Wednesday, May 18, 2022

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Donald Trump is upset to discover he’s now No. 2 on the GOP poll, but to me, his off-color comments, which may have contributed to his status slipping, are nothing compared to the slop the person, who I’m sad to say is an Iowan, secured in a printing in your Oct. 22 issue on page 13 (Why It Should be OK to Shoot Cats Anywhere in Iowa, Political Mercury). He professed to know about happenings at hell! I believe he may!

Harriet C. Hamilton
-Des Moines

Why wasn’t the student arrested?
On Tuesday, Nov. 4, a bus driver, Robert Scarbrough, employed by the Johnston School District, was physically and verbally assaulted on his bus by a student, Christian Suarez. During a live televised press conference at the office of his attorney, Kim Baer, on Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 5, Suarez admitted to the assaults. The reaction of the bus driver, of course, is controversial. But that does not deny the act of assault by Suarez against Scarbrough. In as much as Suarez has admitted to assaulting an adult employee of the Johnston School District, why has he not been arrested and charged?

Gary Thelen
-West Des Moines

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

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