connection

Best Local Tuxedo Shop

Milroy’s Tuxedos

When it’s time to say those special words, it’s also time to get decked out in a special suit. Sleek. Elegant. Serious. Our readers have something special to say about the splendid threads at Milroy’s Tuxedos. Of course, weddings aren’t the only reason to put your best foot forward. Tuxedos will also highlight a prom night and other grand occasions. Milroy’s is a one-stop shop for finding any style or almost any color imaginable. 3839 Merle Hay Road. 515-232-4644;

Runners-up: Skeffingtons, The Tux Shop

Best Local New Store

Mint Piercing Studio

Mint may be the new kid on the block, but its professional and highly-trained staff are no rookies. The store is committed to providing the best experience possible, and Mint ensures the highest level of safety and cleanliness with each service. Mint also strives to tailor each piece of jewelry to the style of the individual. 2732 S.E. Delaware Ave., #290, Ankeny, 515-257-4405;

Runners-up: Spa 810, Five Monkeys

Best Local Children’s Store

Once Upon A Child

With children’s clothing, toys and furniture that is discounted up to 70 percent off the retail prices, it’s no wonder parents in the Des Moines-metro area have once again voted Once Upon a Child the Best Local Children’s Store. 10465 Hickman Road, Urbandale. 515-222-0774;

Runners-up: Lincoln & Lexi, Learning Post and Shear Madness (tie)

Best Local Music Store

ZZZ Records

ZZZ Records may be an oldie — it’s the oldest independent record store in Des Moines — but it continually proves itself as a “goodie” by winning the title as the Best Local Music Store for four years running. From 8-tracks to new CDs and everything in-between, ZZZ Records has the selection all generations can agree on. 2200 Ingersoll Ave., Des Moines. 515-284-1401;

Runners-up: Rieman Music, UpTempo

Best Local New or Used Book Store

Half Price Books

Half price is so much better than paying full price, at least that’s what readers said when they voted for Half Price Books. With countless titles and genres to choose from, Half Price is sure to keep even the most avid reader entertained. And if you aren’t a book worm, Half Price also offers movies for sale for and tunes for music junkies. Westridge Shopping Center, 10201 University Ave., Clive. 515-244-4429;

Runners-up: Beaverdale Books, Plain Talk Books & Coffee

Best Local Auto Shop

Westside Auto Pros

How do you find an auto repair shop you can trust? Ask around. And readers say Westside Auto Pros has the integrity you’re looking for and the service you expect, earning it the Best Local Auto Shop award. 1901 N.W. 92nd Court, Des Moines, 515-309-1252;

Runners-up: Finishline Auto Works, Shade Tree Auto

Best Local Car Dealership (Domestic)

Stivers Ford Lincoln

Whether you’re in the market for a new or used vehicle or simply need to service the one you have, Stivers Ford Lincoln is here to assist. For the fifth year running, Stivers has earned the loyalty and trust of our readers to be named Best Local Car Dealership (Domestic). That’s no small feat. 1450 Hickman Road, Waukee. 888-360-5284,

Runners-up: Karl Chevrolet, Bob Brown

Best Local Car Dealership (Foreign)

Willis Auto Campus

Willis Auto Campus has proven once again to be our readers’ first choice for fulfilling a purchase of a foreign auto and for service needs Best Local Car Dealership (Foreign). The Willis Auto Campus staff is educated and ready to tailor each vehicle purchase to meet your exact specifications. 2121 N.W. 100th St., Des Moines. 800-568-0497;

Runners-up: Hummel’s Nissan, Toyota of Des Moines

Best Motorcycle Shop

Struthers Brothers

For the third year in a row, Cityview voters are taking a slow ride with Struthers Brothers as the town’s Best Motorcycle Shop. 5191 N.W. Second St., Des Moines. 515-282-3634;

Runners-up: Big Barn Harley Davidson, Fenders Cycle

Best Local Bicycle Shop

Bike World

The champion in the two-wheeler category, Bike World is known for its passion for bikes and for the people who ride them. Offering service to all brands of bikes as well as the clothing, accessories and parts needed to “accel” as a cyclist. Cyling aficionados voted Bike World as their bike shop of choice. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Rasmussen, Kyle’s Bikes

Best Local Liquor Store

Hy-Vee Wine and Spirits

For this year’s Best Local Liquor Store, it’s Hy-Vee Wine and Spirits again bringing home the “W.” Whether you’re entertaining a group or having a relaxing night in, Hy-Vee Wine and Spirits provides a selection that’s sure to have what you’re looking for, at least according to voters. Multiple locations.

Runners-up: Central City, Ingersoll Wine

Best Local Wine Store

Hy-Vee Wine and Spirits

With many locations across the Des Moines metro area, Hy-Vee Wine and Spirits has the convenience and variety our readers are looking for. Accordingly, Hy-Vee Wine and Spirits once again has the best local wine store. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: Ingersoll Wine, WineStyles

Best Local Pharmacy

Hy-Vee Pharmacy

Hy-Vee Pharmacy was voted the Best Local Pharmacy again this year. Hy-Vee pharmacists provide the expertise and guidance our readers need to feel their best. Multiple locations.

Runners-up: Medicap, Bauders

Best Local Health Food Store

Campbell’s Nutrition

Campbell’s Nutrition is nuts about health, and our readers are nuts about Campbell’s. Campbell’s was voted the Best Local Health Food Store yet again for their continued passion to bring healthful products and advice to the community. Can you say “three-peat”? Campbell’s can, winning this category for the third year in a row. Multiple locations.

Runners-up: Hy-Vee, Fresh Thyme

Best Local Grocery Store


The helpful smiles in Hy-Vee’s aisles have charmed our readers once again. Hy-Vee’s promotion of “easier, healthier, and happier” living seems to be the right recipe for making them the best local grocery store in the metro. Multiple locations.

Runners-up: Fareway, Gateway Market

Best Local Jewelry Store

Josephs Jewelers

Since 1871, Josephs Jewelers has been passing on its expertise from generation to generation while remaining loyal to the Des Moines-metro area. And our readers have proven loyal to Josephs. Josephs is our repeat winner in the Best Local Jewelry Store category again this year. Multiple locations.

Runners-up: Christophers, Anglo

Best Local Antique Store

BRASS-ARMADILLOBrass Armadillo Antique Mall

Everybody’s still talkin’ about the Brass Armadillo. The Brass Armadillo takes the cake again as the Best Local Antique Store. Offering 450 antique and collectible dealers in one place, shopping at BAAM promises to be a true adventure every time. 701 N.E. 50th Ave., Des Moines. 515-282-0082;

Runners-up: The Picker Knows, Raccoon Forks Trading Company

Best Local Art Gallery

Moberg Gallery

Moberg Gallery has been on the Des Moines gallery scene for years, and once again, our readers have picked it as their favorite. The gallery features curated local, national and international art in a variety of media in its beautiful gallery space. They also specialize in finding that perfect piece of art for your home or business, as well as framing and a variety of art-related services.

2921 Ingersoll Ave., Des Moines. 515-279-9191;

Runners-up: Five Monkeys, Des Moines Art Center

Best Local Hair Salon

Salon TEC

Looking for a new ‘do? Our readers recommend Salon TEC in West Des Moines, which offers everything from haircuts to color to extensions and texture services to make sure you’re looking and feeling your best. Finish your new hair with waxing and makeup services to really make them say “wow.” 1300 50th St, Ste 103, West Des Moines. 515-222-0200;

Runners-up: Bombshell Betty’s, Salon W

Best Local Spa

East Village Spa

When our readers are looking to treat themselves, they turn to East Village Spa, winner of Best Local Spa. Since 2008, the professionals at East Village Spa have been offering facials, facial peels, massage therapy, manicures, pedicures and waxing, utilizing some of the best products around. The spa also offers a gift shop full of locally crafted jewelry. 601 E. Locust St. #202, Des Moines. 515-309-2904;

Runners-up: Spa 810, Skin Gym

Best Local Place for Skin Care

SkinGym Dermatology & Medispa

Great skin takes conditioning and maintenance. For that, our readers turn to SkinGym Dermatology & Medispa, voted Best Local Place for Skin Care. They offer a variety of services to make sure you put your best face forward, including laser hair removal, light therapy and anti-aging services. Open since 2012 and a previous winner, SkinGym is in prime condition. 9350 University Ave., Suite 132 West Des Moines, 515-330-1123;

Runners-up: Spa 810, East Village Spa

Best Local Waxing Salon

Waxing the City

For the third year in a row, our readers have picked Waxing the City as their Best Local Waxing Salon, offering waxing services for both men and women. The friendly people at their Clive location help make your appointment as smooth and pain-free as possible. 1300 N.W. 100th St., Clive. 515-225-4045;

Runners-up: East Village Spa, Pink Beaver

Best Local Tanning Salon

BRONZE-515Bronze 515

Our readers are keeping their golden color year-round at Bronze 515, which was picked as this year’s Best Local Tanning Salon. The spray tan pros offer packages as well as on-the-go spray tanning services so you can always keep your glow even when it’s not exactly sunny outside. 12951 University Ave., Suite 120, Clive. 515-570-1660;

Runners-up: Tanique, SunTan City

Best Local Place for Aesthetic Surgery

Des Moines Plastic Surgery

For the third year, our readers have picked Des Moines Plastic Surgery as the Best Local Place for Aesthetic Surgery and a variety of surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures. For more than 10 years, these West Des Moines doctors have offered face and body services for both men and women in a comfortable surroundings and staffed by professionals. 6420 Coachlight Drive, Suite 100, West Des Moines. 515-221-9999;

Runners-up: SkinGym, Kock Plastic Surgery

Best Local Hardware Store

True Value

Looking for hardware help? Our readers turn to True Value, voted Best Local Hardware Store. For home projects big and small, True Value Hardware can point you in the right direction. In addition to retail, True Value offers blade, knife and scissor sharpening, computer paint matching, key cutting and more. 100 Grand Ave., West Des Moines, 515-279-9905;

Runners-up: Miller’s Hardware, Porter’s Hardware

Best Shopping District

East Village

When our readers are looking for unique gifts, home decor and more, they visit the East Village, which was chosen again as Best Shopping District. From vintage to modern, the East Village has something for everyone.

