Wednesday, December 2, 2020

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Posted May 02, 2018in News and Commentary

Say no to the Live Nation/Ticketmaster monopoly

In mid-January, the City of Des Moines Economic Development office put out a Development Concept Request to developers for the Argonne Armory Building. The “Armory,” as it is known, is an Art Deco building on the bend of the Des Moines River, constructed in 1934. Conveniently, only three proposals were

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Posted April 04, 2018in News and Commentary

2 sides to swerving Maserati story

Mr. Michael Gartner: Greetings to you. I want to inform you and your readers of the following….My trial for OWI was held on Feb. 27 in Nevada at the Story County Courthouse. The jury was seated, and the Story County prosecutor presented the State’s case. There was no video evidence

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