Tuesday, December 7, 2021

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Playing the “What if…” game


Civic Skinny painted a powerful “What if” column about Neal and Bea Smith. After being denied equal pay for equal jobs early in their careers, the road they chose eventually took them to Washington, D.C. Civic Skinny wrote, “If it (a Des Moines insurance company) had offered Bea Smith the same pay it offered Neal, their lives — and ours — might have been a lot different.” Probably true. But as long as we are playing this game, what if there were term limits and as many as 18 men or women had filled Neal Smith’s role in Congress? How might Iowans have benefited from this possible diversity of ideas instead of one incumbent hanging on until being forced out? That’s something to consider this November when the choices are incumbent or non-incumbent.

Mike Rowley
– Clive

The courage of sheep
Gov. Branstad and Congressman King bleated like sheep when asked if they would support Donald Trump if he wins the Republican nomination. In spite of the fact that Trump is described by other Republicans as a racist, sexist demagogue, these two Iowa Republican leaders vow to support him if he gets the nomination. Mitt Romney warned Republicans that Trump is a “phony, a fake, a fraud and a con man.”  He predicted Trump would take America “down a dark alley.” Grassley has gone even further in his support for Trump. He appeared on stage with him back in January and introduced him. At that event, Grassley said about Trump, “We have an opportunity once again to make America great again.” It’s obvious Grassley is taking Trump’s advice when Trump told Grassley to delay, delay, delay on the Supreme Court vacancy. With all of Romney’s warnings, as well as many other Republicans,’ Branstad, King and Grassley simply fold like cheap suits when asked to take a courageous position and condemn Trump. They are refusing to reject a candidate that Romney predicts will “take America down a dark alley.” That’s not statesmanship; it’s a cowardly dereliction of duty to place party before country.

Rick Smith
– Urbandale

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