Runners-up: Valley Junction, Jordan Creek

Best Local Flower Shop

Boesen the Florist

Boesen did it again. Not only did Des Moines’ favorite florist bring home another title for Best Local Flower Shop, but Boesen opened a new shop this past year in West Glenn Town Center. Boesen has been making people smile since 1923. Multiple locations.

Runners-up: Hy-Vee, Plaza Florist

Best Local Hotel/Motel

Holiday Inn Downtown

With an incredible view of downtown Des Moines and a fantastic restaurant and bar, the Holiday Inn was the choice for our readers as the Best Local Hotel/Motel. 1050 Sixth Ave., Des Moines. 515-283-0151;

Runners-up: Marriott Downtown, Des Lux

Best Iowa Product

IngeniOz Vodka

IngeniOz is a highly refined vodka, and because so, Cityview readers say it’s the Best Iowa Product for the second year in a row. Move over Sweden and Russia, Iowa is making a name for itself in vodka production, thanks to IngeniOz.

Runners-up: Raygun, La Quercia

Best Local Gift Shop


Readers know where to go for unique clothing, home goods and accessories, and this year’s tally says Raygun is the Best Local Gift Shop, according to voters. 505 E. Grand Ave., Des Moines. 515-288-1323;

Runners-up: Tandem Brick, Heart of Iowa

Best Local Chocolate/Candy Store

Chocolaterie Stam

The mouth-watering goodness of chocolate is undeniable, and Chocolaterie Stam is the Best Local Chocolate/Candy store in the Des Moines-metro area, according to Cityview readers. Even a trip to its website makes ones mouth water. Yum.

Runners-up: Chocolate Storybook, Beaverdale Confections

Best Local Body Piercing Shop


The best place to be professionally body pierced, according to Cityview readers, is Prysm. Appointments are recommended. 1551 Valley West Drive, Suite 104B, West Des Moines. 515-868-4653;

Runners-up: Mint, 5 Point Studios

Best Local Tattoo Shop

Color Works Tattoo and Body Piercing

It’s body art. It’s a commitment to the “future you” so you won’t forget whatever it is your “present self” wants you to always remember. 1551 Valley West Drive #104B, West Des Moines. 515-457-3888;

Runners-up: Lucky Gal, 5 Point Studios

Best Local Internet Provider


It’s hard not to know who Mediacom is. They’re big — and good, according to Cityview readers. The media giant serving thousands of customers here in the metro was the top choice for Best Local Internet Provider. 800-479-2082;

Runners-up: Century Link, Aureon

Best Local Herbal/Nutritional Supplement Store

Campbell’s Nutrition

If you are what you eat, then doesn’t it make sense to eat well? Our voters have once again tabbed Campbell’s Nutrition as the Best Local Herbal/Nutritional Supplement Store to help you take in the proper amounts of food and nutrition. Multiple locations.

Runners-up: Hy-Vee, Complete Nutrition

Best Local Place to Buy Makeup

Vanity & Glamour Cosmetics

Vanity & Glamour Cosmetics is a local business and the best at making you look your best, according to readers. And they do it in style as a repeat champion as the Best Local Place to Buy Makeup. 412 E. Fifth St., Des Moines. 515-778-9705;

Runners-up: Ulta, Sephora

Best Local Camera Store

Christian Photo

Click. Snap. Say “Cheese!” In Spain, kids are told to say “Potato!” Our readers say smiles will look the best when you buy from Christian Photo, voted Best Local Camera Store. 6721 Douglas Ave., Urbandale. 515-270-8030;

Runners-up: Alexander’s Photo, HB Leiserowitz

Best Local Bank

Bankers Trust

Serving Des Moines since 1917, Bankers Trust continues to be a top contender in the financial services ring. Our readers have placed their trust in Banker’s Trust for its banking and investment needs, selecting it as the Best Local Bank. Multiple Locations.

Runners-up: West Bank, US Bank

Best Local Credit Union

Veridian Credit Union

Veridian provides its members with low or no-cost products and services, low-loan rates and high savings rates. What’s not to love? Our readers know something good when they see it, and that’s why they’ve voted Veridian Best Local Credit Union. Multiple Locations.

Runners-up: Community Choice Credit Union, Cornerstone Credit Union

Best Local Place to Purchase a Musical Instrument

Rieman’s Music

What is music? It’s the sound of romance, the signal for smiling, the pitter-patter of small feet or the hymn of a soldier’s homecoming. And it’s a harp singing the truth. But what instrument are you going to play the music on? Readers prefer to play theirs on Rieman’s instruments, which is why they were voted as the Best Place to Purchase a Musical Instrument. 6501 Douglas Ave., Urbandale. 515-278-4685;

Runners-up: Uptempo, Crazy Horse

Best Local Computer Repair Shop

Dymin Systems

When the lights are on but nothing seems to happen, or when the lights won’t come on at all, it’s time to call Dymin Systems, voted Best Local Computer Repair Shop. Pressing those buttons progressively harder isn’t going to do the trick. 3970 N.W. Urbandale Drive, Urbandale. 515-276-7447;

Runners-up: Little Dog Tech, 600 Monkeys

Best Local Phone Repair Shop

We Fix It Repair

We Fix It Repair has been servicing mobile phones, tablets and laptops to get you reconnected, online and in business without ever missing a beat. The fix-it shop offers a “no fix, no fee” policy, so you have little to lose. Our readers have taken a chance on We Fit It Repair as the Best Local Phone Repair Shop, and they have proven themselves credible again this year. 111 Fifth St., West Des Moines, 515-829-7349;

Runners-up: Ankeny Fit It, Mobile Spot

Best Local Place to Get a Costume

Theatrical Shop

Time to pretend you’re a goblin, a ghoul, a man with googly eyes, a naught nurse or maybe you’re just in the market for some fake blood? Whatever the occasion is for your playful deception, voters say The Theatrical shop in Valley Junction is the Best Local Place to Get a Costume. 145 Fifth St., West Des Moines. 515-274-6458;

Runners-up: Nobbies, Atomic Garage

Best Local Pawn Shop

The Pawn Store

If you’re choosing between selling a bowling ball or pawning Grandma’s engagement ring, whichever one you opt for, take it to The Pawn Store — chosen as the Best Local Pawn Shop them in central Iowa by Cityview readers. 3005 Douglas Ave., Des Moines, 515-277-4878;

Runners-up: Solar Loan & Sales, A to Z Pawn

Best Local Place to Get Your Nails Done

Purelux Nails

Pure luck? Our readers don’t think so. Purelux earned this Best Local Place to Get Your Nails Done the old-fashioned way — they made things pretty. The nail salon also offers expert technicians and a relaxing ambiance our readers can’t resist. 1903 E P. True Pkwy #304, West Des Moines, 515-276-2778;

Runners-up: Andy’s Nails, Thia’s Nails

Best Local Convenience Store

Casey’s General Store

What makes Casey’s General Store stand out from the others? Clean stores, friendly employees and great pizza. Simple, but effective. Casey’s has set itself apart in the hearts of our readers as the Best Local Convenience Store. Multiple locations;

Runners-up: QuikTrip, Kum & Go

Best Local Moving Company

Two Men And A Truck

Some say simpler is better. Two men plus one truck is about as simple as it gets. And with a 96 percent referral rate, it’s hard to argue with the basics of its business model of Two Men And A Truck, voted Best Local Moving Company. 3934 N.W. Urbandale Drive, Urbandale. 515-200-2405;

Runners-up: Iowa Moving One, All Mighty Movers

Best Local Place to Buy Cigars/Tobacco

David’s Fine Tobacco

Cuba is known for offering the best cigars in the world. Our readers say you don’t have to search that far for a quality cigar. David’s Fine Tobacco has the best selection of cigars and other tobacco products right in your own backyard as the Best Local Place to Buy Cigars/Tobacco. 9759 University Ave., Clive. 515-278-8701;

Runners-up: Pars & Cigars; Tobacco Hut

Best Local E-Cigarette Shop

Route 69 Vapor

Route 69 Vapor is a full-service vapor products and e-juice store. It prides itself on customer service as its top priority. Route 69 Vapor offers a lounge with free Internet. 5914 SE 14th Street, Des Moines. 515-777-1205;

Runners-up: Central Iowa Vapors, Mr. & Mrs. Vaporium

Best Local Dog Groomer

Grooming by Brenda

Brenda’s pet services and grooming will bring out the best in your pet. 515-333-9326.

