Tuesday, May 17, 2022

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Lapping it up


I am the first to admit that I have no expertise in print advertising, and at 57 years of age I may not be the intended target audience, but did anyone else notice the placement of ads and content on page 42 last week?

In the largest font was the statement, “We’re on your Lap!” (Cityview smart phone app).

Just below that were… “Pets needing People” (ARL), “Warning Hot Guys!” and “Dating made Easy” (both MegaMates).  Seems like a lot for one lap.

Clippernomics Barbershop ad mentions  “specializing in comb overs.” Now I think I understand all the fuss about licensing requirements in Iowa.

Mike Rowley

Where the money is

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

Why is it that all the homeless live only along the rivers and streams of Des Moines and none in the suburbs? They certainly are more affluent. Most people go where the money is when working a racket.

Bob Fagerland
–Des Moines

More secret settlements demand a new Iowa CEO

The Iowa Senate Oversight Committee continues to investigate more secret settlements paid to former state employees. Gov. Branstad called these “crazy accusations” at the recent gubernatorial debate, but his Republican state auditor confirmed that she uncovered 11 more secret settlements last week, bringing the total to 42, with $700,000 of taxpayer money paid out. Proven evidence of secret payments made, hush money paid and state employees fired without cause aren’t “crazy accusations.” His leadership may be crazy to have used taxpayer money for these payoffs, but the payments made are facts, not accusations.

Republicans are fond of suggesting that the government should be run and modeled using best business practices. Iowans have been subjected to multiple scandals and mismanagement at various Iowa State departments and divisions. These include the Veterans Home, Department of Administrative Services, Iowa State Patrol, Workforce Development and Juvenile Home in Toledo, Clarinda facility and Boys Training Home in Eldora. If Iowa State were a business, the CEO Branstad would have been fired following his continuing series of massive mismanagement blunders at all these State-operated facilities.

It’s time we elected a new CEO with proven business experience and integrity in Senator Jack Hatch.

Rick Smith

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