Friday, December 1, 2023

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Very little has changed


If the phrase “all politics is local” is true, then despite the seemingly sweeping changes of the 2014 election, very little has changed in our own Iowa political landscape. When Iowa’s elected legislatures go back to “work” in January of 2015, the Democrats will still control the Iowa Senate (26 to 24). The Republicans will still control the Iowa house (57 to 43). The executive branch in Iowa will still be led by a Republican governor, and closer to home, the Democrats will continue to hold their six-decade control of Polk County. Despite the title of The Who song “We Won’t Get Fooled Again,” perhaps the final line is more telling. “Meet the new boss/Same as the old boss.”

Mike Rowley

Thanks to the volunteers

I would like to thank the election volunteers for their selflessness in volunteering, whether it was one hour or 400 hours. What a privilege Iowans have had to not only do our civic duty by voting but be involved in democracy in action. We appreciate each and every one of you who were phone calling, door canvassing, processing data, campaign office greeting, campaign office cleaning, installing yard and barn signs, walking/riding in parades, working at community events’ booths, providing comfort food for volunteers, assisting at campaign events, addressing envelopes, folding candidate materials, lending office furniture, donating office supplies, locating a campaign office to rent, providing a room for a paid campaign worker, recruiting other volunteers and looking for ways to assist. My favorite story is our Dallas County 88-year-old volunteer, Philip Broderick. He said that he would knock doors but he would be a little slow. Instead, we put Philip on the phones. He made friends with those he called to urge to vote. His conversations were awesome.

Julie Stewart Ziesman

Someone will squeal

Joni Ernst said in her campaign that she would go to Washington and “…make them squeal!” All those wealthy supporters who put millions into getting her elected expect something in return. If she does not fall into line and vote their agenda, they may turn on her and make her squeal! Let’s hope she figures that out early on.

Gary Thelen
–Des Moines

GOP’s anti-science bully

The recent election resulting in Republican control of the Senate has handed the anti-science tyrant, Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe, the chairmanship of the primary committee that will make environmental and climate policy. Inhofe, the likely new chair of the Senate environmental committee, is a fanatic climate change denier who proudly and defiantly rejects climate science. Inhofe is best known for his 2012 book “The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future.” He claims, without scientific basis, climate change is simply a conspiracy created by environmental alarmists. His proof relies on his religious belief that man is simply too arrogant to think he could change a God-designed climate. The vast majority of the scientific community (97 percent) agree climate change is real, is man-made and must be addressed by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The business community, educators and the science community are pleading for more emphasis on science so our children can compete with the rest of the world. What does it say to our children to award the Senate’s greatest science and climate change denier the most powerful environmental committee chairmanship in the Senate? Did voters know they would be endorsing a Republican anti-science climate bully?

Rick Smith

Tell us what you think, Rick

Does anyone get more print than Rick Smith? OK, now that the voters have spoken, tell us what you really think. But you better start now because you only have 103 weeks to take it all back.

Rich Lake
–Windsor Heights

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