Monday, July 4, 2022

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Catastrophe for the Supreme Court



Over the long history of the Supreme Court, senators from both political parties have often challenged the nominees from the opposing parties. They have filibustered them, mounted massive efforts to oppose them and have refused to confirm some. All those actions are well within the accepted parameters of the Constitutional mandate to the Senate to give “advice and consent.” However, the Senate Republicans’ refusal to hold hearings for a nominee has never been done before in the history of the court. The Senate Historian confirmed on CNN that “no Supreme Court nominee has ever been denied a confirmation hearing unless he or she has voluntarily withdrawn from consideration. Sen. Patrick Leahy, the minority leader on the Judiciary Committee, called Grassley’s obstruction an “unprecedented, political, partisan thing, and I worry that it’s going to damage Americans’ trust in the U.S. Supreme Court. Think of the precedent that sets. It says, ‘We consider the Supreme Court a political arm of the Republican Party.’  That destroys the credibility of the Supreme Court.” Will this be Sen. Grassley’s legacy? The Iowa Senator who permanently damaged the credibility of the Supreme Court?

Rick Smith




Higgins Ford

The article about downtown auto dealers (April 14) was quite interesting and something most people who work there now can hardly imagine. There was one misstatement however. Higgins Ford was located at East Fourth and Locust. That is the dealership Mr. Vukovich’s father purchased. The Alba restaurant is located at East Sixth and Des Moines Street and was Orville Lowe Ford until he purchased Mid-Town Motors at 1408 Locust, which was a Lincoln/Mercury dealership. When that happened, the location now known as Alba was Mike Taylor’s Capital City Ford for a short while and then became vacant. That license was probably taken over by Higgins when he located at East Fourth and Locust.

Robert Runge

Des Moines


Editor’s Note: The reader is correct that the site where Alba now sits was once Mike Taylor’s Capital City Ford. However, according to newspaper records and at least one source, the site was also Higgins Ford for a short time.

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