Sunday, October 17, 2021

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  1. Rob Marinaro says:

    After one week of the MacCrae Park lower street closure, the only production has been the placement of equipment. I find it hard to believe that any movement on the city’s project will take place during the winter’s months, while cars continue to get stuck on the corner of 9th & Davis. I’m all for having the park updated, but the timing was poor. A concerned fellow neighbor called the city questioning the game plan of the park project and was told that they may not reopen the lower path through the park, which makes a lot of sense when attempting to attract more people to MacCrae Park with the construction of the Overlook to the city. It seems like they are just gearing up to have constant traffic coming through our neighborhood, once this project is complete. At this time of year the neighborhood relies on that pathway to get to the main roads and now when the worst weather is yet to come, our city officials have once again negatively impacted our neck of the woods. I run through the park and use the trails weekly, so it will be easy to track the progress of this project.

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