Saturday, July 2, 2022

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Civic responsibility


Lax campaign finance laws have prevented many from campaigning for public office. Without large sums of money from PACs or personal finances, many possible quality candidates are overlooked. We need more candidates to run for public office with the purpose of serving the public good instead of financial personal gain or ego building. The public needs to demand a level playing field. In order to exercise civic responsibility, Republicans and Democrats can attend the Feb. 1 Iowa caucuses. By setting aside three hours of personal time, citizens can support candidates as well as begin the process of writing a bill that could become law. This is democracy in action.

Julie Stewart Ziesman

Is free speech truthful?
According to ISU legend, “A student officially becomes an Iowa Stater when he or she is kissed under the campanile at the stroke of midnight.” According to Civic Skinny. “Yes, free speech (at ISU) — public debates and the like — is permitted only in two spots on campus…. west of the Hub or on the south Campanile lawn.” As the south Campanile lawn is only steps away from the campanile, it begs the question, must free speech be truthful?

Mike Rowley

Pipeline a done deal
So Gov. Branstad won’t commit to the Bakken pipeline one way or the other. He doesn’t have to. He’s already appointed two of the three Iowa Utility Board members to do his bidding. That way, when the board OKs the pipeline, they get the heat from the people, and the governor gets what he wants. Typical Branstad.


Jerry Lincoln

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