Tuesday, March 2, 2021

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Posted February 03, 2021in People & Pets

The Bedwells and their fainting goats

Pet owners enjoy a good laugh with their pets. Cats are notorious for arching their backs, turning sideways if their owner sneaks up on them. A dog’s eyebrows wiggle up [...]

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Posted January 06, 2021in People & Pets

Hairless, quirky cat

Sai doesn’t look like a typical cat. There is no tiger stripe, tuxedo or calico cat look, nor does he have soft fur. Instead, his huge triangle-shaped ears sit atop [...]

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Posted December 02, 2020in People & Pets

Derecho adoption

When Jamie Angove lost her dog, Punkers, to bladder cancer in May, she’d been searching for another furry friend. A rescue dog was her only option, so when one appeared [...]

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Posted November 04, 2020in People & Pets

Wonderful Wyatt

When Linda Brown’s boxer passed away suddenly two years ago, she was left without a furry companion. Her friend who worked at Animal Lifeline, a no-kill shelter, told her of [...]

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Posted September 30, 2020in People & Pets

Blind and deaf dog

Ray is a playful and seemingly happy puppy with a tail that wags when he is pet. His cold, wet nose sniffs at your ankles. He’ll wrestle with chew toys [...]

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Posted September 02, 2020in People & Pets

Mother and daughter share feline affection

When Mary West’s kids exited the school bus, cats walked to greet them on the long lane. Mary West never considered herself a cat person. Yet, as the mother of [...]

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Posted August 05, 2020in People & Pets

Rescue dog blossoms

Former puppy mill mom just needs love. When Deb Davis was viewing the Iowa Golden Retriever Rescue (IGRR) site online, she noticed a new foster care dog that was looking [...]

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Posted July 01, 2020in People & Pets

299 cats… and counting

Two-hundred-ninety-nine. That’s the number of cats that have lived with Terry and Stephanie Kruse since 2004. Not all at once, thankfully, but most stay for a few weeks until forever [...]

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Posted April 01, 2020in People & Pets

Pet sitter snuggler

When Abby Strong gets up in the morning, she pours herself a cup of coffee, awaiting her morning pick-me-up. It’s not only the caffeine that gives her a jolt, but [...]

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Posted March 04, 2020in People & Pets

Cheerful visitor

Gracie offers a paw of comfort. Gracie, a golden doodle living in Urbandale, loved her job. She accompanied her owner, Mary Hester, on visits to Methodist, Blank and Lutheran hospitals [...]

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