Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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A modern Benedict Arnold


A modern Benedict Arnold

Ted Cruz is holding up the budget vote in Washington. He wants to push his own anti-immigration bill as a part of the deal. But yet, Ted Cruz is a Latino immigrant himself! He was born in Canada of a Cuban father. He should be working for the betterment of his own people!

But, he got himself “born again” so now he thinks he’s a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP).

Ted Cruz is a traitor, a modern Benedict Arnold! Send him back to Cuba, or at least to Canada!

Gary Thelen
–West Des Moines



Branstad showing his fortitude

I can’t believe it. Governor Branstad is actually showing some intestinal fortitude by making a decision about school start dates. “Quelle surprise!” as the French would say!

Gary Thelen
–West Des Moines


Reader claims transgender story missed the mark

After seeing and reading your cover story on the challenges that transgender individuals face in the community, I felt compelled to write you. I was rather appalled at your choice of a men’s restroom, with no partitions or stalls, in addition to the individual shown being dressed as she was. The impression given is that this is how transgender people appear. This could not be farther from the truth. Few of them feel comfortable enough to be seen in public, let alone to dress as you portray them. The view you have is they are all drag queens and dress to be the center of attention. That is just not the case. I was shocked that those you interviewed or spoke with did not point this out to you. Plus it would have been nice if you spoke to more than one actual true to life transgender individual. I am sure there are ways to find someone to talk to. There are support groups at Drake, other local colleges, ISU, and the list goes on. Instead you try to showcase yellow journalism at its best. I was hoping to be able to contact the author of the piece but see you don’t list their email address on your web site. Well, needless to say, I will be happy to watch who advertises in your paper and try to avoid them as best I can. For years I have read your paper and normally really do enjoy it. But this truly pushed me over the edge. Trying to help people or push them back into the closet, what was the true goal?

Jack Abramson

(Editor’s note: Transgender issues are challenging for everyone, undoubtedly. The solution is in accepting others for who they are and providing them with equal opportunities, something you unfortunately missed.)


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  1. Jon Huttemier says:

    Even though Ted Cruz sees himself as a Conservative Republican, he has supported Donald Trumps Insurection Attempt to overthrow the United States government and should be viewed as Benedict Arnold was. He is a danger to the United States Democracy and government by the people. He should resign or be forced out of political office.

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