Monday, November 29, 2021

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Votes shouldn’t have been a surprise


Civic Skinny seemed surprised by the “no” votes by Congressmen David Young and Steve King as well as Senators Charles Grassley and Joni Ernst to the $1.1 trillion in government funding for the current fiscal year. He mentioned being “particularly “ surprised by the “no” vote by first-term Young even though the bill might bring millions of dollars (even though the bill did not put a dollar amount on the Des Moines project) of federal dollars into his district. What was the surprise? Was it that because those individuals ran on a platform of fiscal conservative ideals, and they voted that way, even though some in their own party continued deficit funding as usual? Was it that they are both first termers and life-long politicians and had the courage to vote against a bill that would bring pork barrel dollars to Iowa? Perhaps even more telling was that no surprise was expressed that Democrat Dave Loebsack voted for what Cityview called (on page 8) “a massive spending bill.” Could this mean that there might finally be some elected leaders who are unwilling to continue to increase the mountain of debt to the next generations?

Mike Rowley

Will the ‘birther’ problem prove toxic to Ted Cruz?         
Isn’t it interesting that a Republican presidential candidate has a “birther” problem? Donald Trump is questioning Canadian-born Ted Cruz’s eligibility to be president. One of the Constitutional requirements demands the president to be “natural born citizen.” Sen. John McCain, who has a strong dislike for Cruz, joined with Trump in calling for a clarification on Cruz’s eligibility to be president. In another twist, for those who see conspiracy at every turn, Cruz waited until last year to renounce his Canadian citizenship. It appears Cruz feared his dual citizenship might raise questions about his Canadian birthplace as well. The most fascinating and ironic part of this controversy is the role Cruz, a Tea Party favorite, played in questioning President Obama’s birthplace. Although Obama’s birth in Hawaii was never in question by any experts, Tea Party birthers have continued for nearly eight years in making absurd allegations about the President being born in Kenya. Now it appears that Cruz may harvest what his birther friends sowed in attacking Obama’s legitimacy to be president. Isn’t there a saying about glass houses? Could birther questions shatter Cruz’s rise in the polls?

Rick Smith

Prep Iowa

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