Tuesday, October 6, 2015

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Apple, a national treasure

Dear President Obama: With the Iowa Caucus nearing and political drama starting to consume the news cycle, I’m sure you’ve heard the rumblings for a federal holiday on Election Day. Considering only half of eligible voters cast a ballot in 2012, think how big the voting pool would grow if

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Humdinger of a problem

John Viars, director of “Into the Woods,” gets the crowd scenes. In big numbers like “First Midnight,” he shuttles his glittery troupe in all directions. The comings and goings create a sense of urgency, which can seem lacking in Stephen Sondheim’s fairytale pastiche. Its storylines can seem scattered, never isolating

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Comedy, dramedy, dream

As you bask in Repertory Theater of Iowa’s luminous production of “Broadway Bound,” by Neil Simon, at times nothing on stage shines so brightly as Kerry Skram. Always a local standout, here she plays Kate Jerome, mother to Stan and Eugene. The boys hope to write funny stuff for this

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Renaissance of indulgent dining

When it comes to food choices, so much has changed for the better here the last 50 years that it’s tempting to think we live a golden age of culinary indulgence — unless you’ve read Suetonius. That second-century Roman writer described a class of decadent foodies like no one today.

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Forcing fat jokes on starvation diet no laughing matter

It’s one of those moments that cements a friendship, reveals character in a longtime pal, makes you happy to be riding shotgun in his car. My friend Matt, a Cedar Rapids native now living in Texas, pulled up to a stop sign in Florida. We looked to our left and saw an overweight woman who was slowly,

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The Waverly mixes up more than cocktails

Most everyone who’s looking for a new bar adventure is seeking something that sets one apart from all the others. Sports bars and dance clubs are a dime a dozen — and that’s fine — but the only way to survive in a saturated industry is by being different. Even

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The race to zero

One in seven American men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in the course of his life. That’s one in seven fathers, husbands, sons, brothers and friends. But you can help raise awareness and keep families together by joining in on the ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk this Saturday at Principal

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Iowa finds its niche

Some geographical coincidences are odd enough to make people wonder about genetic connections or if there’s “something in the water.” How else can you explain the number of baseball’s greatest hitters who came out of southern Alabama (Willie Mays, Henry Aaron, Billy Williams, etc.) or great chefs from eastern Alsace

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Start and end your day at Sidebar

Less than two weeks after its opening in the Capital Square building downtown, Sidebar is still working out all the details that come with a new business. At press time, the lunch menu has yet to be established, for example. But the absence of lunchtime sandwiches is hardly noticed, thanks

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Classic moves made new and deeper

You might think Alex Scolari is too young to appreciate “Dirty Dancing” and too much of a California girl to care about Iowa. The movie made a sex symbol of Patrick Swayze back in 1987, years before Scolari was born. Yet in conversation, she upends your expectations. “I’ve always been

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