Runners-up: Three Waggin’ Tails, Willey’s Dog House

Best Local Doggy Daycare/Boarding

Dogwoods Lodge

What do cleanliness, security, customer service, convenience and fun all have in common? These are the priorities Dogwoods Lodge has instilled in order to provide the best doggy daycare/boarding service possible. Our readers know their pup will be loved at Dogwoods, and their votes to make them the Best Local Doggy Daycare/Boarding company prove it. 2960 S.E. Grimes Blvd., Grimes. 515-986-7387;

Runners-up: Downtown Doggy Daycare, 4 Paws Unleashed

Best Local Mall

Jordan Creek

Where can you go to shop, eat and be entertained all under one roof? Jordan Creek Mall has nearly everything. Jordan Creek boasts numerous stores, restaurants and activities to create a one-of-a-kind shopping experience that many love — especially our readers. 101 Jordan Creek Parkway, West Des Moines, 515-440-6255;

Runners-up: Valley West, Merle Hay

Best Local Place to get a Massage

EastVillageSpaCouplesMassageEast Village Spa

East Village Spa has received many awards since opening its doors in 2008. But what is its highest form of praise? Repeat visits from their customers. Their customers are paying East Village Spa another compliment by voting them the best place to get a massage. 601 E. Locust St., Suite 202, Des Moines. 515-309-2904,

Runners-up: Blades Massage, Spa 810

Best Valley Junction Store


For the third year in a row, Cityview voters have named Hinge as the Best Valley Junction Store. The shop offers antiques, unique salvaged furniture, special gifts, home décor and too much else to mention. And the real fun is going inside and seeing for yourself — at least that’s what our voters are doing. 317 Fifth St., West Des Moines. 515-777-2770;

Runners-up: Theatrical Shop, Atomic Garage

Best West Glen Store


The warm atmosphere of WineStyles is winning the hearts, minds and especially the taste buds of Cityview readers. This is the second year in a row as the Best West Glen Store. Go in and sample for yourself the wine, beer, cheeses, teas, coffee or chocolates among other tasty treats. 5515 Mills Civic Parkway, Suite No. 110, West Des Moines. 866-424-WINE (9463);

Runners-up: Mint LA, Joseph’s

Best East Village Store


Being the “greatest store in the universe” isn’t easy. But according to our readers, Raygun makes being the best East Village store appear effortless. 400 E. Locust St., Des Moines. 515-288-1323;

Runners-up: Allspice, Eden

Best Drake Area Store


It’s another repeat champion in the category of Best Drake Area Store. Voters appreciate Daydreams, where “everyday’s a good day,” and today is no exception. Daydreams is our readers’ No. 1 pick as the best Drake area store. 2326 University Ave., Des Moines. 515-274-2799.

Runners-up: Crazy Horse Guitars, Creative Coldsnow

Best Beaverdale Area Store

Back Country

Back Country has been celebrating adventure since 1974, and our readers share their same intrepid spirit. Back Country has been deemed this year’s best Beaverdale area store for supplying quality clothing and equipment for ambitious explorers and regular Joes alike. 2702 Beaver Ave., Des Moines. 515-255-0031;

Runners-up: Beaverdale Books, Beaverdale Confections

Best Ingersoll Area Store

Tandem Brick Gallery

Tandem Brick Gallery is proud to be a native Ingersoll neighborhood cornerstone since its inception in 1977. Custom framing, handmade jewelry and art created by local Des Moines artists are just a few of the many gems you’ll find at Tandem Brick. If you’re in the market for a unique gift, our readers suggest you stop by the Best Ingersoll Area Store, a.k.a. Tandem Brick Gallery. 2722 Ingersoll Ave., Des Moines. 515-282-1031;

Runners-up: Badowers, ZZZ Records



Best Kept Secret on the Local Nightlife Scene

Science Center — Mixology

Mixology Night is the time for people to shine while mixing, mingling and getting their “science” on. This fun, Friday night event features drinks and entertainment and makes science entertaining. The museum brings learning to life in the Des Moines’ downtown area and is known for hands-on exhibits, special-format theaters and unique programming that our voters say is the Best Kept Secret on the Local Nightlife Scene. 401 W. Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway, Des Moines. 515-274-6868;

Runners-up: Misfit Cabaret, Juniper Moon

Best Local Annual Event

FAIR-FERRIS-WHEEL-please-credit-the-Iowa-State-FairIowa State Fair

Nothing compares to the Iowa State Fair. It’s hard to argue with the Fair’s slogan, and our voters don’t either. Instead, they once again have named it the area’s Best Local Annual Event. The Iowa State Fair offers the thrills of midway carnival rides, the fun of seeing some of the hottest national bands in the nation, and, of course, nothing compares to the tasty treats of the latest and greatest fried food on a stick. The Fairgrounds are located at East 30th and East University Avenue in Des Moines. 515-262-3111;

Runners-up: Des Moines Arts Festival, 80/35

Best Local Place to Take Visitors

Downtown Farmers Market

If you have friends or family in town and want to show them what is arguably the best place in the country to buy direct from Iowa farmers and to shop for food, it’s time to visit the Downtown Farmers Market. The market brings in Iowa producers from nearly 60 counties across the state. Venders offer fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs, flowers and too many types of produce to mention. If it’s in season in Iowa, it’s probably fresh and for sale at the Downtown Farmers Market. The market is open every Saturday from May through October, including holidays. Located in the historic Court District in downtown Des Moines.

Runners-up: Pappajohn Sculpture Park, Science Center

Best Local Place to Take Your Parents

Downtown Farmers Market

If your mom and dad like food, they will love the Downtown Farmers Market. More than 300 entrepreneurs from around Iowa converge to vend fresh produce and other goodies. Take the folks and show them a good time at the Downtown Farmers Market. Our voters say they will leave impressed with their findings of food, unique art, Iowa-raised meats and live entertainment. Located in the historic Court District in downtown Des Moines.

Runners-up: Pappajohn Sculpture Park, Botanical Garden

Best Local Place to Take Your Kids

SCI_VandeGraaffGeneratorThe Science Center of Iowa

Science can be scintillating, and if you want to prove it to your kids, our voters say to bring them to the Science Center of Iowa to learn with live programs, camps, overnight adventures and other learning resources. The Science Center of Iowa works to engage and inspire Iowans in the area of science. Its goal is to be a quality community resource for informal science learning for children, families, school groups and individuals to explore science and technology. 401 W. Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway, Des Moines. 515-274-6868;

Runners-up: Glazed Expressions, Blank Park Zoo

Best Local Place to Have a Birthday Party

Glazed Expressions

Glazed Expressions is the champion for four years running in this category of Best Local Place to Have a Birthday Party. Put your hands to work at this do-it-yourself art studio creating pottery, painting on canvas or making something with wood, glass or a candle. These activities make for a great party and pajama parties, too. 8826 Swanson Blvd., Clive, 515-224-4700;

Runners-up: Sky Zone, Science Center

Best Local Place to People Watch

Iowa State Fair

The first Iowa State Fair took place in 1854 in Fairfield. In 1886, the Fair moved to its current location, and the grounds currently include about 445 acres. The biggest boar on record at the Fair was 1,335 pounds, but if you prefer watching people instead, the Iowa State Fair has that, too. Fair attendance topped one million for the first time in 2002 and has eclipsed that mark in 11 of the years since then. The Fairgrounds are located at East 30th and East University Avenue in Des Moines. 515-262-3111;

Runners-up: Pappajohn Sculpture Park, Downtown Farmers Market

Best Local Museum

Des Moines Art Center

The Des Moines Art Center is a not-for-profit that houses a world-class art collection and uses its museum and school to engage local and international audiences with contemporary art. 4700 Grand Ave., Des Moines. 515-277-4405;

Runners-up: Science Center, Iowa Historical Museum

Best Local Place to Catch a Flick

Flix Brewhouse

When you need to see the newest flick about a spacecraft traveling to a distant colony planet or the best boxer from yesteryear, our voters say it’s time to go to Flix Brewhouse in Des Moines. Flix is America’s only first-run cinema brewery, which is why our readers say it’s the Best Local Place to Catch a Flick. Flix is on a mission to make movie going more than just staring at a screen. 3800 Merle Hay Road, Suite 1300, Des Moines. 515-612-9200;

Runners-up: Fleur Cinema, Cinemark Altoona

Best Local Theatrical Value

Des Moines Community Playhouse

The Des Moines Community Playhouse has continuously operated since its founding in 1919 — albeit under various names and in different locations. As such, The Playhouse is among the six oldest community theatres in the nation and is the second largest community theatre in the U.S. The Playhouse has 3,500 members, which makes it one of the largest subscription-based performing arts organizations in the state. 831 42nd St., Des Moines. 515-277-6261;

Runners-up: Civic Center, Stage West

Best New Local Bar

300 Craft & Rooftop

If you are looking for good craft brew or a tasty treat served by friendly staff, our voters think you’ll appreciate this new 2,300-square-foot bar and cocktail lounge. Equipped with graffiti-like art by Iowa artists Van Holmgren and Trey Bush, a rooftop patio and too many TVs to count, this new bar is a great addition to the city. 300 W. Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway, Des Moines. 515-288-3414.

Runners-up: American Outlaws, Juniper Moon

Best Local Patio Bar

Mickey’s Downtown

Mickey’s Irish Pub is the Best Local Patio Bar in downtown Des Moines, according to Cityview voters. This local favorite prides itself on its Saturday morning patio experience that is best served with a bloody mary during the Downtown Farmers Market season. 206 Third St., Des Moines. 515-288-8323;

Runners-up: Wellman’s West, 300 Craft & Rooftop

Best Local Irish Bar


If it’s time for green beer, it’s time to get to Mickey’s Irish Pub. If you prefer regular-colored beer, you might want to give Mickey’s a try because this is the fifth year in a row it has won the title of Best Local Irish Bar. The popular hangout hosts live music and is known throughout Iowa for throwing one of the biggest St. Patrick’s parties around. Multiple locations.

