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Posted October 08, 2014in Tech Talk

Nothing says romance like a smartphone

When marketing works, it really works. “Got Milk?” “Just Do It.” “Save Money. Live Better.” These slogans not only drilled their way into the brains of millions of Americans, they sold billions of products. In 2008, Apple — a company renowned for its design and branding — joined the pantheon

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Posted October 01, 2014in Tech Talk

Television: slowly forging into the future

The best thing about technology is it has virtually no ceiling. As great as your smartphone or laptop is right now, in five years it will look like a dinosaur. The annual evolution of computer technology has practically become a celebrated ritual at this point. However, that revelry quickly morphs

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Posted September 24, 2014in Tech Talk

Apple wasting time with iWatch

Apple’s iWatch looks beautiful. It is a stone cold fact that cannot be denied. The problem comes when you try to nail down its purpose. We’ve all heard the old chestnut “necessity is the mother of invention.” After you take a good long look at the iWatch, there is no

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Posted September 17, 2014in Tech Talk

Put down your phone and read this

How long are you willing to wait for a website to load? Five seconds? Ten seconds? Good God, don’t let it happen to me… 15 seconds! Over the last two decades, researchers have found the duration of the American attention span to be dwindling and dwindling. It’s gotten so bad

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Posted September 10, 2014in Tech Talk

Viva La Revolution Free

Since the turn of century, when the Internet began consuming our attention spans, we’ve all been champions of “Revolution Free.” Napster started the uprising with free music, content aggregators such as Google News and Huffington Post stoked the flames with free news, torrent services gave us entertainment, and social networks

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Posted September 03, 2014in Tech Talk

Stay tuned, Amazon’s gonna win

One of my favorite George Carlin’s one liners was simply “Stay tuned, China’s gonna win.” The sentiment is easy enough. China is a sleeping giant whose might will one day make it the crowning super power. Extending this metaphor to the tech world, the obvious China substitute is Amazon with

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Posted August 27, 2014in Tech Talk

Good things come to tech that waits

It seems in the tech world, if you are not an immediate hit, you are destined to be a failure. However, there are those who hang on and wait for the world to realize the utility of their service. For Skype, it has been an extremely rocky 11 years, but

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Posted August 20, 2014in Tech Talk

LinkedIn: bad for business

When you run down the reasons for being on different social networks, so many are clear as day; Facebook connects you with friends and family, Twitter gives us insight into public discourse, and Pinterest illuminates the creative works of the world. For these and a handful of others, the utility

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Posted August 13, 2014in Tech Talk

Checking out of Foursquare

As cool as Justin Timberlake is, what’s the first thing you think of when you hear his name? He’s a singer, right? Nevermind that for the  last decade J.T. has been trying desperately to be taken seriously as an actor. Shifting public perception is hard — for entertainers, politicians, companies,

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Posted August 06, 2014in Tech Talk

Putting Sony on suicide watch

The parallels between tech companies and historical empires that have risen to soaring heights only to one day crumble to ruins is disturbingly similar. While Microsoft, Apple and IBM have somehow thrived for decades, they’ve marched by the graves of giants such as BlackBerry, Polaroid and Zenith. Similar to those

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