Friday, August 22, 2014

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Posted June 11, 2014in Tech Talk

Conference call

With almost a season-like quality to it, the tech industry follows a cycle. New products are released in late summer, research and development throughout fall and winter, and spring and summer is all about hype. So what is the hype medium of choice? Giant conferences. Since the release of the

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Posted June 04, 2014in Tech Talk

Learn not to be scared

There are two layers to the Internet as we know and love it: the observer side where you visit websites and interact with others digitally, and the observing side, where tracking code and browser cookies allows content providers to analyze your online behavior. As nerdy as it sounds, for every

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Posted May 28, 2014in Tech Talk

Don’t get Angry (Birds)

Some of you are sharing far too much information online. I’m not talking about pictures of your post-workout abs or nauseating details of your child’s bowel movements. No, this over-sharing is most likely a complete oversight on your behalf. Chances are, on a routine basis you are sharing your exact

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Posted May 21, 2014in Tech Talk

Celebs should follow Dr. Dre’s Beats

Becoming a celebrity opens a lot of doors. Suddenly you’re being paid to attend parties, stay in hotels, drive fancy cars — basically every opportunity you can imagine is handed to you. There is however one notable exception, and that is success in the tech world. A-list missteps include Justin

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Posted May 14, 2014in Tech Talk

Learn a foreign language with Duolingo

Learning a foreign language can be tough — really tough. Just ask the thousands of graduating high-schoolers who only took two years of Spanish or French to meet the requirement of Iowa’s three public universities. For years technology has been trying to soften the education gap in the foreign language

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Posted May 07, 2014in Tech Talk

How BASIC gave laymen power

On the list of ground-zero major benchmarks in computer history is Alan Turning, the man first conceived of algorithms who helped develop computer science with The Atanasoff-Berry Computer (famously created at Iowa State University) and the invention of readable programming code. Computer programmers celebrated one of these innovation’s 50-year birthday

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Posted April 30, 2014in Tech Talk

Web wars come down to court rulings

The last few months have been extremely tumultuous pertaining to the future of the Internet. Prior to a federal Appeals Court ruling in January, all Web content was legally required to be treated the same: Streaming video needed to be loaded on users’ computers at the same speed as someone

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Posted April 23, 2014in Tech Talk

Innovations have high interest with low revenues

Innovation and disruption are the lifeblood of the tech industry. Innovation is the inventive process that has forced evolution onto countless industries. For instance, VHS replaced by DVDs, then Blu-rays, and now online streaming, with each step along the way disrupting the peaceful tech status quo preceding it. As exciting

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Posted April 16, 2014in Tech Talk

Eye spy stealthy filming devices

Somewhere in the last decade, technology surpassed nuclear weapons for the greatest threat to modern living. To name a few concerns, the government spies on all our communication, robots and automation devour millions of jobs, Smartphone radiation is likely causing cancer in its users, and hackers steal people’s identities. While

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Posted April 09, 2014in Tech Talk

The fall of a giant, Microsoft

Listing off tech industry power players is no easy task. Sure you start with hardware and software giants such as Apple, Google and maybe Samsung, but what about the Internet properties? That means Facebook, eBay, Twitter, Amazon and possibly Yahoo. But then there are high tech manufacturers and information service

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