Runners-up: Sully’s, Cooney’s

Best Local Dive Bar

Carl’s Place

Dart board? Check. Jukebox? Check. Live bands? Check. Personable bartenders? Check. This Sherman Hill watering hole has enough goodness that our readers voted Carl’s Place as the Best Local Dive Bar for the third year in a row. 1620 Woodland Ave., Des Moines. 515-243-9727.

Runners-up: Toad’s Tavern, Locust Tap

Best Local Fancy-Pants Bar

Juniper Moon

When it’s time to put away the trousers and bell-bottoms and get your fancy pants on for cocktails, wine and beer, our readers say do it in style at Juniper Moon, voted Best Local Fancy-Pants Bar. 2005 Ingersoll Ave., Des Moines. 515-369-7786;

Runners-up: RoCA, The Exchange

Best Local Hipster Spot

The Lift

The Lift is a downtown Bohemian bar. And if you don’t know what a “Bohemian bar” is, our readers say you better get down to the Lift and find out. Once again, The Lift is Des Moines’ Best Hipster Spot with its martinis, beer, cocktails and local art decorating this one-of-a-kind atmosphere. 222 Fourth St., Des Moines. 515-288-3777;

Runners-up: UpDown, Carl’s Place

Best Local Sports Bar

Johnny’s Hall of Fame

The bar laying claim to the title as the city’s oldest sports bar is also the one our voters say is the Best Local Sports Bar, period. Johnny’s Hall of Fame first opened its doors in 1972 when its owners, Johnny and Fran, tried out a new concept and renamed their existing bar “Johnny’s Hall of Fame.” The bar has sports photos and memorabilia of various Hall of Fame athletes from around the globe on its walls. Ownership has changed hands since then, but Johnny’s Hall of Fame continues to reign as Des Moines’ Best Local Sports Bar. 302 Court Ave., 515-280-6679;

Runners-up: Quijano’s Bar & Grill, 1908 Draught House

Best Local Bar (Overall)

Beer Can Alley

“Born on a dirt road in Vail, raised in downtown Des Moines, and loved because we’re rock and roll, party your face off, country!! Keep Calm and Black Out!” reads Beer Can Alley’s Twitter feed. What all that means is anyone’s guess, but the bar must be doing something right because, for the second year in a row, it has been named The Best Local Bar in the area. 216 Court Ave., Des Moines. 515-875-4958.

Runners-up: el Bait Shop, Wellman’s West

Best Bar District

Court District

The Court Avenue District extends from the Polk County Courthouse eastward to the Des Moines River. This pedestrian-friendly zone is home to frequent outdoor melodies, sweet-smelling fragrances and is been known for its lively nightlife. Residential lofts and apartments now line the streets overlooking the city’s most vibrant area.

Runners-up: East Village, Ingersoll

Best Downtown Bar

Beer Can Alley

Four years straight. That means the last time someone other than Beer Can Alley held this title … Actually it has been so long, who can remember? Beer Can Alley is known as a country bar and people pack the place to make it one of the city’s hottest spots. 216 Court Ave., Des Moines. 515-875-4958.

Runners-up: El Bait Shop, American Outlaws

Best West Side Bar

Wellman’s Pub and Rooftop

Wellman’s Pub and Rooftop has been on a mission since the summer of 2013 to bring craft beer to West Des Moines. With a multitude of beer selections — both classics and craft drafts — and food offerings to go along with fun themes like Wednesday-night trivia night, it’s no wonder it has been named the Best West Side Bar. 597 Market St., West Des Moines. 515-222-1100;

Runners-up: Tonic, Shotgun Betty’s

Best Central Bar

Star Bar

Another repeat champ. As a matter of a fact, Star Bar has been named the Best Central Bar in six of the last seven years. The neighborhood watering hole mixes traditional bar food with smaller plates and entrees. Star Bar offers wine, beer and a full-service bar. 2811 Ingersoll Ave., Des Moines. 515-244-0790;

Runners-up: The Library, Carl’s Place

Best North Bar


This Beaverdale tradition has kept the Irish — and Cityview voters — coming back for more since 1984. Cooney’s is casual and doesn’t have a dress code or fancy shots, but if you plan on going, make sure to bring cash because it doesn’t accept credit cards. The bar does have plenty of fresh popcorn and bloody marys, though. 3708 Beaver Ave., Des Moines. 515-255-5566;

Runners-up: Hull Avenue Tavern, Yankee Clipper

Best East Bar

CV-Feb-11-Toads-2Toad’s Tavern

Two historical events happened on Dec. 7, 1941. Pearl Harbor was attacked, and the bar now known as Toad’s Tavern was opened. Toad’s still has the same, well-worn bar top as it has always had and offers an eight-hour-long “happy hour,” cheap drinks and a special almost every night of the week. Regulars enjoy shooting pool, watching basketball, drinking pitchers, talking and watching TV. The bar top looks good for another 75 years, by the way. 3002 State Ave., Des Moines. 515-264-8623;

Runners-up: Gerri’s Tavern, Cheap Seats

Best South Bar

Quijano’s Bar & Grill

Home of the best bloody “Larry” in town, Quijano’s Bar & Grill serves a drink that might look and taste like a bloody mary, but this concoction is different. The recipe was originally perfected for tailgating parties outside of Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City, but the drinks received so much positive feedback that serving the closely guarded family secret at the bar was a no-brainer. For that, it earned the praises of our readers and was voted Best South Bar. With clientele consisting of legislators, cyclists, sports fans and families, Quijano’s recipe for success is good food, cold drinks and great bartenders. 1930 S.E. Sixth St., Des Moines. 515-243-9595.

Runners-up: Francie’s, Kung Fu Tap & Taco

Best Local Winery

Jasper Winery

Our Best Local Winery winner this year is Jasper Winery, a wine facility “estate-style.” Specializing in premium wine with grapes from central Iowa vineyards, Jasper is open every day of the week and offers tastings along with a relaxing atmosphere. 2400 George Flagg Parkway, Des Moines. 515-282-9463;

Runners-up: Summerset Winery, SNUS Hill Winery

Best Local Brewery

Confluence Brewing Company

Inspired by the honest and hardworking Iowans it serves, Confluence has quickly become a beloved favorite of our readers, who named it Best Local Brewery. All of the hard work and creativity Confluence brings into its craft is paying off, as the folks of Des Moines have concluded that Confluence deserves to be this year’s best local brewery. 1235 Thomas Beck Road, Des Moines. 515-285-9005;

Runners-up: 515 Brewing, Exile

Best Local Place to Get Drunk for Cheap

Blazing Saddle

Word on the street is Blazing Saddle is the Best Local Place to Get Drunk for Cheap — or at least that’s what our readers are saying. Blazing Saddle is also loved for its loft-style, DJ-jammin’, dance party atmosphere that’s unparalleled. 416 E. Fifth St., Des Moines. 515-246-1299;

Runners-up: Carl’s Place, High Life Lounge

Best Local Place for a Cold Beer

el Bait Shop

Options are good, and that’s what el Bait Shop provides. With 222 craft beers on tap and many more bottled, even the choosiest ale fan is sure to find something that pleases his or her palate. Our readers have selected el Bait Shop as this year’s Best Local Place for a Cold Beer. 200 S.W. Second St., Des Moines. 515-284-1970;

Runners-up: 515 Brewing, Confluence Brewing

Best Local Moscow Mule

Copper Cup

Did you know the origins of the “Moscow mule”? Legend has it that in the 1940s Americans disliked all things Russian, including vodka, and even referred to it as “Russian for horrible.” Ownership for Smirnoff needed to do something, so another slow seller, ginger beer, was added to the mix and put into a third slow-selling inventory, the copper mug. Voila. A new drink was born, and it has been refreshing the country ever since. The Copper Cup is Des Moines’ best according to voters. 207 Fourth St., 515-554-2606.

Runners-up: Court Avenue Brewing, The Alpine Tap

Best Local Bloody Mary


Vivian’s aims to create a casual dining experience with classic diner favorites. The diner must have succeeded, because Cityview readers are calling it the favorite for Best Local Bloody Mary. 400 Walnut St., Suite 101, Des Moines. 515-282-8936;

Runners-up: Americana, Quijano’s Bar & Grill

Best Local Place for the Strongest Drink

Blazing Saddle

Established in 1983, The Blazing Saddle has been around for awhile. The bar is open 365 days a year, and our voters have taken notice, voting it the Best Local Place for the Strongest Drink. 416 E. Fifth St., Des Moines. 515-246-1299;

Runners-up: Toad’s Tavern, Carl’s Place

Best Local Bar to Play Games


This innovative bar contains more than 40 arcade games from the ’80s and ’90s, plus an arsenal of pinball machines that will take you back to the past. Don’t forget the three classic skee-ball alleys, Nintendo and Sega. We can’t wait. 500 E. Locust St., Des Moines. 515-243-4322;

Runners-up: Barcadium, Keg Stand

Best Local Place to Hook Up

The Garden Nightclub

When two people get together, our readers say the Best Local Place to Hook Up is at The Garden Nightclub. 112 S.E. Fourth St., Des Moines. 515- 515-243-3965;

Runners-up: Beer Can Alley, Jokers

Best Local Place to See Beautiful People

The Garden Nightclub

The Garden is said to have nice bartenders, great music and nice people, but it’s the beautiful clientele that has Cityview voters voting it the Best Local Place to See Beautiful People. 112 S.E. Fourth St., Des Moines. 515-243-3965;

Runners-up: TGR Fitness, The Exchange

Best Local Happy Hour

Eatery A

Eatery A offers a dining experience unlike many others in the metro, but it also has a happy hour to brag about. Jason Alba founded this Ingersoll dining treat, and this eatery has been leaving people with a smile ever since. Our readers voted it the Best Local Happy Hour in Des Moines. 2932 Ingersoll Ave., Des Moines. 515-282-8085;

Runners-up: Django, Bubba — Southern Comforts

Best Local Bartender

Joe Wells — Beer Can Alley

Congratulations to Joe Wells of Beer Can Alley for being voted Des Moines’ Best Local Bartender.

