Tuesday, May 17, 2022

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It’s a beautiful day in Joe’s Neighborhood


Thanks to Joe Weeg for his column on the American Cemetery in the Netherlands and the care given by the Dutch people to the soldiers buried there. I think it is important for us to understand the appreciation the Dutch still have for the American soldier’s role in WWII. I visited the cemetery in 2012 and was impressed and moved by the commitment of the Dutch people to those American soldiers. Joe’s eloquent description of the scene brought back memories and tears to my eyes.

Martha Henrichs
–Des Moines


GOP has snake-bite phobia

The Duffy cartoon (May 22) uses the famous motto “don’t tread on me” with a coiled rattlesnake labeled opposition to an increase in the Iowa gas tax.

The frightening symbolism confirms that support for an increase in the Iowa gas tax for any Republican candidate is potentially a fatal wound. The political bite from voting to support an increase wounded Senate candidate Joni Ernst in last week’s GOP debate when fellow Republican candidate Jacobs attacked her for voting to support an increase. Ernst was so frightened by Jacob’s charge she immediately renounced her vote calling it a mistake. That raises troubling questions about her truthfulness since her colleagues are quoted as saying she was an avid supporter.

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

The public must be puzzled by the irrational Republican phobia to a gas tax increase when most experts agree it is critical if we are to save our failing bridges, roads and infrastructure. It’s explained by the venomous attitude in the GOP Tea Party base to any increase in taxes, no matter how sensible.

Should the public support any candidate that rejects reasonable, necessary and needed tax increases out of fear of threats from such vocal and cultish fanatics?

Rick Smith


Don’t go all Gumby on me

One of the things I like best about Cityview is the mix of demographics and styles of story contributors. The young, middle and not-so-young writers.

The subjects of last week’s Locker Room (“Over the Hill and Out of the Park,” May 22) about softball participants over 58 years of age who were characterized as over the hill, lacking a full set of original teeth, not in their prime and perhaps challenged with erectile dysfunction miffed this 56-year-old a bit. While I admit to a brief chuckle about them “being hard-up for softball” and “back and knee braces keep them from going all Gumby” (nice research, as I am sure the author was not yet born during the Gumby and Pokey era).

I quickly sought out an article in the same edition by a more seasoned author (Michael Gartner). To my horror, Mr. Gartner’s article spoke of one of the Cherry Sisters with the reference that “Effie is an old jade of 50 summers.” 

As I ponder retirement at the end of this year, these sentiments make me wonder if I waited too long.

Mike Rowley


A line from ‘Mike and Molly’

On last Monday’s show, Molly has been accepted into the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. Her mother-in-law says: “I don’t like Iowa. It’s full of pigs and Democrats.”

I’m happy to see that a national TV show has identified Iowa as a Democratic Party state. And yes, Iowa is the No. 1 hog-producer in the U.S., along with eggs and corn.

Gary Thelen
–West Des Moines


CORRECTIONS: Last week’s issue claimed bills were “Paid by taxpayers in Des Moines during the week of May 12, 2014” (Money, May 22). It should have attributed Polk County with the list of invoices that were paid on March 11, 2014.

Dale Valley Vineyard’s “Winestock” was listed as a free event (“Summer Arts & Entertainment Guide, May 22). A $10 cover charge will apply. CV

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