Monday, May 16, 2022

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  1. Mike Navin says:

    I’m going to give it one more time to make sense to me. The ELECTORAL COLLEGE!!! I’ve posted on FB, wrote editorials, and asked people in person, all, in my opinion, made no sense.
    Some of my responses have been: “If it wasn’t for the EC, New York and California would pick the president”, “If not for the EC the majority would win!!” or my favorite “Don’t wish for something you’ll regret”.
    My interpretation of the EC is: Example: Iowa has 6 electors that cast their votes for one party or the other. The thinking is that they will vote with the will of the people, but not mandated to do that. I realize that in the past, it was assumed that the electors would be honest people who would uphold the people’s choice that can no longer be assumed. Politics today is infested with corruption, lies, bribes and threats.
    I don’t understand why the popular vote is not used.
    Example: If there were 300M eligible voters in the country, no matter where they lived, and 151M voted for the same candidate, he/she would win. I was under the impression that a democracy was based on “MAJORITY RULES”
    Mike Navin
    Menlo, Ia.

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