Runners-up: Danny Fuller — The Garden Nightclub; Anne Mathey — Lefty’s Live Music

Best Local Martini Menu

The Stuffed Olive

The martini is a classy cocktail, something tempting and sumptuous. The Stuffed Olive serves them shaken, stirred and any other way you can think of. Whether you prefer Old Fashioneds or something modern like a Wedding Cake martini with Cake vodka or a simple syrup and champagne, readers voted The Stuffed Olive the Best Local Martini Menu. 208 Third St., Des Moines. 515-243-4456;

Runners-up: The Lift, Lime Lounge

Best Local Margarita


MALO is touted as Des Moines’ destination for Latin cuisine, classic Havana cocktails and inventive Mexican dishes. Our voters have tabbed it as the Best Local Margarita as well. 900 Mulberry St., Des Moines. 515-244-5000;

Runners-up:  Mi Mexico, Taco Hangover

Best Local Gay/Lesbian Hangout

Blazing Saddle

This friendly gay bar has been known as the gay “Cheers” since it opened in 1983. The Saddle’s motto is “Never a Cover and Always a Double.” 416 E. Fifth St., Des Moines. 515-246-1299;

Runners-up: The Garden Nightclub, Buddy’s Corral

Best Local Indoor Live Music Venue


This live music venue in the East Village has been bringing in some of the region’s best acts. And our voters have taken notice by voting Wooly’s the Best Local Live Music Venue in central Iowa. 504 E. Locust St., Des Moines. 515-244-0550;

Runners-up: Lefty’s Live Music, Gas Lamp

Best Local Outdoor Live Music Venue

Simon Estes Amphitheater

Simon Estes Amphitheater is home to Des Moines’ Thursday evening summer event, Nitefall On The River. With a capacity of 1,800, and a beautiful location just off the Des Moines River, the amphitheater was voted Best Local Outdoor Live Music Venue. Located south of City Hall at East First between Locust and Walnut. 75 E. Locust St., Des Moines.

Runners-up: Brenton Skating Plaza, 80/35

Best Local Place to go for a Comedy Show

Funny Bone and Comedy Club

The Funny Bone is taking its responsibility of bringing laughter to the masses seriously, and readers have noticed, voting it the Best Local Place to go for a Comedy Show. And that’s no joke. 560 S. Prairie View Drive #100, West Des Moines. 515-270-2100;

Runners-up: Last Laugh, Felix & Oscar’s Adult Pizza Party

Best Local Dance Club

The Garden Nightclub

Dust off your dance shoes because The Garden has everything you need to bust a move, earning it the title of Best Local Dance Club. 112 S.E. Fourth St., Des Moines. 515-243-3965;

Runners-up: Joker’s, Miss Kitty’s

Best Local Artist

Jill Wilhelm

Drawing from influences such as Picasso and Warhol, Jill Wilhelm is making quite the impression on our readers. Jill was voted this year’s Best Local Artist. She is best known for her inspiring acrylic works in the styles of abstract, modern, cubic, organic and pop. 515-710-3448;

Runners-up: Frank Hansen, Van Holmgren

Best Local Drag Queen

Tyona Diamond

Tyona Diamond is selfie-taking performer, entertainer, artist, beauty advisor and a hash-tagger for world peace. She’s also our voters’ choice as Des Moines’ Best Local Drag Queen. A true gem to our readers, Diamond knows how to sparkle and shine in the limelight.

Runners-up: Jupiter Belle, Domita Sanchez

Best Local Band

The Nadas

Carrying one of the most loyal fan bases in Des Moines. The Nadas are certainly no stranger to our readers. People can’t get enough of The Nadas’ alt-rock-country flair, and that is why they were voted Best Local Band.

Runners-up: The Maytags, Randy Burke & The Prisoners

Best Local Musician

James Biehn

He may be singin’ the blues, but our readers are looking to put a smile on this local artist’s face. James Biehn sang his way to the top of the hearts of the city’s citizenry as this year’s Best Local Musician.

Runners-up: Damon Dotson, Bonne Finken

Best Local Place to Karaoke

AJ’s on East Court

AJ’s on East Court offers sweet-sounding melodies — and possibly some notes akin to nails on a chalkboard, too — you are sure to have your eardrums affected. Either way, it’s music to our readers’ ears. If you’re looking to belt out your favorite tune or simply kick back and enjoy the entertainment, AJ’s on East Court is a must. AJ’s is this year’s Best Local Place to Karaoke. 419 E. Court Ave., Des Moines. 515-282-1888;

Runners-up: Jeannie’s Bottle, Trophy’s

Best Local Place to Gamble

Prairie Meadows

Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Readers are putting all of their chips on Prairie Meadows this year as the Best Local Place to Gamble. If you know when to hold’ em and know when to fold’ em, then you know what to do, and where to go. 1 Prairie Meadows Drive, Altoona. 800-325-9015;

Runners-up: Meskwaki Casino, Wild Rose Casino & Resort Jefferson

Best Local Place for a Wedding Reception

Holiday Inn Downtown

Your wedding day. You want it perfect. So do the wedding professionals and banquet staff at the Holiday Inn Downtown Mercy Campus, which was voted Best Local Place for a Wedding Reception. The downtown Holiday Inn has more than 9,000 square feet of banquet space and an indoor capacity of 400 to help celebrate in style. A full bar is available, as are full service wedding packages, onsite catering, onsite overnight accommodations, onsite parking, onsite valet and onsite weddings, all at an affordable price. 1050 Sixth Ave., Des Moines. 515-283-0151;

Runners-up: Science Center, Sticks

Best Local Place to Hold a Corporate Event/Party

Holiday Inn Downtown

The downtown Holiday Inn knows how to throw a party. Not only was it voted as the best place to host a wedding reception, but it also won this year’s Best Local Place to Hold a Corporate Event/Party. 1050 Sixth Ave., Des Moines. 515-283-0151;

Runners-up: Science Center, Animal Rescue League

Best Local Place for a Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Miss Kitty’s

Our readers advise not to do anything they wouldn’t do, but they also say that Miss Kitty’s is all systems go for country music, dancing and a lot of fun. 8800 Swanson Blvd., Clive. 515-327-1303;

Runners-up: TGR Fitness, AJ’s on East Court

Best Local Event Decor Company

White Willow Events

It’s a big day. And within that big day is a big moment. You want that moment to shine brilliantly within your memory for eternity. When you want something to be picture-perfect, it’s wise to enlist White Willow for all of your wedding and event consulting needs. 3801 Ingersoll Ave., Des Moines. 515-650-3393;

Runners-up: Stuart Alexander, Plum Event & Design

Best Local Place or Event to Ring in the New Year

The Science Center of Iowa

When it’s time to watch the ball drop, The Science Center of Iowa wins the award for being The Best Local Place or Event to Ring in the New Year. 401 W. Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway, Des Moines. 515-274-6868;

Runners-up: Beer Can Alley/The Exchange; Embassy Suites

Best Local Party/Event Transportation

Chauffeurs of Distinction

Ride in style with Chauffeurs of Distinction for your leisure and executive transportation needs. Our readers are getting carried away with Chauffeurs of Distinction, and they are this year’s Best Local Party/Event Transportation service. 940 S. 11th St., Adel, 515-993-1996;

Runners-up: Smithson Limosine, NPI Limo

Best Local Paint & Sip Art Studio

Glazed Expressions

Few of us have the natural talent of van Gogh, but anyone can create a masterpiece with the help of Glazed Expressions. Our readers named Glazed Expressions as their Best Local Paint & Sip Art Studio when a creative outlet and a relaxing drink is just what the doctor ordered. Glazed Expressions is the best paint and sip art studio again this year. 8826 Swanson Blvd., Clive. 515-224-4700;

Runners-up: Pinot’s Palette, Palek Studio & Gallery



Best Local Place to Play Golf

Waveland Golf Course

Waveland Golf Course is the oldest golf course this side of the Mississippi, and it still looks great for its age. Readers agreed by voting it this year’s Best Local Place to Play Golf. 4908 University Ave., Des Moines, 515-248-6302;

Runners-up: Wakonda, Jester Park

Best Local Yoga Studio/Instructor

Powerlife Yoga

Powerlife Yoga offers a variety of yoga and cycling classes to help reduce stress, increase blood flow and improve the quality of your sleep. Our readers love being a part of the rich and supportive community that Powerlife Yoga extends to its members, and that is why they are this year’s winner of Best Local Yoga Studio/Instructor. 1717 Ingersoll Ave., Des Moines, 515-243-3383;

Runners-up: Mathew Koder, YMCA

Best Local Massage Therapist

Amanda Lundstedt — Active Edge

Lundstedt’s thorough education and experience in sports massage therapy and alternative medicine has made her massage services become highly sought-after. Our readers say Amanda has the right touch, and she is this year’s Best Local Massage Therapist. 12493 University Ave., Clive, 515-428-2336.

