Thursday, September 16, 2021

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Puppy mills — sad and hopeless?


Thank you for writing the excellent story on Iowa’s puppy mills (“Puppy Wars,” April 10). I am a follower of Iowa Voters for Companion Animals and Iowa Friends for Companion Animals. We appreciate the support of the press in bringing this story to the forefront. 

Karen Fieg


Unfortunately, your puppy mill article (“Puppy Wars,” April 3) lacked any solutions to the atrocities of puppy mills and pet overpopulation, leaving readers saddened and hopeless.

We don’t need more laws (they’re rarely enforced), more legislation (too many loopholes) or more USDA/Iowa inspectors (doubling the current number still wouldn’t be adequate). What we do need is LESS DEMAND FOR PURPOSEFULLY BRED DOGS. When we stop buying them, they will stop breeding them. Adopt, don’t shop.

And, since Des Moines shelters kill over 10,000 healthy, adoptable, pets every year, we all need to SPAY and NEUTER our pets.

Prep Iowa
M.J. Caswell
–Des Moines


Thank you for writing such an eloquent piece and running the “Puppy Wars”  article in the Cityview (April 10). It’s been nearly impossible to get unbiased media coverage of such an important topic, and while there are sometimes differing opinions about how to best help animals, I believe in this instance it’s important for everyone to work together to get changes made. After the puppy mill legislation passes (fingers crossed), I hope that we can work together to make changes to Iowa law so that those who abuse animals are held accountable for their actions. But that’s a topic for another day.

Again, thank you very much for the time and energy you put into this story. It’s very much appreciated.

Lisa Tegels


Reflections on Hoefling’s wisdom

Political Mercury (April 10) quoted Gov. Branstad’s Republican primary challenger Tom Hoefling (and father of eight) saying, “We’re as poor as a church mouse, primarily because I’m more activist than consultant.”  Perhaps his economic status is: Do more to being more amorous than abstain-ate. 

Hoefling was also reported to have said, “I think government is very bad at doing education.” Sounds like a man who knows of what he speaks. 

On abortion Hoefling thinks unborn babies should have the same rights as all Iowans.  At least they won’t need a photo ID to vote.

Mike Rowley


City’s laziness hurts the eyes

Now that the weather is beginning to ease up for outdoor activities, I am starting my outdoor running routine again. As I approach the Jackson Avenue Bridge off of the downtown trail near Principal Park, I see that there has been no action for fixing and opening the bridge back up. There is no reason for a whole year to pass by with no activity by the City of Des Moines to clear the debris and make the necessary improvements to the Bridge. It shows the true laziness of this City to just put up a fence and keep the eye-sore for everyone to see for the spring and summer activities.

Rob Marinaro
–Des Moines


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