Friday, August 19, 2022

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Exposing Koch’s ugly ad campaign


The Jan. 16 Cityview, “Corruption and Greed,” featured unscrupulous people around the country. How about a focus on the billionaire Koch Brothers-funded group, Americans for Prosperity, and its massive negative ad campaign targeting Senate Candidate Bruce Braley here in Iowa?

The Koch’s dirty tricks campaign is using misleading and exaggerated insinuations comparing the Presidents description of Obamacare with Congressman Braley. The Kochs are funding these negatively-distorted ads, because Congressman Braley has worked tirelessly for a clean energy agenda which directly threatens their fossil fuel empire. In addition, Braley has fought to renew the farm bill, promoted Iowa ethanol production, championed wind energy, called for a living wage increase and addressed climate change, all of which Koch’s oil empire detests. Koch’s ugly and deceptive attack ads are funded by outside dark money from hidden donors in an attempt to buy the Iowa Senate election and promote a selfish dirty energy agenda.

Iowan’s deserve to understand that Koch’s sinister campaign is designed to confuse, deceive and mislead voters about Congressman Braley’s commitment to building a healthier, cleaner and more sustainable Iowa. Maybe they will withdraw their nasty anti-Iowa campaign if their greedy motives are exposed.

Rick Smith


Thank you

CNA - Stop HIV Iowa

Thanks to Amber Williams for going the extra mile to help get information to the public. You are special. Love your articles in addition to the Belly Up column. You and Cityview rule. (Winterset Living magazine is a wonderful magazine each month, too.)

Mike Winjum


CORRECTION: The “American Idiot” musical (Center Stage, Jan. 23) included the song “Too Much, Too Soon,” which was sung by two girls and two guys, not a trio of girls, as printed, and Green Day front man Billie Joe Armstrong never appeared on Broadway as Johnny in the musical, but rather, he appeared as St. Jimmy a few times during the Broadway run.

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