Runners-up: Kevin Thoren- Banyan Tree, Silla Blades- Blades Massage

Best Local Sports Team


It’s been one incredible year for the Chicago Cubs franchise, and Des Moines has the great privilege of hosting the team’s Triple-A affiliate. The Iowa Cubs are readers’ most loveable winners and this year’s Best Local Sports Team. One Line Drive, Des Moines, 515-243-6111;

Runners-up: Iowa Wild, Des Moines Bucs

Best Local Bike Trail

High Trestle Trail

High Trestle Trail is the best place to be on two wheels. Dubbed the “Shining Star of Iowa Trails,” the trail promises breath-taking views both day and night. Take in the beautiful landscape of the Des Moines River valley by day, or watch the bridge light up the sky by night. It’s easy to see why High Trestle is our readers voted it the Best Local Bike Trail.

Runners-up: Clive Greenbelt, Raccoon River Valley Trail

Best Local Place to Work Out


When it’s time to get physical, then it’s time to the YMCA. Turn “you” into a smaller, better “you,” and when you do, our readers suggest you sweat it out at the YMCA, voted the Best Local Place to Work Out. More than a gym, the YMCA is committed to building healthier spirits, minds and bodies, one membership at a time. 501 Grand Ave., Des Moines, 515-282-9622;

Runners-up: Lifetime Fitness, Fitness World

Best Local Place to Kickbox

Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping

Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping offers fitness regimens for members of any age, size or fitness level. Anyone who wants to work smarter and achieve improved health and wellness is welcome to the Best Local Place to Kickbox. Multiple locations.

Runners-up: Next Level Extreme Fitness, Fitness World

Best Local Group Fitness

Farrells-KickFarrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping

Founded in 2001, Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping is a comprehensive fitness program for members of every age, fitness level and walk of life who is looking to make positive changes in their health and wellness. FXB’s program includes fitness kickboxing to burn fat, strength training to build muscle and nutrition coaching to fuel the body. Multiple locations.

Runners-up: TGR Fitness, YMCA

Best Local Place to Go Swimming


Go jump in a lake. Or better yet, how about the pool at the Clive YMCA? It’s refreshing and the Best Local Place to Go Swimming, according to voters. Multiple locations.

Runners-up: Lifetime Fitness, Adventureland

Best Local Place To Bowl


Ten pins. One alley. Five fingers. It’s time to take down those pins at Plaza Lanes, the place our voters are calling the Best Local Place To Bowl in the greater Des Moines area. Plaza Lanes Is Your Home For Family Fun In Des Moines. 2701 Douglas Ave., Des Moines, 515-255-1111;

Runners-up: Val Lanes, Air Lanes

Best Local Place to Miniature Golf

West Grand Golf

Fore! West Grand Golf’s 18-holes of fun and challenging competition. Check out the natural surroundings and enjoy the thundering waterfalls at the Best Local Place to Miniature Golf. 6450 Raccoon River Drive, West Des Moines, 515-225-7076;

Runners-up: Blank Golf Course, Toad Valley

Best Local Indoor Sporting Event

Iowa Wild

Hockey is a game that is best watched in person. Des Moines’ Iowa Wild of the American Hockey League (AHL) is an affiliate of the Minnesota Wild of the NHL, so the team plays one rung away from the game’s highest level — the NHL. Want some great entertainment this winter? Head on over to the Best Local Indoor Sporting Event — an Iowa Wild hockey game. 730 Third St., Des Moines, 515-564-8700;

Runners-up: Des Moines Bucs, Iowa Ninja Warrior

Best Local Outdoor Sporting Event

Iowa Cubs

Batter up. Play ball! Whether you want to soak up the sun or like it made in the shade, the Iowa Cubs offer the most enjoyable atmosphere for an outdoor sporting event. Join in the fun and excitement as the Cubbies attempt to help their parent club win another. Principal Park is one of the top ballparks in the nation, and the upcoming schedule features 71 home games. Spring is almost here, and our voters say it is the Best Local Outdoor Sporting Event around. One Line Drive, Des Moines, 515-243-6111;

Runners-up: Drake Relays, Des Moines Marathon

Best Local Place to Watch a Sporting Event

Principal Park

Fireworks. Ka-bam! And beer. And peanuts and cracker jack. Come watch the triple-A Iowa Cubs this season at the Best Local Place to Watch a Sporting Event, just one rung down of the 2016 World Series champion Chicago Cubs. One Line Drive, Des Moines, 515-243-6111;

Runners-up: Wells Fargo Arena, Des Moines Bucs Arena

Best Local Running Event

Dam to Dam

Here to there, 21.1 kilometers is 13.1 miles. Catching your breath isn’t as fun as catching air and crossing the finish line — or at least that’s what readers are saying as they voted it the Best Local Running Event.

Runners-up: Des Moines Marathon, Capitol to Corndogs

Best Local Obstacle Running Event

Wild Boar Challenge

It just sounds fun and a little dangerous. Come on, our readers are daring you. Take the Wild Boar Challenge if you’re looking for a fun off-road adventure in what readers voted as the Best Local Obstacle Running Event. 2552 Union Lane, St. Charles,

Runners-up: Iowa Ninja Warrior, Living History Farms Race

Best Local Farmers Market

Downtown Des Moines

No surprise here. Voters, growers, citizens, eaters and cooks have been enjoying this downtown treat for years now, and our readers must be, too, as they once again voted it the Best Local Farmers Market. Historic Court Avenue District, Des Moines;

Runners-up: Valley Junction, Beaverdale

Best Local Personal Trainer

Amber Cahill of TGR Fitness

Sometimes you need a little guidance and encouragement to meet your fitness goals. Cityview’s voters say you should go to TGR for your extra TLC. Amber Cahill is this year’s winner of the Best Local Personal Trainer category.

Runners-up: Daira Driftmier, Jen Bramble- Club B Fit

Best Local Camping Spot

Jester Park

Campfires. Smores. Fishing. Tall tales. Best Local Camping Spot Jester Park offers citizens of Des Moines the good life, enjoy. 11407 Northwest Jester Park Drive, Granger, 515-323-5300;

Runners-up: Saylorville Lake, Ledges



Best Elected Official

Frank Cownie — Mayor of Des Moines

Des Moines voters have repeatedly elected Frank Cownie to serve as mayor of Des Moines, and now Cityview’s voters have ranked him as the Best Elected Official. Cownie has been steering the city’s ship since 2004. He is a graduate of Roosevelt High School, the class of 1966. Cownie’s current term expires in January of 2020.

Runners-up: Terry Branstad, Chuck Grassley  

Best TV Station for News

KCCI News Channel 8

KCCI News Channel 8 is the repeat champion as the Best TV Station for News, according to readers of Cityview. The local news station covers breaking news with an enthusiasm previously unknown to mankind — or at least that’s what voters say.

Runners-up: WHO TV Channel 13, Channel 5

Best TV Station for Sports

WHO TV Channel 13

Who nailed down a fifth year of college eligibility? What happened at Principal Park? Up-to-the-minute access to news on the Bulldogs, Cyclones and Hawkeyes? When you need your fix, Cityview readers are buggin’ for WHO TV Channel 13 and crowned it as the area’s Best TV Station for Sports.

Runners-up: KCCI News Channel 8, WOI We Are Iowa Local 5 News

Best TV Station for Weather

KCCI News Channel 8 

Warmer weather is certainly ahead, but there is no change foreseen when it comes to the area’s best news telecast, at least not according to our voters. When you need news on the erratic Midwestern weather or updates on openings and closings, KCCI News Channel 8 is the station Cityview readers rely on.

Runners-up: WHO TV Channel 13, WOI We Are Iowa Local 5 News

Best Local TV Anchor

Erin Kiernan — WHO TV Channel 13

Sonya Heitshusen once gave Erin Kiernan a voodoo kit, but Cityview’s readers have given her something even better — the title as the Best Local TV Anchor. Kiernan rejoined the Channel 13 News Team in 2005, and she is a big part of the station’s success. The former Drake Bulldog has written and produced many award-winning investigative reports, and she has received several regional Edward R. Murrow Awards for her reporting work. Kiernan is originally from Nebraska and says she once won first place in a Dawes County 4-H modeling contest wearing clothes she made herself. But clear off the trophy case, because Cityview is giving her a new title.

Runners-up: Dan Winters, Steve Karlin

Best-Looking Male Media Personality

Dan Winters — WHO TV Channel 13

In a miracle not seen since Moses’ parting of the Red Sea, Winters somehow managed to nose out Cityview’s editor, Darren Tromblay, for this coveted award. We demand a recount! Wait, we did the counting. Oh well. The voters have spoken, and Winters is the one. Congratulations.

Runners-up: Frank Scaglione, Reid Chandler 

Best-Looking Female Media Personality

Shaina Humphries — KCCI News Channel 8

When not sitting behind KCCI News Channel 8’s anchor desk, and when the mic isn’t hot, Best-Looking Female Media Personality Shaina Humphries enjoys chilling out with her dog named Eleanor — a former stray who was saved from the mean streets of Chicago.

Runners-up: Erin Kiernan, Jackie Schmillen

Best Self-Righteous Media Hog

Ed Wilson — WHO TV Channel 13

Donald Trump and Steve Deace are the runners-up, and beating out those two high-octane turbo-tongued men for Best Self-Righteous Media Hog is a real accomplishment for Channel 13 meteorologist, Ed Wilson. Bravo, Ed.

