Saturday, December 3, 2016

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Think you’re funny? Send us your best caption… Email to:   This week’s winner:   “Watch me whip, now watch me neigh neigh.” Jefferson Steelflex       Runners-up: “Nellie and Wilbur were not on the same page. Nellie thought they were doing a commercial for Head and Shoulders,

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Q&A with Ty Dillon

  By Jeff Pitts Meet Ty Dillon. He’s the grandson of NASCAR legend Richard Childress, the man who famously owned the No. 3 car while Dale Earnhardt was making racing history. Ty grew up in Winston-Salem North Carolina and says southerners know how to grow corn down south, too, just

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  The Des Moines Music Coalition announced more bands for this summer’s 80/35 concert, including Dilly Dally, Jade Reed b2b Brad Goldman, Jeanna Calvert, Ravyn Lenae, France Camp, Lucky Chops, Dem Boyz vs RAGEthat, DJ Raj and Strobe Trotters. For a full list of acts, stages and times, check out

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The Howe Factor

Seattle-based band Metal Church will perform at Vaudeville Mews this Sunday in support of its new album, “XI”, which was released on March 25 and features the return of vocalist Mike Howe. Howe spoke to Cityview writer Mark Skaar about the process of returning to the band and the making of

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Two of a kind

Vince Young, former NFL quarterback, was arrested on Jan. 25 for driving under the influence (DUI) in Texas. Young, 32, was pulled over in Austin, Texas, around midnight. After refusing to take a Breathalyzer test, he was arrested and brought to Travis County jail. His bail was set at $2,000.

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Paid for by taxpayers in…

December 2015 Amount: $57.23 To: Rebecca J. Abraham For: Travel Amount: $250 To: ACT For: Professional services Amount: $632.85 To: Agparts Worldwide For: Supplies Amount: $12,922.60 To: Ahlers Cooney PC For: Professional services Amount: $110 To: Susan Allbee For: Tuition reimbursement Amount: $4,506.17 To: Alliance Connect LLC For: Services Amount:

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Two of a kind Joseph Randle, a former running back for the Dallas Cowboys, was arrested outside a Kansas casino at 10:40 p.m. on Nov. 24 after he assaulted police. Randle, 23, was initially asked to leave for being too drunk, but he assaulted an officer on the way out

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Justin Bieber is coming back to Des Moines. The Canadian everyone either loves or loves to hate makes his first appearance in the city since making fans wait for nearly two hours last year. June 22 is the date to circle, if you are so inclined, with tickets going on

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The art of confidence

Courtney Krause is one of the most delightfully sweet, unassuming people you will ever meet. The Iowa native moved to Des Moines in 2011 but has been writing music almost her entire life. “I’ve been writing since I was 6,” she said. “My mom has my first song on tape.

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Long Island Medium tour hits Des Moines

Some kids impress their friends by telling them their mom is a police officer or a lawyer or an artist. Theresa Caputo’s kids grew up telling people their mom communicates with the dead. But it’s not weird. “We’ve always had an open relationship. It’s like, it is not weird to

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