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Not exactly a sterling silver end to racism

People who enjoy viewing with alarm or pointing with pride had a field day with the soap opera and showdown involving the National Basketball Association and its face-off with the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers. First there was widespread surprise and alarm that the team owner, Donald Sterling, 80,

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A bad kind of rare

Brain cancer is rare. According to the American Cancer Society, about 1.4 percent of all new primary cases of cancer found annually in the United States are of the brain or nervous system. It may be rare, but it is a bad kind of rare. And glioblastoma is perhaps the

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A skeptical take on the sacred 67 of March Madness

Like any major cultural event, “March Madness” spans decades and lets us dip into many crosscurrents for added perspectives or to prove a point. For example, there were 67 games in the NCAA mens basketball tournament — including the four first-round or play-in games — and there are 66 books

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Branstad and Iowa, a sequel to film ‘Ground Hog Day’

The Iowa film industry — beset by tax-credit scandals a few years ago — can regroup and recoup in producing a sequel to the 1993 film, “Ground Hog Day.” Remember that flick? Bill Murray is the TV weatherman stuck in a loop of Ground Hog Days. The film was directed

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42 reflections

The coming baseball season — it can’t come soon enough after such a long and terrible winter — reminds me of the summer day in 1947 when three aspiring young journalists from the University of Iowa visited Chicago’s Wrigley Field to interview Jackie Robinson of the Brooklyn Dodgers. Robinson, of

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Iowa governor: a job description

Charles Ruhl is a member of one of Iowa ‘s multi-generational aristocracies. His habitual crimes added up to stealing $1.3 million of his partners’ money. A federal judge in Scott County agonized over his “harsh” one year sentence in order to teach him a lesson. He walked out of the

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Stop the presses! Des Moines Register column makes sense!

The Des Moines Register had quite a scary headline for Iowa Republicans the other day — over a Rekha Basu column: GOP’s lack of diversity could make it obsolete. But if you want an even scarier headline, consider this one: GOP’s lack of diversity won’t make it obsolete. As a

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Corn stars

There are 30,000 cars packed in the parking lot, and cars are lined up for miles to get in. The weather is dicey, but the people have still dressed up for the event. They have arrived from all over the country to watch, and there are live broadcasts for those

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Forget John 3:16; It’s all about Bob 7:14!

Say your prayers! According to a Des Moines Register news report, Robert Vander Plaats is soon into another resurrection as a religious right candidate for public office, rallying his troops around scripture, Chapter 7, Verse 14. The Register didn’t say which 7:14 — so it might have been the Book

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A lesson and legacy left behind

Omega Ranch sits in Dallas County alongside County Road F-90, not more than a half-hour drive from downtown Des Moines. Acreages may dot the surrounding landscape, but Omega Ranch is still rural Iowa. Indeed, a red-and-white metal sign nailed to a post near the homestead’s back door warns: Redneck Parking

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