Runners-up: Steve Deace, Donald Trump

Best Local Sports Commentator or Columnist

Keith Murphy — WHO TV Channel 13

When “The Murph” speaks, people listen. And if Cityview’s voters are any indication, people like what he has to say. Murphy repeats as Best Local Sports Commentator or Columnist, but winning isn’t anything new to him. Channel 13’s news director since 1996 is a local gem with national talent; rumor has it he once turned down a gig with ESPN to stay here with the rest of us.

Runners-up: Andy Garman, Andy Fales 

Best Local News Commentator or Columnist

Daniel P. Finney — Metro Columnist, The Des Moines Register

The Des Moines Register’s Metro Voice Columnist, Daniel Finney, is a graduate of Drake University and grew up in Winterset and east Des Moines. He penned his first paragraph for the Register in 1993 at age 17, but he’s best known for his battle against obesity. You can read his work at

Runners-up: Andy Fales, Rekha Basu 

Best Meteorologist

Ed Wilson — WHO TV Channel 13 

Should meteorologists study the likelihood of a meteor hitting the Earth? Now that would be a newscast no one would change the channel on. But our voters say they aren’t changing the channel on Ed Wilson, either. The longtime local weatherman used to run a popcorn stand in Grundy Center on the town square but now is the people’s winner for Best Meteorologist.

Runners-up: Jeriann Ritter, Kurtis Gertz   

Best Local Talk Radio Show

Murph & Andy — KXNO

Des Moines’ all sports radio station, KXNO, pairs sports director Keith Murphy with reporter Andy Fales during the weekday hours of 2-4 p.m. Readers who want more than the regular drive-time hum-drum tune in and listen as Murph & Andy bring on the lighter, funnier and loftier side of sports both nationally and locally.

Runners-up: Van & Bonnie, Big Ken & Colleen  

Best Radio Voice that Turns You On

Gary Monte — KFMG 98.9 FM

KFMG 98.9 FM’s Gary Monte uses his vocal chords to send good vibrations over the air waves every time he turns on the mic for his Friday night live show and morning show. And apparently readers have taken a liking to him, as they voted him the Best Radio Voice that Turns You On.

Runners-up: Michael Libbie, Maxwell Schaeffer 

Best Radio Station

KFMG 98.9 FM 

You’ll find this “low power” community radio station at 98.9 FM. KFMG-LP Cityview readers’ choice for Best Radio Station is owned by an Iowa-based non-profit. KFMG’s musical format is called “Eclectic Triple A” (Adult Album Alternative). It’s a self-described “melodic rock station with soul,” and a musical melting pot for mixing jazz, soul, rock and roll, along with blues, acoustic, classical and other occasional flavors such as reggae and salsa. 1000 Walnut St., Suite 1107, Des Moines. 515-244-4146;

Runners-up: WHO 1040, Star 102.5   

Best Radio Personality

Ron Sorenson — KFMG 98.9 FM 

Ron Sorenson loves acoustic sound, and our readers must love him because he has been named the Best Radio Personality in the Des Moines area for another year. Sorenson’s mic is hot weekday afternoons at the “listener-supported” non-profit station of The Des Moines Community Radio Foundation. 1000 Walnut St., Suite 1107, Des Moines. 515-244-4146;

Runners-up: Van Harden, Maxwell Schaefer 

Best Local Library

Central Library 

Shhh! Des Moines’ downtown library is the best kept secret in town, and most of the offerings are free. Located in the Western Gateway Park near the Pappajohn Sculpture Garden, this unique building offers a wide variety of books, media, magazines, newspapers, microfilm, historic periodicals, city directories, sheet music and an extensive Iowa collection. Park for free under the facility, and then use the Internet, read a book or skim through the magazines. 1000 Grand Ave., Des Moines. 515-283-4152;

Runners-up: Urbandale Library, Franklin Library

Best Local Nonprofit

Animal Rescue League

Woof. Bark. Meow. Animals love The Animal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL), and so do our voters who put it back on top in the Best Local Nonprofit category. The ARL was founded in 1926, and it has been working to promote the welfare of animals ever since. It is the state’s largest animal shelter, taking in 19,000 animals each year. 5452 N.E. 22nd St., 262-9503;

Runners-up: Hope Ministries, Furry Friends Refuge  

Best Local Place to Worship

Lutheran Church of HOPE 

Hope floats. It also leads to joy, boldness, faith and love. Hope leads to comfort and the encouragement of one another. Hope brings about good works. Readers say the Lutheran Church of HOPE does much of the same as the Best Local Place to Worship. 925 Jordan Creek Parkway, West Des Moines. 222-1520,

Runners-up: Wesminster Presbyterian Church, Plymouth Church 

Best Local Realtor

Tim Scheib 

Location, location, location. Those are the first three rules of real estate. And Tim Scheib of Century 21 Signature Real Estate has all the answers according to our voters. “Sold!” say Cityview readers. Scheib is the Best Local Realtor in town. 1620 S.W. Magazine Road, Suite A, Ankeny, 515-313-7103;

Runners-up: Bob Eisenlauer, Angela Meek

Best Local Automotive Salesperson

Arlynd Edgington — Stivers Ford Lincoln 

Arlynd Edgington has been with Stivers Ford Lincoln since 2011. He enjoys golfing with friends and spending time with his family. Our voters him Best Local Automotive Salesperson. Stivers Ford Lincoln in Waukee strives to give customers a superior sales and service experience. 1450 E. Hickman Road, Waukee, 515-987-3697;

Runners-up: Jason Waite, Markjon Trierweiler

Best Local College


Go Bulldogs! That’s what readers said by naming Drake University the Best Local College in central Iowa. The mid-sized school strives to offer the benefits and resources of a larger institution — but with the advantages of cozier class sizes. And the Drake Relays. Enough said. Go Bulldogs! 2507 University Ave., Des Moines. 800-44-DRAKE;

Runners-up: Des Moines Area Community College, Grand View University

Best Local Place for Continuing Your Education


The DMACC campus is often described as “friendly, helpful and inclusive.” The school says the faculty and staff work to provide students with quality instruction, academic advising, and support to enable the betterment of lives and careers. Our voters concur by naming DMACC the Best Local Place for Continuing Your Education.

Runners-up: Drake, University of Iowa  

Best Local Photographer

Creative Backing  

Click. A clean, crisp image, a still frame with clearly defined lines. A good photo captures more than a person, place or thing, it contains a moment’s emotion, stuck in time. And if it’s one of life’s too good to let go of moments, you’ll be glad Creative Backing has you covered as the choice for Best Local Photographer. Click. Ankeny. 515-661-4705;

Runners-up: 5th Photography, Maharry Photography

Best Local Financial Planner

Tony Niedert — Principal Financial Group

Money. We all want more of it. Your management of money will make a big impact on your life, and voters say Tony Niedert is the Best Financial Planner in the area. 6701 Westown Parkway, Suite 200, West Des Moines. 515-246-4048;

Runners-up: Greg Hayes- Iron Horse, Tyler Phelps — Principal Financial

Best Local Insurance Agent

Ben Buenzow — State Farm

Ben Buenzow’s mission is to ensure people are properly insured with all insurance needs throughout the Des Moines area, including Urbandale and Johnston. He strives to provide the knowledge and products to secure the future of his customer’s family or business. And he’s a good guy. 3273 100th St., Urbandale, 515-270-8870;

Runners-up: Doug Hoyng, Mark Courter

Best Local Mortgage Company

Midwest Family Lending Corporation

When it’s time to make your big purchase, and if you need a little help from a friend, our voters say Midwest Family Lending is the Best Local Mortgage Company to help navigate your homeownership dream. Midwest Family Lending has been helping with the home loan process for nearly two decades. 2753 99th St., Urbandale, 515-252-7107;

Runners-up: Mortgage Producers Inc., Lincoln Savings Bank

Best Local Family Planning Services

Planned Parenthood 

Cityview voters tabbed Planned Parenthood as the Best Local Family Planning Services such as healthcare and sex education. One in five American women has chosen Planned Parenthood at least once for health services including STD testing, birth control and the morning-after pill.

Runners-up: Agape, Inner Visions Health

Best Local Chiropractor

Dr. Braxton Pulley — East Village Chiropractic

Is your back out of whack? Knee on the mend? Brain scattered? Align your body the way it was intended, and no one does it better, according to readers, than Dr. Braxton Pulley at the East Village Chiropractic. He is well versed in techniques to ease pain and help the healing process. 300 E. Locust St., Suite 140 Des Moines. 515-288-8058;

Runners-up: Dr. Quentin Huston, Dr. Blake Meyer

Best Local Doctor

Robert A. Fornoff, M.D. — Des Moines Pediatric and Adolescent Clinic

Choosing a doctor is a critical decision, and choosing one for your child is even more monumental. Cityview voters have tabbed Dr. Robert A. Fornoff of the Des Moines Pediatric and Adolescent Clinic as the Best Local Doctor. 2301 Beaver Ave., Des Moines, or 2785 N. Ankeny Blvd., Ankeny. 515-255-3181;

Runners-up: Dr. Lori Steinmann, Dr. Kay Hornbrook

Best Local Eye Clinic

Wolfe Eye Clinic  

Seeing is believing. And our voters say that Wolfe Eye Clinic is the Best Local Eye Clinic. Wolfe offers expertise in the area of cataract, glaucoma, oculoplastics, cornea, LASIK and retina surgery including the treatment of macular degeneration and diabetic eye disease. Many doctors at the clinic have additional training in a specific field of study. The Wolfe Eye Clinic in Des Moines is also the home of Wolfe Surgery Center. 6200 Westown Parkway, West Des Moines. 515-223-8685;

Runners-up: DM Eye Surgeons, Vision Park

Best Local Place to get LASIK Eye Surgery

Wolfe Eye Clinic

LASIK surgery has corrected the vision of people far and near — and who are, or were, farsighted and nearsighted — allowing them to live life without the constraints of glasses or contacts. Wolfe has more than three decades of experience and has more than 45,000 refractive surgeries on its resume. Cityview’s voters trust it as the Best Local Place to get LASIK Eye Surgery. 6200 Westown Parkway, West Des Moines. 515-223-8685;

Runners-up: Lasik Plus, DM Eye Surgeons 

Best Local Hospital


When you’re on the mend, you want the best care possible. Mercy Hospital is the place that Cityview voters say is the Best Local Hospital. Mercy is a non-profit entity with four Catholic hospital campuses. Mercy is the longest continually operating hospital in Des Moines and employs about 7,000 employees and a medical staff of more than 1,000 physicians and allied health associates. 1111 Sixth Ave., Des Moines. 515-247-3121;

Runners-up: Methodist, Broadlawns   

Best Local Vet Clinic

Oaks Veterinary Clinic 

When your best friend needs someone with the expertise to make the pain go away, it’s time to go to Oaks Vet Clinic, or so say the readers of Cityview. 2030 27th St., Des Moines. 515-279-3654.

