Thursday, October 21, 2021

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Posted January 01, 2020in Guest Commentary

Sales taxes should fund classroom needs before stadiums

The Des Moines school district is sitting on a $100 million building fund. Iowa school districts cannot use sales tax dollars to pay instructors or professionals to assist with discipline [...]

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Posted November 08, 2019in Guest Commentary

Are community papers akin to a circus?

There’s times when producing a community paper can seem like being in a circus. One moment you are the acrobat balancing your way across a high wire and the next [...]

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Posted October 17, 2019in Guest Commentary

Traditional network stations don’t usually report their lower viewership.

I’m amazed at how the traditional, over-the-air, television networks consistently report that “newspapers are dead.” Their anchors report that story time and again, but never report their own losses in [...]

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Posted December 06, 2017in Guest Commentary

7 Christmas wishes for Iowa’s children

In writing out my Christmas wishes for Iowa’s children, I thought I would focus on what gifts we Iowans can offer to our kids — what I wish for our [...]

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Posted November 01, 2017in Guest Commentary

Close calls

CITYVIEW magazine asked its Facebook readers: “Is North Korea the ‘biggest threat to humankind’?” Nov. 9, 1979, 2 a.m.: In the depths of the Strategic Air Command’s underground bunker in [...]

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Posted September 06, 2017in Guest Commentary

An elegy for the Fourth and Court parking lot

These days as I drive east into the downtown area, I marvel at how fast the new Kum & Go headquarters is coming together. I give a mental hello to [...]

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Posted August 18, 2017in Guest Commentary

48 hour film project

Three-dozen hobbyist filmmakers compete in the 13th annual 48 Hour Film Project, a hurried competition to write, film and complete a short film. It took 15 years for James Cameron’s [...]

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Posted May 03, 2017in Guest Commentary

The making of a newspaperman

How Art Cullen won a Pulitzer Editor’s Note: The following is an April 19 column from Art Cullen, who won a Pulitzer Prize for his editorial writing in The Storm [...]

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Posted February 01, 2017in Guest Commentary

Why your daughter, sister, wife, mom, fellow human marched

“I’ve been raped.” “(The Affordable Care Act) saved my life.” “My pussy is not up for grabs.” Around the country, around the world and around Iowa this weekend, women put [...]

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Posted November 02, 2016in Guest Commentary

The American Dream: Jobs or justice?

As we come to terms with election results — and the frustration or despair with the 2016 campaigns — here are three topics worth considering: 1. How will we define [...]

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