Saturday, February 16, 2019

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Cityview Staff

For information on advertising in Cityview magazine, contact the following:

Dan JDan Juffer

Advertising Director

515-953-4822 ext. 303




Holli Peterson

Advertising Account Executive

515-953-4822 ext. 318




Shelby Bobbett

Advertising Account Executive

515-953-4822 ext. 330




Cassie Johnston

Advertising Account Executive

515-953-4822 ext. 339



For the newsroom of Cityview magazine, contact the following::


Jeff Pitts

Managing Editor

515-953-4822 ext. 333

 For the design department of Cityview magazine, contact the following:

Celeste Tilton

Design Manager

515-953-4822 ext. 313

Karen Ericson

Graphic Designer

515-953-4822 ext. 324

Jordan Aust

Graphic Designer

515-953-4822 ext. 331

For the circulation department of  Cityview magazine, contact the following:

Patrick Clemmons 

Circulation Manager

515-953-4822 ext. 301

For the business office of Cityview magazine, contact the following:

Brent Antisdel

Office Manager

515-953-4822 ext. 316



To submit news items, contact:
Jeff Pitts, reporter,

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