Runners-up: Starch Vet Clinic, Broderick’s Animal Clinic 

Best Local Physical Therapist

Erich Ottervanger PT, DPT — WDM Physical Therapy

Dr. Ottervanger specializes in treating musculoskeletal conditions and post-surgical interventions with individuals of all ages. The doctor works to connect with patients in order to better understand how to motivate and treat each individual while aiding them in their achievement of goals in physical function and quality of life. Sounds good, right? It should. He’s been voted the Best Local Physical Therapist. 3701 E.P. True Parkway, Suite 300, West Des Moines. 515-224-6761;

Runners-up: Blake Hardy, Core Physical Therapy; Todd Schemper, Kinetic Edge

Best Local Home Builder

Dreamscape Homebuilders

Is this heaven? If you’re living in a home built by Dreamscape builders, it might be. Central Iowans say Dreamscape is the Best Local Home Builder in the area to make your dreams come true. The outfit specializes in modern craftsmanship, unique architecture and innovative design. 4800 Mills Civic Parkway, Suite 204, West Des Moines. 515-802-3653;

Runners-up: KRM, Homes by DePhillips 

Best Local Landscaper

Ripke Lawn Service 

Make order out of chaos. Implement design with straight lines. Create control out of waste. Ripke Lawn Service is the Best Local Landscaper choice of Cityview readers as the one to call to help make the world straight, or pleasantly chaotic, or to put your lawn in line. Bringing form to function in central Iowa. 724 46th Place, West Des Moines. 515-559-4775;

Runners-up: Kaldenbergs, Ted Lare

Best Local Chamber of Commerce

Urbandale Chamber of Commerce

The Urbandale Chamber of Commerce three-peats in this category, nailing down the top spot once again as Best Local Chamber of Commerce. Commerce is defined as the business of buying and selling of goods and services. And business makes the world go around. If you’re in business, you might consider belonging to a local chamber of other like-minded people. 2830 100th St., Suite 110, Urbandale. 515-331-6855;

Runners-up: Des Moines East & South Chamber, Pleasant Hill Chamber

Best Local Customer Service (overall)

Finish Line Auto Works

Yes! That’s what a good customer service team enjoys saying. When someone says “jump,” a good customer service team asks “how high?” Finishline Auto Works has been taking care of collision repairs and needs for the Des Moines metro with a smile for more than 40 years. Don’t let an accident ruin your day. Finish Line Auto says “yes” and so do our voters, naming the company as having the Best Local Customer Service (overall). 1001 N.E. Main St., Grimes, 515-986-3375;

Runners-up: Glazed Expressions, Hy-Vee 

Best Local Dentist Office

Fleur Dentistry

Did you know the enamel on the top of a tooth is the hardest part of the human body? Taking care of your teeth is an important task for maintaining high-health standards. The ability to eat without pain, discomfort or other concerns enables you to maintain a proper diet that’s geared to enable a long and happy life. Take care of your teeth. And our readers recommend you do it at Fleur Dentistry, the Best Local Dentist Office. 4551 Fleur Drive, Des Moines. 515-287-2493;

Runners-up: Des Moines Children’s Dentistry, Davidson Family Dentistry

Best Local Law Firm

Baer Law   

You need help. And when it’s time to start sending out an S.O.S, our readers say your one phone call should be used to ring up Kim Baer at Baer Law, naming it the Best Local Law Firm in the city. 838 Fifth Ave., Des Moines. 515-279-2000;

Runners-up: Jennifer Meyer Law, Hupy & Abraham 

Best Local Pediatrician

Robert A. Fornoff, M.D. of Des Moines Pediatric and Adolescent Clinic

Small humans. Little guys and gals. Infants. Toddlers. Babies. And newborns. A sick kid can turn your world on its ear. And when your little person is suffering, then it’s time to search for a specialist who will return that special little one’s smile back where it belongs. Voters in Cityview’s Best of Des Moines poll have tabbed Dr. Robert Fornoff of Des Moines Pediatric and Adolescent Clinic as the one to call. The doctor is well known and respected his work with children of all ages. 2785 N. Ankeny Blvd. Ankeny. 515-255-3181;

Runners-up: Brian L. Waggoner, M.D. of Waggoner Pediatrics of Central Iowa; Dr. Adam Secory of The Iowa Clinic

Best Local Daycare

Generation Next Child Development Center and Preschool 

No one knows your child better than you, but kiddos need to get to know the world as well. Your special little person is an individual, and Best Local Daycare winner Generation Next focuses on developing individuals with the confidence and ability to grow in a group setting. 6109 Merle Hay Road, Johnston. 515-252-6109;

Runners-up: 2 For U, Little Sprouts

Best Local Marketing Agency

Two Rivers Marketing

Who are you going to call when you need the word out about your business products or services? Cityview’s readers say Two Rivers Marketing is the Best Local Marketing Agency. The Two Rivers mantra is easy: “Challenge the current. Progress is made when great people decide to swim upstream.” The agency strives to understand people at every level and create real change with their work. 106 E. Sixth St. in Des Moines. 515-557-2000;

Runners-up: Blue Compass, Akili Design  

Best Local Community to Live In


Repeat alert. This is Ankeny’s third year in a row on top and taking the title as the Best Local Community to Live In. Ankeny was founded in 1875 as a farming community. By 1881, the town totaled seven houses, one church (Methodist), a train depot and not much else. Newspapers were shipped in from Des Moines via railroad. In 1903 the town incorporated, and by 1910 had a population of 445. Des Moines’ northern suburb has come a long way since then, and Cityview readers are taking notice. Congratulations, Ankeny.

Runners-up: Urbandale, Beaverdale

Best Local School District

Ankeny-SchoolsAnkeny Community School District

Led by Superintendent Bruce A. Kimpston, Ed.D., the Ankeny Community School District staff includes approximately 1,400 members carrying out the district’s mission: “Ankeny Community Schools is unified in its commitment, passion and vision so every learner is prepared to achieve a lifetime of personal success.” The district has an estimated student population of more than 10,000, and the staff works to aid each of them in attaining a first-class education.

Runners-up: Waukee, WDM

Best Local Apartment Complex

Springs at Waukee 

“There’s no place like home,” said Dorothy in the “Wizard of Oz.” But she didn’t have a swimming pool, state-of-the-art fitness center, a garage, a walk-in closet, central air conditioning or granite countertops. This apartment complex does, and maybe that’s why our voters say there is no place like Springs at Waukee, the Best Local Apartment Complex winner. 500 N.E. Horizon Drive, Waukee. 866-801-3578;

Runners-up: Springs at Jordan Creek, The Fountains 

Best Local HVAC Company

Bell Brothers Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.

Conditioned air is one of the best things about living in the 21st century, and no one does it better than Chuck Gassmann, president, and his team at Bell Brothers, at least according to our voters. Some like it hot, some like it not. Either way, Bell Brothers has you covered 365 days a year as the Best Local HVAC Company. 2822 Sixth Ave., Des Moines. 515-244-8911;

Runners-up: Wyckoff, Kohles & Bach

Best Local Senior Living Community

The Shores at Pleasant Hill  

Bird watching, grandkids and the golden years. Once one has attained senior citizen status, it means you’ve earned independent living. Seniors at The Shores — winner of the Best Local Senior Living Community award — come and go as they please, enjoying assorted activities with the professional staff who are at the ready to offer assistance around the clock. The Shores also offer assisted living for temporary or permanent challenges and for people with memory care needs. Each independent living residence is equipped with 6-inch walls to keep the spaces quiet, and each contains a kitchen, laundry and individual climate control. 1500 Edgewater Drive, Pleasant Hill. 515-262-4444;

Runners-up: The Reserve, Kennybrook Village 

Best Local Place for Tax Preparation

Tax Doctor

And if you are exhibiting symptoms of the dreaded plague of April 15, readers say Tax Doctor is the place to help cure your ills as the Best Local Place for Tax Preparation. The Doctor strives to help guide clients through tough times and difficult decisions and benefit the financial futures of people and small businesses. 3512 Ingersoll Ave., Des Moines. 844-707-7381;

Runners-up: Shaul & Desmond PLLC, Woollums CPA PC. ♦


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