Saturday, July 30, 2016

Posted January 13, 2016in Guest Commentary

No bed of roses: Iowa loses the ‘Humor Bowl,’ too

Wasn’t that outrageous at the Rose Bowl? To recall lyrics from The Music Man and the pool table crisis in River City, “Make your blood boil? Well, I should say.” No, I’m not upset about the Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band making fun of Iowa. What bugged me was

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Posted January 06, 2016in Guest Commentary

Iowa GOP caucus ignores warnings of the founding fathers

With the praise lavished upon the Iowa caucuses as grassroots democracy and the attention that supposedly makes Iowa “the center of the political universe,” perhaps it is worth hearing from a few who would see the Feb. 1, 2016, caucuses as counter to the American dream. No, they are not

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Posted December 09, 2015in Guest Commentary

A grab bag of thoughts, and happy holidays

Cue the organist: A popular church hymn begins, “Onward Christian soldiers, Marching as to war…” That’s appropriate for Gov. Terry Branstad and his cohorts, and lots of Iowans who want to ban Syrian orphans and widows and others from being refugees in Iowa and the U.S. — and maybe even

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Posted November 25, 2015in Guest Commentary

Hope for our city

The proposed Iowa Events Center Hotel will be the biggest boost Des Moines has seen in centuries. In terms of development, we haven’t seen something this game-changing since the Iowa Events Center opened in 2005, or since the Iowa Events Center needed another $40 million to expand in 2010 because

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Posted November 25, 2015in Guest Commentary

Middle East 101

Thoughts from Fabrice Moussus, an international journalist living in Paris With what happened in Paris on Nov. 13, there is a feeling of deja vu from conflicts I have been in. It is very hard to stop people from committing an attack if they are willing to die for it. The irony

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Posted November 18, 2015in Guest Commentary

An Iowa GOP caucus vote for None of the Above

To no one’s surprise, Donald Trump did not call off his quest for the GOP presidential nomination — even though he was asked to do so in a July 15 Des Moines Register editorial. To the contrary, his campaign continues to provide evidence in support of what the Register observed

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Posted November 04, 2015in Guest Commentary

Confessions of a margin of error maker

I stopped lying after I came out as an unapologetic gay man, now a long time ago. Being a closeted gay man was really the only secret I had, and lying to keep that secret was pretty much all-consuming and utterly exhausting. It seemed like I didn’t have the energy

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Posted October 28, 2015in Guest Commentary

Some mental health conditions are easy to diagnose

I don’t agree with much that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has had to say in the Republican presidential sweepstakes and, apparently, not many in his political base do either. He’s polling about where undeclared candidates do. But in a demonstration that even a blind hog finds an occasional acorn, the

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Posted October 21, 2015in Guest Commentary

Asylums in the news

A continuing story in Iowa news is about a lawsuit regarding Gov. Terry Branstad’s decision to close mental health facilities in Clarinda and Mt. Pleasant. However, another institution that some troubled souls want to get into is beyond the governor’s reach. Suppose your uncle or aunt lacked humility to the

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Posted September 30, 2015in Guest Commentary

America can be ‘Great’ — despite Trump and GOP debates

Say what you will — and we all have — the lead up to the 2016 election so far is….is….is? Well, maybe Shakespeare characterized much of the give-and-take among presidential candidates in “Much Ado About Nothing.” Or maybe he caught the spirit of today’s political rhetoric in Macbeth: Life’s but

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