Tuesday, August 9, 2022

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Republicans’ wacky predictions


The New Year seems like an excellent time to review the accuracy of some previous Republican predictions and the credibility of those individuals who made them. Tea Party favorite, Republican Senator Mike Lee, predicted Obama’s 2012 reelection would result in gas prices of $5.45; Newt Gingrich predicted $10 per gallon. I paid $1.87 last week in Des Moines. Donald Trump predicted the stock market would crash, and Rush Limbaugh predicted economic collapse. The economy has had 57 months of steady growth. Republicans’ doomsday predictions about Obamacare tops the list for wildly inaccurate predictions. Here are just a few: No one would sign up, premiums would skyrocket, no one would pay their premiums, it would be a government takeover of America’s healthcare. Perhaps most memorable, Rep. Michelle Bachman claimed the law would kill women, children and seniors, apparently referring to Sen. Grassley’s death panel claims. Obamacare signups exceeded first-year goals and are on track for 2015. Premiums increased an average of 2-3 percent in exchanges; people paid premiums at normal levels; private insurance companies, not the government, administer the program; and uninsured rates have fallen 20 percent. Finally, no reports of any women, children or seniors killed by Obamacare death panels.

Rick Smith


Gartner is good

Michael Gartner is that rare fellow who has experienced lots of good stories and knows how to tell them.

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

Mike Wellman
-Des Moines


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