Sunday, January 23, 2022

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Our money is no object?


Civic Skinny calls the $525,591 paid to date in legal fees to the trial lawyers defending Gov. Branstad “nuts,” (Gartner Comment, May 1). These outrageous fees have been charged by private trial lawyers hired by Branstad to defend him against a $1 million lawsuit brought by Workers Compensation Director, Chris Godfrey.

Not only is it nuts, it is very revealing that our Republican governor will so easily violate a key GOP campaign theme (tort reform) when he can’t get his way.

Republicans demand tort reform and criticize high-paid trial lawyers at every opportunity, until they need one. Branstad could have used in-house state lawyers for his defense but chose to hire a private firm of trial lawyers that is charging Iowa taxpayers $325 per hour — that’s four times the state rate. Conveniently, Branstad and his party controls the five-member board that approves these outrageous fees paid by Iowa taxpayers.

Doesn’t that seem like a total betrayal of the GOP talking points on tort reform? I guess, when the governor decided to pursue all out political retribution on Godfrey, money was no object.

Rick Smith



This thing continues to remind me of (Robert Redford’s) line from “Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid”: “If he’d just pay me what he’s spending to make me stop robbing him, I’d stop robbing him.”

I completely agree with the commentary (Civic Skinny, Gartner Comment, May 1). This is nuts.

Dewayne Johnson
–Des Moines


Thanks for refugee story

I saw the paper about IES (Immigrant Entrepreneurial Summit) and Willy, (“From Lost to Found,” April 24). It was very well written. Thank you for your wonderful work, and thank you for your help in telling IES’ story!

Dan Y. Kim
–Des Moines


Bear fruit not bare skin

The recent Varnum v. Brien anniversary is a reminder that we all need to reflect more carefully on the institution of marriage. The marriage bond between a man and a woman transcends the State, society and even religion. The fruit it bears is life and beauty. Let us begin again to contemplate its mystery and solemnity.

Mark McCurdy

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